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  1. patrickfx

    GOTQ: Bosconian

    If time, for sure I will try too.
  2. patrickfx

    Pepper II

    hello guys, this is one of my favorits coleco game. I should make a try ! I will kick you ask
  3. patrickfx

    Pepper II

    I will certainly get a try. My souvenir was on the coleco vision. But not sure if it was pepper I or II . Or both.
  4. patrickfx

    Games You'd Like to See!

    I look the movie man vs snake yesterday. Why not go with nibbler.
  5. patrickfx

    Bubble Bobble

    There is my last high score. 875610
  6. patrickfx

    Dragon Spirit

    All sound right ! I could add this. Not miss any target ground or not are sometimes a very bad strategy in some vertical shooter. Since target come back until not shooting. Not seem the case in that game. Also...take out everything doesnt look to give more points. Well, this is what i observe so far. Maybe i will change later with more and more practice. Envoyé de mon SM-G920W8 en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. patrickfx

    Dragon Spirit

    Go for 4th... 50980. Fun game !!! Envoyé de mon SM-G920W8 en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. patrickfx

    Dragon Spirit

    There is my 46080. Trick is to get the special weapon, shake foot, crisp teeth, fire like crazy, and that s it Envoyé de mon SM-G920W8 en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. patrickfx


    There is my 21690. Envoyé de mon SM-G920W8 en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. patrickfx

    Dragon Spirit

    Yep that game is not easy. As usual..i made about 20k the 2nd try then not more points for 5 or 6 retry later. Is that strange ? This happen to me often. That game need good hand muscle tought. Need fast shot and movement to get it. But with some pratice...probably i will saved my mouvement for just the right spot.
  11. patrickfx

    Bubble Bobble

    There is my score for bubble bobble. 494250. Envoyé de mon SM-G920W8 en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. patrickfx

    how to use database name with mame

    Hello Draco, I know about theme video and background video. Personally, I just like a picture, nothing moving around, minimaliste look. I will try to put a blank and small video. That's it. Then, everything else will become bonus Thanks again with your help. I will be ready to beat guys (and girls) on competition game...
  13. patrickfx

    how to use database name with mame

    its a miracle. i download the db3 file and all name, description, year even star appear. a very good thing. i then post you a small video to show you what i mean about scrolling name or logo in the background. i dont found this very beautiful and it slow down the interface experience. scrolling2.mp4
  14. patrickfx

    how to use database name with mame

    Thank you very much reddog for taking your time to answer like you do. I appreciate. I will try database option tonigh. And yes like you mention, i use now the emulator section rather then the integrated mame. What i was call default mame in earlier post. I was with integrated mame before but i was stuck with a major problem. I will explain more if the emulator section not work. For the obvious question do i have a reel 500 by 350 resolution. I will verify. But i have an reel atcade cabinet with reel crt tv connected with svideo. For the scrolling, i will provise screenshot. Im not sure we point the right think.
  15. patrickfx

    how to use database name with mame

    there are the rquested info. for me...from what i understand...we can use the mame setting ... which i call the default or we can use the emulator setup with advanced emulator setup to configure mame or other emulator. again... my main concern is 1st i try to get right mame name in the wheel. not only the filename 2nd i like to see some information umder video snag. like year...small description is this help ? info.zip