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  1. Shermo

    x265 No Option

    Now converts into x265 MKV thanks, is there a command I can add to activate cuda I've tried ffmpeg -h encoder=nvenc_hevc -h encoder=nvenc_hevc nvenc_hevc Still on CPU atm
  2. Shermo

    x265 No Option

    Been trying to grab, www.convert-it.org has been down
  3. Shermo

    x265 No Option

    Noticed there is a x265 option on the MP4 container but not MKV (Plex seems to not get the correct meta with MP4 don't ask me why lol) Defiantly wasn't CUDA when I tried (Using DVDfab converts in about 3-5 minutes on a 1080, also dvdfab refuses to do some for some reason), I also think HEVC is only compatible with 900 series and above for hardware I think, don't quote me on it though. The only information regarding FFMPEG is here https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/HWAccelIntro but it might as well be Chinese to me lol
  4. Shermo

    x265 No Option

    How do I use the x265 all I get is the x264 option, also is the x265 cuda based as well?
  5. Shermo

    Storage Setups

    I only know that because I setup freenas, they are all sticklers there with hardware and swear by them. I tend to agree as realtek tend to drop alot, or as you said not as fast. Unfortunately now my server has a realtek nic, i managed to get a i7 2600 for free (beats the old dual core i had) but try to source a ITX board on sandybridge was a nightmare, had a choice between using a 750ti for gamestream using a shield or a intel nic card so I picked gaming of course Now I just wish I could use Gameex with my shield only works on a few emulators
  6. Shermo

    Storage Setups

    Average mechanical hard drive speed is around the 130-140mb/s i get around 110mb/s when i am transferring from my server (Cat 6 with Intel NICS), if you're on a 100mb network you'll get a tenth of that speed, not really good enough.
  7. Shermo

    Storage Setups

    emus+frontend on client preferably on a ssd, assets are fine on a server and so are game files, make sure you have at least a gigabit network and it will work fine. Been using this combo for a while and works fine.
  8. Shermo

    Xpadder Plugin

  9. sorry only have just noticed, mine is running fine have you tried using latest build PJ64? This is one from yesterday http://hugefiles.net/s92p1e8siydmx64 version https://mega.co.nz/#!PwwXHLaS!W6PXgf64jYwCDlbxhiQ1hZrd39HDbeYOgB2Zse2JlPUx86 version If you are using a old build PJ64 you'll need to add quotes around [romfile] to the command line in gameex for the new build.
  10. A new graphic glide plugin for N64 has just been released, just tried myself goldeneye has sky and mario tennis now doesn't glitch when you do specials, testing others but looks like we finally have a decent no glitchy n64 emulation, while you're at it grab the new audio plugin Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin also released today. I ain't too sure on rules for outside links and whatnot, but google first result for both
  11. Shermo

    [NEWS] GameEx 14.07

    that was me lol, i thought it did fix it at the time but no Thanks Tom
  12. Shermo

    [NEWS] GameEx 14.07

    +1 on update loop Tried auto and manual
  13. Shermo


    I was using the trial for a while and found it handy to have everything in one place, as I like minimal stuff on pc as a whole but could I suggest a autorun/launcher? So instead of having to use the start menu like below Have a set launcher which i can put a shortcut onto my desktop/taskbar and choose from there?
  14. Shermo

    Hperspin convert (newbie) - Video question

    Everyone has answered everything by the looks, but I would like to add if you buy gameex now you will get a free upgrade when it releases.
  15. Shermo

    Problem with winuae loader

    Yeah I gave up on it, I just use Amiga32 as my amiga fill, has all the games I was after playing anyhow