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  1. Hi, In the Arcade Edition, I'd like the ability to alter the "All Games" selection to read "Arcade Games" I'm building a multi system cab, and would like to be able to make the distinction. Also, any way to remove the "Last Game" selection?
  2. Hi, In the Arcade Edition, is there a way to change the "All Games" selection to read "Arcade Games?" I'm building a multi system cab, and would like to be able to make the distinction. Also, any way to remove the "Last Game" selection?
  3. Ok cool! I'll give it a shot later today.
  4. Hey guys, I found an old thread on porting flash games to GameEx but was curious if the process has been updated. I've recently rediscovered Super Mario Bros Crossover (awesome flash game if you haven't played it); the developer of this game made the swf file available for download. Can anyone school me on how to launch this game from GameEx, fullscreen, and mapped to my controller? Thanks!
  5. Installed LAV filters but the issue still persists. Granted I didn't mess around with any of the LAV settings. Not a huge issue. If anyone has any suggestions I'll try them out otherwise I can just try another theme.
  6. Thanks Tom. I downloaded the LAV filters from the PinballX website...not sure if they're 32 bit or 64 bit. Is there another site I should get them from? Any settings I should change.
  7. After sticking by the Blue Neon them for roughly the past 2 years, I decided to switch things up and revert back to the default GameEx theme on my main gaming pc. I'm a little baffled as the video background (blue/light blue spheres dancing around) isn't working and I'm just left with a solid blue background. I have GameEx installed on my pc in the den and I get the animated background when using this theme. Tried debugging the issue myself by reinstalling the theme and installing LAV filters but no luck yet. Any help would be great. Thanks! GameEx.ini log.txt
  8. Yes sir. No issues navigating GameEx or assigning buttons in the Setup Wizard with these controllers.
  9. Hey Tom, Exiting via the guide button works like a charm. I'm using the USB adapter with Xbox one controllers. Thanks again guys.
  10. RedDog, Thanks man. Proper files attached! GameEx.ini log.txt
  11. Hi guys, After the latest update (15.04 I believe) I'm experiencing an issue where my joystick button combo is no longer exiting the emulator and returning to the GameEx menu. I'm using the Xbox One as my main input and RetroArch and Mame as my main emulators. INI attached. Thanks! PS: I am aware of the GameEx feature that allows you to exit the emulator by holding down the Xbox button for 5 seconds. I'd rather use my old button combo =)
  12. Hi everyone! I finally got around to addressing this (boy things got busy). MacMahoun's worked perfectly for me; I'm having a little trouble loading Sega CD games with the gens plus core but with a little tinkering I should be able to figure it out. Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I'll try this when I get home today. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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