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  1. [POLL] GOTM January 2018

    Really hoping Metal Slug 2 doesn't get voted in. It's a very cool game, but isn't it essentially the exact same game as Metal Slug X which we just played a few months ago? And c'moooon Strikers....
  2. [GOTM] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    81 By all rights this game should be one of my favorite nostalgic trips because it was huge right around the time I was frequenting arcades--and I did play it a ton back then--but when I play it now the gameplay just seems so shallow and mindless compared to some of the earlier classics that actually have some technique and strategy to them if you want to play for score. In this game you get 1 point per kill regardless of whether it's a regular grunt soldier or a boss. If they were so uninterested in having your score mean anything, why have a score at all?
  3. [GOTM] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Yeah, the problem with character selection is because the specified ROM version is meant for a dedicated 4-player cabinet. The game is looking at 4 different coin-in switches, one each dedicated to the 4 playable characters. Therefore you will always be forced to be Leo if you coin up using the P1 coin button, for example. Since this game was available as a conversion kit back then, and because not all donor cabinets would have 4 players, they also released a ROM that is compatible with 2-player cabinets. It allows you to use any coin button to credit up, and then select which turtle you want to use. I think TMNT2PO is the 2-player ROM. Using the 2-player ROM would probably be preferable for most of us due to the convenience factor, but there is a workaround for the 4-player ROM. You just need to re-map the controls so that they become associated with the turtle you want to use. For example, if you are using an XBOX360 controller and want to be Donatello, re-map the controls so that Player 3 is your controller, and coin up by pressing ‘3’ rather than ‘1’. Or, if you like to map the coin button to something on your controller, map Player 3 credit to that button. Of course, you’ll have to repeat this procedure every time you want to play as a different character.
  4. Galaga '88

    Fun game, but I find that if I goof up early then there is no point in playing the rest of the game because I'll never top my score. Regardless, I could never really understand the meteoric popularity of the original Galaga, and I enjoy this game much more. 124,810
  5. Metal Slug X

    428,730 Aside from shoot-em-ups, there aren't many types of games from the "insert coin to continue" era of arcade gaming that I like very much. Reason being, the games are usually designed around "getting to the end" rather than interesting scoring systems. In the process, they fleece the player of as much money as possible -- often going through phases (boss battles, etc.) where credits last about 5 seconds. So, run and gun games like Metal Slug aren't normally my bag, but I have to admit, this game is pretty awesome. The detail in the graphics and animations is outstanding and you can tell they really took a lot of care in designing this game.
  6. Gradius

    122,100 (2nd score on list... the top one is old) Not a fan of this game at all... I tried to like it, but I'm kind of glad a new game is coming.
  7. Gradius

    Isn't the VS version the one that is basically the NES version of the game in an arcade cabinet? Hope not, because the arcade version would be way more fun to play.
  8. Frogger

    One more before the deadline, small improvement. I find it's really easy to make stupid F-ups in this game... 43,280
  9. Frogger

  10. Frogger

    I think you need to exit out of the game and re-start it for changed settings to take effect. For example, if you start by loading Frogger with default dips, then change lives to 5, you're still only going to get 3 lives until you exit out of the game and restart it. I really enjoy Frogger, but oddly I have not played very much of it at all since building my MAME cabinet 6 years ago. I kind of forgot how fun this game can be. Frogger is almost like 2 games in 1, because navigating the bottom half of the screen requires a whole different set of techniques than navigating the top half. For the first 2-3 boards, IMO you don't even really need any kind of strategy--the only thing you need is patience and restraint. Take your time, make reasoned and low-risk jumps, and you should be fine. Most of your hopping on these boards will be forward; not much side-to-side movement is needed. When the traffic on the road starts getting more hectic, two things start to become really important: the first is learning how to hop side-to-side between two cars, "in sync" with the speed of the cars of that row so that you don't accidentally hit the one in front of you or get squashed by the one behind you. Hopping along within a row of traffic in this way allows you more flexibility in choosing the exact moment you want to make the leap to the next row up, rather than always waiting for an obvious vertical track from bottom to top to present itself. The second important thing on hectic roads is learning how to look ahead--not just to the next row above you, but beyond. The reason this matters is because, if you look closely, you'll notice lots of times that rows of cars have gaps in them. These gaps present great opportunities to hop through at lower risk. If you take mental note of where those larger gaps are, you can try to time your advance so that the gaps pass in front of you just as you need them. I could never get past about 16,000 points until I figured this out. I agree with MO's suggestion to fill the left-most slot early on, but I don't think you need to necessarily do it first, just do it at the earliest opportunity. As soon as you get past the road, check to see if you think you have enough time to plot a path to that slot--if not, take an easier slot and try again next time for the left side. You don't want to lose a life from running down the clock if it can be avoided. Most of the time, death by sinking turtle is completely preventable. A quick scan of the turtle rows in the water should be enough for you to identify where the sinkers are. Try to make a conscious effort to always identify the sinkers before hopping into a turtle row. Frogger was designed to work with a simple 4-way joystick, which would make one think it would be easy to emulate at home, but I find that most controllers don't work very well with this game. The reason is, you move your frog with a string of discrete taps rather than the usual method of just holding the stick in the direction you want to move. The real arcade machine had a red ball-top stick with a short throw that was pretty springy, which made it very suitable for rapid tapping in different directions with accuracy. Lots of generic arcade joysticks and hand-held controllers are not very good at mimicking this kind of performance. That's why Frogger might be the only game in the MAME library that I think plays well with a keyboard; the tap-tap-tap inputs translate quite logically to key presses. The thing to keep in mind when using a keyboard is that the game will only register inputs as quickly as the frog can jump, so you have to get into a rhythm and avoid the tendency to rapidly mash the buttons to jump quicker. If you do that, you'll get lots of unregistered button presses and you'll be likely to either over- or under-jump to your death.
  11. Frogger

  12. Black Widow

    125,025 (4th score on table)
  13. Black Widow

    Yes, there are MAME settings specifically for vector graphics that allow you to make the lines thicker, etc.
  14. Black Widow

    107,375 In the photo, this is score #7 in the table. All the higher scores were done with different settings. After playing a lot of Robotron, this game is tough to get used to again. The red barriers drive me nuts, and it is very frustrating getting killed on the bonus stage because you can't fire fast enough. Cool game, though.
  15. Black Widow

    Cool... never played this with free lives turned off. I'll have to see what I can do under these new constraints!