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  1. Cynicaster

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    245,850 I'm glad this game is the GOTM because I haven't played it in years and it's been fun to re-discover. This score is my new personal best, as far as I can tell. The game does have some rough edges. I like the Hitchcock sounding intro music but it gets annoying. The little ditty that plays when you close a section with a prize gets very repetitive. I don't like how enemies spawn right on top of you, that seems like clunky design. I don't like how when you clear a set of 4 mazes, the game just abruptly re-starts with your guy sitting out in the open (if you know about this ahead of time it's OK, but it's pretty much guaranteed to screw over unsuspecting newcomers). With the gripes out of the way, I absolutely love the basic concept of the game and think it is really underrated for the era.
  2. Cynicaster

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    Yeah, there is no Pepper I. I heard that the “2” is meant to represent the dual “angel” and “devil” personality of your character. This is a great, addictive game; I hope everyone gives it a chance. Unfortunately, due to the quick movements needed, it is very difficult to play with a d-pad so arcade controls are pretty much mandatory. I’d use a keyboard over a d-pad.
  3. Cynicaster


    Let's shake this sh*t up a bit: 213,440
  4. Cynicaster


    Xevious is a stone cold classic IMO, but Luigimaker is right, it's extremely similar to Dragon Spirit. The most glaring similarity is the dual weapon thing, with one button for air targets and another button for ground targets. The fact that both games are from Namco suggests that the similarities are not mere coincidence. I've played this game here and there over the years but I've always had the difficulty on "normal." It sure was a rude awakening changing the difficulty to "hard." As MO said, we used to play a lot of Xevious on Atari 7800 back in the late 80s; we got that console for Christmas in '87 and Xevious was one of our first games. That version is very solid, and definitely makes my list of "top 5 console ports of arcade games." I still play it in emulation every now and then. 153,670
  5. Cynicaster

    Lady Bug

    I know I can do better than this but I just want to get on the board here... 52,750
  6. Cynicaster


    87,230 I hope this photo is OK... I accidentally duffed the initials entry and put CZN instead of CYN, so I held up a hand-written card.
  7. Cynicaster

    Vs. ExciteBike

  8. Cynicaster


    Funny thing is, I just said "ice cream shop" to sound more generic. We actually always called the place "ice cream parlor" when talking about it.
  9. Cynicaster


    Cyn's Easter weekend score blitz - 5 of 5 109,330 (see 2nd place single-credit score). This game used to be at an ice cream shop about a 15 minute walk from my childhood home. Never really got into it, but I must say it's pretty fun.
  10. Cynicaster

    Sky Kid

    Cyn's Easter weekend score blitz - 4 of 5 101,800 (see score #4. Ignore the higher scores -- they are saved scores that pre-date this competition). I forgot how fun this game is. IMO, this is a very underrated game from Namco.
  11. Cynicaster

    Golden Axe

    Cyn's Easter weekend score blitz - 3 of 5 Strength - 97.0 This game lives on for me, mostly for the nostalgia. I know I can do better than this but the score blitz must continue on other fronts.
  12. Cynicaster


    Cyn's Easter weekend score blitz - 2 of 5 277,930 I must say, this is a really fun game. It's kind of like a creative take on the classic Asteroids concept of "shoot big things and break them into multiple smaller things." I'll have to play this one some more.
  13. Cynicaster


    Cyn's Easter weekend score blitz - 1 of 5 8,030 (Elf) I remember seeing this game at the local rollerskating rink in the 80s; I didn't understand the appeal at the time, and still don't. It's OK I guess... but it just seems ridiculously unfair.
  14. Cynicaster

    Dragon Spirit

  15. Cynicaster

    Dragon Spirit

    Yeah, this game is a bit of an adjustment from the typical vertical shooter in that the size of your character makes it feel like you have nowhere to go. But once you get used to it, it's not so bad--you just have to make small, precise movements. The ground targets are a pain in the arse because they fill the screen with slow-moving bullets that you have to dodge. So, I think it's a good strategy to take those out ASAP. It helps to learn the layout of the levels so you know where the targets will appear, which enables you fly to the top of the screen and take them out early. Another thing is it takes some practice to efficiently switch between shooting air targets and ground targets. I think there is probably a tendency to continuously mash both buttons simultaneously because it feels easier, but this is a bad strategy because the game doesn't let you fire both weapons at the same time--I learned this the hard way.