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  1. if I press esc I give myself these options return - return to view the emulator tables exit - close everything and go back to windows shoutdown - shuts down the computer
  2. which button must be pressed to exit the emulator and return to the pinball x frontend?
  3. Is it possible to make the images circled in red in the photo disappear with future pinballs?
  4. because the image on the backglass and on the monitor of the boards come out smaller and not centered I attach the image
  5. can anyone show me a guide for setting up future pinball with pinball x with 2 monitors? thanks
  6. where you can download it the flyer pinball fx3? thank
  7. which program do you use to divide a pdf file into pages?
  8. must the instructions be divided by magic or not? for example table tesla pag01.swf, pag02swf, pag03.swf, etc. or just one file table tesla.swf
  9. thank you! how to configure the startup video pinball x?
  10. how do you go from page 01 to page 02?
  11. I created swf files how do I run pages with pinball x?
  12. I have already seen this page but there are no such tables in the list
  13. I try cards instructions of the tables -cirqus voltaire -no good gofers -tales oh the arabian nights
  14. after I can find instruction cards for pinball fx3?
  15. I see everyone except Fish Tales and the ones I try to insert below I see the old tables while the new ones that I am trying to insert do not show them to me
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