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  1. The Robotron scoreboard has been dormant for way too long! Looks like Black Widow is poised to win the April '17 GOTM election, so thought I'd practice my twin stick skills on the granddaddy of them all. 633,400 New personal best at difficulty 5. Actually, I think that is my best regardless of difficulty setting. Though it's still a long way away, this run made 1mil feel possible. But feelings are one thing and reality is quite another. For most mere mortals, Robotron is very fickle; the game likes to build you up and then turn around and rip you down. You get a 500k+ game, then play again and die 3 times before the first brain wave.
  2. I played this one a lot as a kid. The main trick to this game is to keep in mind that you can only perform 1-2 moves on your enemy (depending on which ones) before you need to let him land some kind of hit on you. If you don't, when you go for another move, then you can guarantee that your opponent will pull a reversal and slam you with something. Losing control in this way even once can spell doom sometimes, especially once you get several matches in. Other times, you can finagle control back with a little bit of skill and little bit of luck. . Note, a relatively harmless punch or kick or even running into your enemy counts as them "landing a hit," which resets the counter and lets you do more moves to him without risk of a reversal.
  3. 1,116,700 Hope this score sticks, because I could have gone higher... I was getting buggy-eyed so I just got myself counted out on purpose.
  4. 589,550
  5. Jumping off the corner onto your opponent is probably one of the most damaging moves you can do. You have to be careful though, because if the opponent rolls out of the way, you crash to the mat and lie there stunned, giving the guy a chance to turn the tables on you. The super-kick you talked about is only possible when you whip your opponent to the ropes. Whip opponent, wait for him to rebound off the ropes, and when he gets in close hit the "kick" button and you will do the fancy kick. This move is really effective when you're really close to the ropes--you basically throw the guy then hit the kick button right away, and you land your hit before the opponent even completes his rebound off the ropes. Doing it this way means the opponent will not have a chance to do any kind of reversal, which he can (and will) do if he has time to do so. Other moves you can do when your opponent comes rushing back: Kick button + joystick toward opponent = clothesline Punch button = back drop Punch button + toward opponent = elbow smash
  6. Nice score, Pat! Once you figure out how Mat Mania (aka "Exciting Hour") works, high scores are not so much a matter of skill but of focus and discipline. In other words, you have to go methodically through your opponents without taking unnecessary risks. Especially in a long game, there is always a temptation to do different things to bring some variety to the gameplay, but if you do something too careless your opponent might gain control of the match and never give it back. As mentioned, this is particularly a problem with Coco Savage, but really, it can happen with any of the opponents. I haven't played this one in a few years, but when I get home in a few days I'll see if I can blow the rust off and give Pat a run for his money.
  7. For me, it’s not so much that I wish the game were higher speed, just consistent speed. What makes it annoying is that the game slows down and speeds back up in fits and starts, which can really throw your timing off. Like, you’ll be walking all sloooooooowww then suddenly the game kicks back to full speed, and you walk off a cliff and die because it catches you by surprise. Or, your character does a bunch of things you don’t want him to because the slow down affects how button presses are processed—you’re jumping and head-butting and kicking when you don’t mean to, etc. I’m not aware of any hacks to fix the slow down, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that existed. If you want to get a feel for how the game plays without slow down, try the Genesis version; it looks almost identical to the arcade but runs more smoothly. If you want to play a really great version, check out the Game Boy Advance version. It’s actually more of a re-imagining than a port, but it’s really good.
  8. R-Type Syndrome [AR-type-SIN-drohm] Noun 1. a common video game construct characterized by the gradual build-up of ass-kicking weaponry and power-ups, accompanied by a short-lived euphoric sense of omnipotence on the part of the player, followed immediately by a phase of existential dread, when a stray enemy bullet ends the party and the player is left with a pea-shooter of a weapon amidst an insurmountable onslaught, dying every few seconds until all reserve lives have been exhausted and the game ends. Exemplified in Irem's R-Type, and popular in retro shoot-em-games. 2. an instance of a video game player being forced to retread the same stretch of a level over and over again when they lose a life, rather than allowing the player to proceed from the spot where their previous life was lost, often resulting in a rapid succession of deaths Example sentence: "Ah man, I made it all the way to the last level without losing a life and was about to steal the world record, but then the game's R-Type Syndrome kicked in and I lost all 5 of my lives over the course of the next 30 seconds!" Synonyms: oppression algorithm, mockery of gaming justice, Ghosts N Goblins Syndrome Antonyms: coddling, fairness, nurturing of sanity ^^ Ok, I made all that up. But it really belongs in the dictionary. 195,600
  9. Double Dragon is a historic game for sure. I love the soundtrack and graphics, and the game mechanics were hugely influential in the 5 or so years that followed. At the same time, Double Dragon might be the strongest example of a game "not aging well" that I have ever seen. The slow-down is atrocious, the hit detection is iffy, and you pretty much have to exploit a cheap tactic (elbow smash) to survive. Regarding the slow-down problem, we mustn't forget that the primary purpose of MAME is accurate preservation of old technology; the developers do not set out to tinker with old games to make them more fun to play in the present day at home on a computer. That is usually a good thing, but the flip side is that it means that if the original game had bad slow-down or lag, then those problems will be present in MAME as well, by design. I played a fair bit of DD in arcades back then, and I remember the slow-down, but I just can't believe that we weren't more bothered by it at the time. I think the game was so revolutionary with its graphics and action--and so many light years ahead of what we could get on our home consoles--that we were willing to overlook the major flaws. 84,110
  10. 127,700 Never played this one before. Not a huge fan, to be honest. I can see how this would have a nostalgic appeal if I had played it in the 80s, but to me, the "one on one fighter" type game is defined by Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken. It's kind of hard to start with those games and then go back to this one and try to appreciate it.
  11. 36,950
  12. 35,350
  13. Hey, I'm in Canada too. But you're right--retro arcades are pretty rare in Canada, compared to the US (as far as I can tell, anyway). There is certainly no such thing in my city; the arcade I will be visiting tonight is in Michigan.
  14. Hmm, I must say, not being able to hit a button with your thumb for reverse like on the original cabinet would be disappointing. As a happy accident when I built my control panel, there is a button in the perfect spot for the thumb. This is the configuration I've been using lately: left-most joystick - up/down (left hand) 1 - reverse (left thumb) 2 - thrust (right hand) 3 - fire (right hand) 4 - smart bomb (right hand) I don't even bother mapping a button to hyperspace because I'm not good enough to make any use of it. If all goes to plan I'll be testing my mettle on a real machine on Friday evening. Any score I get will probably not be admissible here because I doubt the machine will be set up for TGTS, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless.
  15. Yeah, never mind trying to work around the controls, just spend your time learning them as they are. If you survey retro gaming forums where this game is discussed, I'm willing to bet that over 75% of the messages will be from people dismissing the game because its control scheme is too complicated. But it's really not that bad with just a little bit of getting-used-to. And I can assure you, simplifying the controls is not going to simplify the game. Controls don't make Defender difficult, Defender makes Defender difficult.