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  1. Outhere

    PinballX is changing the keymappings in VP

    In your pinballx.ini file change this to false ----> AutoConfigure=True
  2. Some things to try http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=38170&p=381730
  3. Outhere

    No VPX Table Focus on first launch When Launching from PBX

    Put links to the exact games
  4. Outhere

    v2.83 Startup Video Crashes PBX on Startup

    Did you try a Other videos to see what happens
  5. Outhere

    Nomal table loading time - 60 seconds???? HELP!!

    admin is okay But compatibility mode --- No need
  6. Outhere

    Nomal table loading time - 60 seconds???? HELP!!

    Are you running in compatibility mode? I do not use compatibility mode for anything
  7. Outhere

    2.66 here - hardware accelerated video rendering

    The test is 2.66
  8. Outhere

    2.66 here - hardware accelerated video rendering

    I'm running an I7 with a 660 video card so I really won't get much benefit from this but glad to see that you are continually improving the front end
  9. Outhere

    2.66 here - hardware accelerated video rendering

    Seems to work, I did not noticed any difference between this one and the current version but I do not have 4K , was that the only reason for the upgrade?
  10. Have you tried making any changes according to my PinballX.ini
  11. my setup [Display] Monitor=0 rotate=270 Windowed=False WindowWidth=480 WindowHeight=720 WindowX=0 WindowY=65 PlayFieldBrightness=210 WheelTextColor=ffffffff WheelTextOutlineColor=ff000000 InfoTextColor=ffffffff InfoTextOutlineColor=ff000000 FilterTextColor=ffffffff FilterTextOutlineColor=ff000000 MenuColor=ffffa500 ShowExitImageFor=2 FullScreenWindowed=False [BackGlass] monitor=1 x=0 y=0 width=1360 height=768 AutoPositionB2S=False [DMD] Enabled=True monitor=2 x=40 y=215 width=1840 height=597 AutoPositionPinMAME=False [FileSystem] ScreenRes.txt file 1920 1080 1360 768 2 0 0 1851 602 1395 211 0
  12. Outhere

    PBFX2 DirectX Error w/2.64

    Tom must be working on it
  13. Outhere

    PinballX 2.62: Breaks VPinMame in VP/VPX

    This is what I did that way if you have problems, go into registry delete all the roms... When you open a table they go back in, plus all future tables automatically go where they should Setting up a default DMD location for all tables -------------------------------------------------- If you are comfortable with the Windows registry, here is the manual way to setup a specific DMD size and location for all new tables (I used this approach) 1) Setup the DMD for one VP table manually the way you want it. 2) Open the registry and locate Computer\HK_LOCALUSER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame\<rom filename> for the table you manually setup. Write down the values for the 4 keys below, Just worry about the DMD size and location 3) Now navigate to Computer\HK_LOCALUSER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame\default and create keys in the Default folder. ------------------------ http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=136
  14. Outhere

    Next version