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  1. Thanks for the link.
  2. Nice job. I see you've released the video as part of your topper collection at vpinball. Are the rest of the graphics that you use for your kodi skin available somewhere?
  3. Maybe. I don't know much about irfanview. Good enough solution as long as you don't feel like you want to change up your slideshow very much. You'd have to create a video every time, but it's not like that is that hard or time consuming to do.
  4. Does that mean that you are good to go now? I don't run a slideshow, but if I did I would use the script itself to launch the irfanview executables and kodi. I would use PinballX ust to launch only the script.
  5. In the Settings wizard there is a page for Other Systems which allows you to add additional Visual Pinball databases that run with different VP versions. In the Custom Type pulldown, assign the system to Visual Pinball and PinballX will treat the system in the same way that it does for the main Visual Pinball slot. This does mean that you will have separate database xml files for each version that you set up. In the xml you will have a listing for each table that you want to run with that particular version of VP. Hope that gets you started.
  6. Try changing properties of the compiled exe to run as administrator? Do you have PinballX set to run as administrator? Every exe for your cab installation should be set to run as administrator even if your user account is administrator
  7. Pinballx has native support for gamepad/joystick buttons as long as the hardware is compatible with windows. Everything else to support the emulators can be worked around. X360ce for gamepad to x-box 360 support Antimicro is a freeware, open source gamepad to key emulator Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. You can setup the main menu by system such that selecting a menu item will take you to a sub-wheel with tables that belong to that system. This documentation is old, but with regard to how to set up custom groups it still applies Check out section 5.11
  9. It checks and notifies you on the bottom scroll on start up if a newer version is available. That's all.
  11. 1. Try running VPX using exclusive full screen setting. 2. Try running PinballX display as windowed, full screen 3. Do you run VPX using DOF? 4. Have you tried to see what happens if you played a non-VPM table (like an EM recreation)? 5. What NVidia settings do you use? 6. What AA settings do you use in VPX? In other words, even though you have a fancy new card, you still may not be able to get away with Brute force 4X AA on some of the larger tables and you will need to walk your AA settings back a bit.
  12. Use joy to key mapper software. Have AHK pickup the key instead of the button to exit Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I have a v1 VirtuaPin plunger kit. VirtuaPin controllers are based on gamepad/joystick button emulation. For FX2, I have to use a separate program to map the exit buttons to a key. I use "e". Any joy2key mapper software should do the job. I use open source freeware program, Antimicro. And then I setup a hotkey using AutoHotkey to taskkill FX2 when the Exit button is pressed. It's not friendly but it does the job.
  14. No, there is no parental control feature. Maybe you can try to create a parallel PinballX installation that is the same as your primary one except that it has some tables disabled. Setup a shortcut link for your kids to launch the "safe" version.
  15. I believe this still applies. We came up with it for Zen's floating DMD solution prior to them introducing formal cab support. Give it a try. Credit also to time299 Pinball FX2 DMD Resolutions.xls