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  1. Carny_Priest

    Backglass not loading, on "long load time" VP10 tables.

    In the deep past, I've gotten around this issue by running PinballX concurrently with Task Manager. Why? Who knows? It's Windows. I'm not sure that this is still the workaround with recent versions of PinballX. Something to try.
  2. Carny_Priest

    PinballX and Jukebox

    https://kodi.tv/ Modify keyboard or joystick settings so that you can navigate the menu.
  3. The exe is the compiled form of the source code in the ahk. Install AutoHotkey.
  4. Have you modified the script? You will need to if you are installing on a different drive. The script currently assumes that helper apps are installed in the root of C drive. Open the ahk in Notepad or any other text or code editor. Look for OBSPath and change it. Recompile. Also, I haven't run this in a couple of years. My cab has been down for a long time. This worked with OBS Studio a couple of years ago, but I don 't know if OBS has changed anything since then that might impact functions of the script. A benefit with the script is simultaneous capture of two or three screens. If all you need is playfield capture then you might find it easier just to use your graphic card's built -in capture. Output files will be large in size and it won't capture in batch, but in the end it may take you less time to finish the job than hassling with the script if it is continuing to be difficult to use. Guess it depends on how many FP tables you are trying to capture. Most people are heavy into VPX and may just have a few FP.
  5. Don't use the installer. Use the portable (zip) release on the project github. https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/releases
  6. Jersey Jack Pinball logo - just a straight up export from the svg available on the JJP home page.
  7. Carny_Priest

    Yoku's Island Express

    I don't think anyone has gotten as far as putting it on a cab. Just that it is possible. Thought I'd ask since it is on sale, but I'll just wait and see how the situation develops as well.
  8. Carny_Priest

    Yoku's Island Express

    Curious to see if anyone has tried or wants to try to enable this one on PinballX/cabinet. ? https://store.steampowered.com/app/334940/Yokus_Island_Express/ https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=41496 Currently on sale at Steam.
  9. Carny_Priest

    FX3 4k Table Videos

    https://www.gameex.info/forums/ftp/ If you become a supporting or lifetime member, you can obtain download access.
  10. Carny_Priest

    Pinball wicked working in my cabinet

    Sounds like you have it figured, though. Everything else is just fine tuning. Guess I'll put Wicked on my wishlist for the winter sale. Nice work!
  11. Carny_Priest

    Pinball wicked working in my cabinet

    SlamIt: BigScore - does not have full screen, windowed mode. The ahk script is used to make the window borderless and then maximize. It's fake full screen, windowed. Because the game is landscape, the DMD image must be rotated on playback on a third screen. Freezy's dmdext does not support rotation. And I'm not so sure how effective it is at capturing what is in reality 1:4 aspect ratio and not 4:1. For me playback quality wasn't very good at all with SlamIt where it worked quite well for other apps. But since you are two screen, I think you can get by without rotation. You would rotate the backglass image so that it is oriented landscape similar to the playfield. If dmdext capture works for you then at least you would not have to rotate. Latency with this method was better with Win 7, when I first developed this solution, than with Win 10. All said, my cab has been down for nearly two years now with some sporadic up time. I haven't tested anything in a long time. YMMV
  12. Carny_Priest

    [RESOLVED] Backglass doean't show scores in many VPX tables

    Yes, that's well known: https://vpinball.com/forums/topic/lesser-known-features-of-vpinmame-dmd/ As long as you are comfortable with regedit then you can achieve results that are pixel perfect. It is easier for novices to the use the mouse for rough resizing then get into the registry and fine tune if you are willing to go the extra mile.
  13. Carny_Priest

    [RESOLVED] Backglass doean't show scores in many VPX tables

    B2S score rendering is just for tables with alphanumeric displays (older tables from 70s to 80s). B2S does not support rendering DMD (dot matrix displays from tables produced in the 90s or later like Monster Bash). For tables with DMD scoring move the DMD display that is rendered by VPinMAME to your backglass and resize it with your mouse as you would any other window. Don't hide it.
  14. Carny_Priest

    Pinball wicked working in my cabinet

    Yeah, I forgot that you were rotating the screen. PinballX won't work in that scenario. Using AutoHotkey, it has an integrated image viewer. As you know, IrFanView is another solution. SlamIt: Big Score - the script is specifically for 3 screen. The game is normally single screen, landscape, with options on camera and where a DMD can be placed. Ffmpeg is used to capture and livestream just the DMD image. Ffplay rotates and scales the DMD for live playback. The ffplay window can be placed on the backglass display. The deal is that it is a Window with borders and title and navigation buttons, etc. And it is resistant to instructions to remove the title and borders. I wound up just using AutoHotkey to draw a mask over those borders so that it would not appear on a third screen. You'd have to get creative. Take the backglass image and add a display panel with a transparent space for the DMD image. And then make sure that the backglass image is drawn over the DMD ffplay window. May take a lot of tweaking to get the locations/positions of images just right. I like the table myself, so although I only spent a buck or two on it I found that it was worth the time and effort to get it looking good on a cab.
  15. Carny_Priest

    Pinball wicked working in my cabinet

    You would just create a static backglass image. Hopefully you can find some resources for the game online somewhere, or else you will have to get creative with Photoshop or the GIMP. It goes to your the apprpriate PinballX\Media\<Wicked or whatever you are calling the system in your ini>\Backglass Images folder. Set the hidebackglass tag to False in your xml. Given that the software only uses your playfield screen this should work. I'm interested to see how this works out. Another game for you to try out is SlamIt: Big Score Pinball. With Steam Winter Sale, it's only 99 cents but I think it's a pretty entertaining table. Not a big loss if you don't wind up liking it. I've gotten it fully working on three screens using ffmpeg to mirror and livestream the image on my third display.