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  1. DarkStar

    Newbie Needs some guidance

    That's awesome Guys! Thank you so much for the responses. I have gone back to the original gamex and now everything working fine again. As for the LCD, I think I'm just gonna use this CRT until it dies. Thanks for your help.
  2. DarkStar

    Newbie Needs some guidance

    Hey Guys, I am a paid member of the original gameEx. I decided to download and install the Evolution alpha the other day and I am having an issue. Where do you go to setup the folders where your files are?? I have hovered and clicked on everything but am unable to find this. I missed the chance at install to do all these things and I am wondering if I need to re-install. Another question. I have my machine set up with a CRT monitor. I really want to switch to a flat screen due to some incompatability issues with some of the games I would like to put on this thing but I'm worried LCD/Plasma, whatever, will not be able to read the light gun. Is this so? Can I only play light gun games with a CRT? Please help... Thanks, E
  3. Tweaking My GamEx Machine!

    1. DazzleHP


      *never stops tweaking my GE-MACH* ^.^

  4. DarkStar

    Video out of range message

    Hey U-man, Just looked in my box and there is not a video card, the monitor plugs right into the motherboard. I have gotten it running but I think If I am to get a card, I may as well get the one that tom recommended the arcade vga one.
  5. DarkStar

    Video out of range message

    Update. I was able to boot with advanced boot options. This gave me the opportunity to boot with low res settings. I am able now to see windows boot up and can double click GameEx icon. However, I have changed display settings to what works. Next question is regarding mame. I downloaded and installed MAME 64 and let game ex update it's list of roms. Now It boots directly to a mame screen. My eye candy theme does not come up any more. Any thoughts?
  6. DarkStar

    Video out of range message

    Hey Guys thanks for the responses. I hate to change front ends, I really like your game ex Tom. It worked before I updated to win 7 so I'm gonna keep trying. Perhaps back up the driver to the previous version. I'll also look into the video card. It's just hard because I can't make heads or tails of the screen since its scrambled. Gonna try to hook up the flat panel and the crt on a different video card... I'll keep you guys informed. I'm pretty excited as this is an awesome cabinet...
  7. DarkStar

    Video out of range message

    I've tried that and still getting over range message. It works fine on a flat panel screen so I connected it and brought it all the way down as far as refresh and resolution go. No change. the compaq splash screen looks good but then it scrambles.
  8. DarkStar

    Video out of range message

    So I recently purchased a Mame machine put together by Dream Authentics. It was running fine until I decided to upgrade from XP to Win 7. When I plugged it back in to the cab, which is running a crt monitor, it shows a scrambled screen and an error message stating out of range. I'm sure this is something very simple to fix in the video settings or NVIDIA control panel. Any Ideas?? E