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  1. Hello. I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere, and I can't fathom that I'm the only one with this issue. I am running Win7 32-bit on an ASUS P5QPL-VM Motherboard. I have a 3 monitor setup for my cabinet: Sceptre 40" LED TV for playfield - Connected to HDMI on GTX660 Vizio 29" LED TV for backglass - Connected to DVI out on GTX660 converted to HDMI AOC 19" LED Monitor for DMD - Connected to VGA port on Mobo (Intel GMA 4500) As shown in "Screen Resolution" in Windows 7 Display Settings Monitor 1 - 19" AOC - 1024 x 768 Monitor 2 - 40" PF - 1920 x 1080 (Forced as Primary monitor but still considered #2) Monitor 3 - 29" BG - 1360 x 768 Due to the settings on the mobo, I can't get the GTX660 and the Intel to work together unless I have the system boot with the Intel on the 19" AOC. The BIOS screen and "Loading Windows" screen shows up on the 19" AOC. Once Windows comes up, the primary display moves to the 40" PF. In PinballX, I have the PF monitor set to Monitor 1 which displays the playfield screenshots just fine. I have tried all combinations of Monitors 2 to 5 for the BG and DMD to show the media images for both with no luck. There were some setting combinations that I saw the BG image on the DMD screen or vice versa (so I know it is seeing the media images), but when I went to swap the monitor numbers in PinballX Settings, both monitors were blank again. Game manager shows that the images are not missing in the media folder. I am using B2S for the games that support it, but while browsing the game list in the frontend, I want the DMD and BG to display when scrolling through the tables. I have the latest 1.77 release (had 1.74 before and hoped 1.77 would help me out). I only have 5 games in the list right now as I'm trying to test the basics before adding more tables to my newly built cab. Thanks for any help.
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