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  1. In my setup I have a MAME custom system defined and enabled. I have the attached two database files in my PinballX/Databases/MAME folder. MAME.xml has no games listed so no MAME games are presented on the main wheel. The main menu has an item called Video Games. When I selected it all of the MAME games enabled in Video Games.xml are displayed in a sub-wheel. MAME.xml Video Games.xml
  2. I've only tested with the draganddrop feature. Have you tried launching that way?
  3. It's probably something else running in the background stealing resources. My cab is online, so the client is always active on my system. Starts on Windows boot. It is not the cause of performance issues. In fact, if you are running the Steam version then you have to run the the Steam client. I don't believe that PinballX is a resource hog, but if you say differently then you can always go the route of shutting down PinballX programmatically and restarting it on FX2 exit. Similar to what is going on in this TPA script.
  4. Might try assigning an exception for the Steam folder and for PinballX with Windows Defender.
  5. Assign quit and exitemulator to different keys Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Post your PinballX.ini please Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. "Escape" or "Esc" Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. The hotkey that runs the kill subroutine is defined as "e". You will want to change it to whatever you've assigned to your exit button.
  9. I'm going to need more info:
  10. Use groups only if you want to collect and display items/games that appear in different xml databases.
  11. snes - only.xml goes in \\pinballx\database\snes
  12. You have snes.xml. You want these to show up under a separate menu item Make a copy of your snes.xml. Rename "snes - Copy.xml" to "snes Only.xml" or whatever you want. The main menu will now have an item for "snes Only". Select it and you will only see the items in your snes database displayed on the sub-wheel. Suppose you want the subwheel for your snes games but you don't want these games displayed on the main wheel: After making your copy of the snes database, go to the original file and replace all of the contents of snes.xml with <menu> </menu> Leave "snes Only.xml" as it is. Now, the snes games will be displayed under the subwheel and not on the main wheel
  13. LaunchFX2.ahk
  14. Try uninstalling Visual Pinball and then re-installing?