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  1. GameEx to Raspberry?

    Are you for real? Many an oaf have predicted the demise of the mighty PC and yet, the PC is enjoying a resurgence at the moment. The PC will also run GameCube, PS1, PS2, Wii, Dreamcast, PSP and Nintendo 64 far better than any weeny little Pi. And then there is the dedicated PC games, and Steam. The PC is the place to be.
  2. Still hanging. I'm having the same problem too. And I have followed all the steps to the letter.
  3. Whatever happen to ?

    and NullPointer.
  4. GameEx General Questions

    I'd love it if MAME was simple.
  5. Need Sharp x68000 command line

    Why does he need to provide Config and Log files when all he wanted was a command line to run an emulator?
  6. Retroarch Command Line Issues

    This is a link to a post of mine from December 2015 about how to run RetroArch through GameEx. I am using RetroArch 1.02 though so I don't know if things have changed since. I dare not update because I have everything running just fine.
  7. Download Limit issue

    Argh. I can't download the setup file. I'm getting a "you cant download more than 127mb per day. Try again tommorow". I haven't downloaded anything today though :-( Can anyone host it for me please?
  8. My advice is to backup your MAME folder first. Then you can overwrite to your hearts content.
  9. Artwork questions

    Try downloading a "No-Intro" set of NES Roms. I had a rag-tag bunch of NES Roms from back in the day and I found massive holes in my Assets because of the naming of them. The "No-Intro" set matches up far better with the Artwork available on EmuMovies.
  10. EmuMovies Sync

    That is a good request actually. I ended up moving all my MAME assets into a folder to get around the problem you mention here but I'd love it if I could just Sync directly into my root folder.
  11. A couple of little things to make GameEx and Steam Big Picture Mode play nicely together. 1. In Steam, select "always start in Big Picture Mode" 2. Don't have Steam automatically start up with your PC. 3. When launched through GameEx, only quit Steam Big Picture Mode with the "Exit Steam" option. Any other option causes GameEx to take back focus and things go a bit wrong. I've done this by adding Steam with the External Applications option in the Wizard. I hope this helps.
  12. Yeah, editing the "steamdata.ini" file in the DATA folder is the thing to do for changing the "Save 75% off Postal 2" type Steam titles. I can't be much help with the missing games though as I use GameEx to launch Steam Big Picture Mode nowadays.
  13. Newbie - MAME Questions

    "Running Help". This was happening to me when I upgraded to MAME 0.173 using a Merged ROM Set. It kept printing a "Help" text file in the MAME Root directory. GameEx also kept asking me to update as well everytime I started it up. GameEx was also getting stuck on 25% when updating the ListInfo.dat and it never did fully verify my Roms. I had all kinds of problems when trying to integrate MAME 0.173 into GameEx. I got p****d off with it in the end and got rid of the lot and went back to my MAME 0.149 setup. Done with it.
  14. There are a heck of lot more filters and overlays that you can use with PCE / TGX16 BUT this is by using the Mednafen core in RetroArch. About a year ago, most of my systems that I emulate were done with Mednafen (Proper) but I gradually started moving them over to RetroArch when I realised the amount of Filters and Overlays that could be used. I only ever really used the SABR shader with the standalone Mednafen. I still emulate TGX16-CD through the standalone Mednafen though and haven't moved that over to RetroArch. I found it quite tricky to setup initially (placement of the SYS Cards), and I don't want to go through all that again with RetroArch lol. I think you did well to set it up in a day and yeah, you have all the files you need. Have you dipped your toe in the RetroArch water yet Vic? That is another can of worms waiting to be opened if you haven't ;-). It can be a tricky beast to setup but rewarding when you do. RetroArch also has a Nestopia core which works well. Well, at least by using Mednafen you don't need to use any dodgy old Virtual Loaders and not have to pay £13 for the full version of Magic Engine which I think is extortionate. Please tell me you didn't pay for Magic Engine?
  15. Alternatively, you could use Mednafen to run TurboGrafx-16 CD which would negate the need to use a Virtual CD Loader totally. It's free as well unlike Magic Engine, brrrr.