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  1. Finally Solved...Thank-you all so much for your help, When Mike da Spike asked about about checking the hide backglass I thought of course I did but then I recalled I had spent an hour messing with those settings but, that it was before I uninstalled the 64 bit and installed the 32 bit. When I got home today I looked and they were checked off. I unchecked them and I'm going now. I had tried so many things in 64 bit and never thought about checking them again all after I reinstalled. So thank-you all for your help ...I guess I was too close to the forest to see the trees. That is why these forums are so great.
  2. I did try that both ways . I also tried allow b2s in front end true and false..no change. I'm finding myself trying the same thing over and over. Thank-you for the suggestions. it in so odd, with them both set to monitor 1 in the pinballx settings loading a game works perfectly but in the front end no b2s or png backglass or even a blank screen, just the desktop. If I set the backglass to any other number 2,3,4,5 I can have a png or even a b2s but when I load the table the backglass never loads.
  3. Thank-you for the ideas but none seem to work for whatever is going on. I'm hoping someone has an idea that will work, but I'm totally out of ideas
  4. I have just tried to change the orientation of the playfield and moving the placement of the backglass. The settings have always been 1920 x 1080 so I keep them at that. I have tried to play the tables in all 5 monitor settings but the only place the tables load and set up dmd and b2s is playfield set at 1 and the backglass set at 1. At those settings everything loads perfectly except pinballx doesn't show anything in the backglass monitor. just the desktop
  5. Here are the new ini and log files from the 32 bit install log.txt PinballX.ini
  6. I know they both cant be set at 1. I think that is why I'm showing desktop when I'm in the front end but it is working when I load a table. I want to set it to 2 but the backglass doesn't load. I'm hoping to find out what will fix that
  7. First.. Thank-you for your help so far. I think I'm getting there but I'm really stumped on the new problem, I hope someone has seen this before. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PinballX and put in a new directory to make sure I didn't get any residual errors from leftover files or registry settings. I have now set it up and I was getting the same thing (more or less) But I thought I'd try to switch the backglass to 1 as well as the playfield (they are both set as 1) In the Pinballx frontend I have a normal view flipping through tables except it just shows the desktop in the backglass (predictable, yes..) but if I load a table it sets up perfectly. Including tables with pup packs and others with b2s or dmd. They all set up and run well and clear when I close them but I'm left with the desktop for a backglass in the front end. In my computer display settings the playfield is 1 and the backglass is 2 I hope someone has seen this before cause I have no ideas Thank-you
  8. Thank-you I hope you are correct Draco1962 I have the installer ready to install and it seems I have two options Pinballx lite (tablet version)or 64bit I am not seeing a 32bit option. Can you tell me where to get the 32bit installer. Thank-you Outhere I will change that now and see if that helps
  9. I would also like to know about setting up two visual pinball emulators, one for VPX and One for older tables ie:VP9 tables. Most of my VP9 tables don't run properly when run with VPX so I'd like them to be run with a VP9 loader. Do you set up a second visual pinball in other emulators? How is that done? Thank-you
  10. Hi, I had an existing setup that used only vp9 or vp8 I have switched to using VPX tables. I am now unable to get pinballx to load the B2s files when I load a table. They load fine WITHOUT Pinballx, the backglass goes on the 2nd screen and the dmd loads on tables that need it with no problem. When I load it in Pinballx (first off.. If I'm not mistaken the b2s files were used in Pinballx as the backglass in the front end) and that was great I would load the table and everything would work. Now when I select and run a table, the table playfield works and when it is called for the dmd shows on the second screen but the b2s never loads. Can someone tell me how to fix this? Is there something in my last setup that I had in the settings that I've done wrong this time. Thank-you [SETTINGS].log PinballX.ini
  11. Thank-you your uploads have been a great help. You have done these very well.They will make a nice addition to my setup.
  12. Hi I have a 4-5 year old plunger I bought to build into a pincab. I have just built the pincab 5 yrs later and finally got to install the plunger controller from ultimarc. The computer finds it sets it us and there are no conflicts. I run visual pinball of future pinball and I am testing with one button set up ground to black and red or green to pos. When I try to set up a button in future pinball I click on the change key in the key settings and then I click the button attached to the controller and it does nothing. I have even bought a couple cheap controllers to try out and none are found in the software future/ visual pinball. Any ideas what is wrong. What is the best controller for being recognized in the software. I would like to have a plunger and excellerometer I would appreciate any input. The table is all set up two screens software is working but I cant get anything working on the controller. As I said windows finds it and sets it up as pinball wizard but I cant get the software to see it. What are the easiest to set up. I want the plunger but right now I'd like a quick fix to get it running. I live in Canada so we have little i can get quickly. I'd like to be sure what I get sets up easily and is a good controller. Any one with a few suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would love to get the plunger working so if there is something Im not doing please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hi I'm looking into the best way to include addressable lights in a pincab. If I understand this correctly Doflinx is used to run extra lighting to add to the table. What kind of controllers and lighting do you nee to have. If I were to buy pixel strips what kind should I buy, what do I hook them up to? Is there a good comprehensive tutorial available on this. I am amazed at how far this has come in the last few years. I have been busy and I'm just now getting back at it and things have changed so much. I find the tables are becoming far more immersive then ever and even real tables wouldn't be as impressive as these setups can be. How does someone find the best lighting controllers and where to find the lights or make them from led pixel strips. I watched a youtube video where a man made a matrix light panel from pixel strips and added it to his table. I really want to learn about controllers and settting the lights up. I'm sorry if there is a comprehensive tutorial including the best hardware but I have not found one. Can anyone point me to the hardware I need and info on setting it up. Thank-you
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