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  1. Carny_Priest

    Create Videos

    That's fine, but does this have anything to do with OP's issue with recording Future Pinball? No? If you have your own issue then start a new thread.
  2. Carny_Priest

    Criterion to be listed as modern table

    Is there a modern table list in PinballX now? News to me. It's whatever you consider modern. I'm not aware of any consensus on what is a modern pinball. So, pick whatever you want. Some might say SS, others a real dot matrix display, still others anything after collapse of Williams/Bally, still others full video score display (Stern Spike II, Woz, i.e., today's stuff). The type tag in the xml holds SS or EM but I don't know that there are any built-in lists based on the type tag. Maybe there is but I disable the default filters in the Settings wizard so that I can manage clutter in the main menu.
  3. Carny_Priest

    Wrong (wheel) image shown

    In the settings wizard, disable file matching Then make sure the media/wheel image file name is identical to the value of the description tag in the xml/Game Manager. I don't use Game Manager. I'm fine editing the database directly with Notepad. But it would be easy enough to Copy + Paste the file name from Windows Explorer to the field in Game Manage or vice-versa.
  4. Carny_Priest

    Create Videos

    I have not yet tried to use PinballX's integrated recording. I use an external Autohotkey script. It's a port of PBXRecorder that supports using OBS as the capture engine.
  5. Carny_Priest

    Create Videos

    ffmpeg gdigrab does not support opengl. You will need to use another recorder option like OBS.
  6. Carny_Priest

    [RESOLVED] Text fields not taking any changes

    In Settings Wizard you can go to the Text screen and clear all the fields. Then it should say "Featuring 57". If for whatever reason, this isn't working then you can edit config.ini directly in Notepad or any other text editor.
  7. Carny_Priest

    Pinball Arcade DX11 launch from PBX

  8. Is this an integrated VP support thing? If so, disable it. Run PinballX as Windowed, Full Screen then configure VPX to run exclusive full screen. Problem solved. Integrated support copies over certain PinballX settings for use in VPX. It makes it easier to get beginners up-and-running, but after a while I think it gets in the way and creates problems as it is literally overwriting screenres.txt and registry keys. At some point to enable your customizations or other advanced features you must take the training wheels off and learn how the software functions. Often getting certain Stern S.A.M. system games running or enabling full colorizations on DMD requires directly editing the Windows registry. PinballX and VPX are two different programs. You do want to run VPX as exclusive, full screen. You don't need to run PinballX as exclusive, full screen, It is recommended that you don't. But even well prior to v2.91 I found that PinballX just operates more smoothly windowed.
  9. Why do you need full screen exclusive? I've always run PinballX full screen windowed with no problems.
  10. Carny_Priest

    PinballX with VPX & VP9 Living Together

    There's always a bit of customization that must be done if you have your own particular way of wanting to organize your tables, databases, and media. I use a custom AutoHotkey-based launcher with a single custom xml. I use something like the the alternateexe tag to indicate which executable should run. I don't use Game Manager. I'm fine with using Notepad to edit the xml. I'm not sure why you would want to share media files for the same table across different systems. If you have a VP9 and a VPX version of the same table would they not look different in appearance? I tend to just keep the latest and greatest and drop the older version of a table. But if you were to organize by system and you don't want multiple media folders (I agree that maintaining multiple folders across multiple systems would be tougher to do housekeeping), you would use symbolic links to a set of master folders that hold all of your VP media: wheel images, playfield videos, etc. If you are talking about flyers, instruction cards. Those already go into common folders.
  11. Carny_Priest

    PinballX with VPX & VP9 Living Together

    What's wrong with using Custom system with VP system type?
  12. Carny_Priest

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    If interest is just about the Arcooda tables then you don't have to buy Season 7 and I understand that the key will unlock cab support for standard versions of the tables. That knocks about $100 off the total and makes the pill a little less bitter to swallow. NoEx has definitely not said that he is retiring the FCM. He's holding out to see how the Arcooda upgrades perform. http://pinballarcadefans.com/showthread.php/10120-Discussion-thread-about-the-FreeCamera-Mod?p=272406&viewfull=1#post272406
  13. Carny_Priest

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Ugh, won't even ship until after the June 30 deadline. So shitty. caveat emptor
  14. Carny_Priest

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    It's highly doubtful that the license owners would just turn their backs on the virtual pinball market (not just cabs but all of the console and mobile platforms) and leave good money sitting on the table. Probably somebody else in the pipeline with a new product. Looking at the Arcooda website, it appears that such features as Kinect support, touchscreens, and feedback/lighting are only for proprietary hardware included only in their cabinets. So, no support for DOF-based controllers. And no one is talking about integrated support for real DMD. So, for the money you get some sort of integrated cab support, some camera angles, some changes to physics, lighting, and shaders. There are some videos but no way to try before you buy to determine what exactly has been improved with graphics or gameplay. I don't have any skin in this game, so if I were to go in on this using Steam I'd have to buy all the DLC (assuming Pro versions) plus $149 (coming from the states, I see the prices quoted at Arcooda as US dollars). That's about $430. And hope that some future automatic TPA update doesn't inadvertently wipe out my investment. Or get the standalone and wait for physical media from Australia for $499. No future updates, no DOF, no real DMD. It would have to be a whole lot better than VPX for me to bite. Might be an easier decision if I were already heavily invested in TPA. Still a rotten situation to be compelled to rush for a deadline.
  15. Carny_Priest

    Zaccaria Pinball launcher and media generator

    The file name is LaunchZaccaria.ahk.