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  1. Also attach your PinballX.ini file Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. the hide DMD tag is strictly for gameplay and not for attract mode: PinballX will either support only 2 screen or only 3 screen configurations. It does not selectively support 2 screens some of the time and 3 screen at other times. Workaround: Use versions of FX2 video backglasses that have a grill OR Use a video editor to reprocess the video backglasses that you are currently using so that there is the required space at the bottom for the DMD video.
  3. If nothing else, the default image that is displayed when media is missing could be replaced with a pure black image. As far as a workaround, displaying a video outside of PinballX seems doable. But I'm not sure how we might communicate from PinballX which random table is getting displayed when you are in attract mode.
  4. It was too resource hungry to run with VPX on my system, but I still use it for VP9. I have not been publishing updates to my script. Any changes are largely in response to VPX updates as I use the one script to launch all tables for all versions of VP. I'll post it if you want it.
  5. Maybe for PinballX.ini swap the key's you have defined for Quit and Exit Emulator.
  6. "The rest is on you" Nice! I don't know who he's calling out then. I thought it was Tom, or maybe me! But, I'm just relaying how I originally worked around the issue. Task Manager, custom system launcher, etc. I can't test anything at the moment. My playfield TV in my cab crapped out a couple of months ago. I have too little time and too little money to fix anything right now.
  7. This is a small community and there are very few table authors. Many tables are the result of 100 or 200 hours or more of work. Very few want to see their work put together into a collection with no credit, no way to tally downloads, get feedback, or engage in discussions with users. Yes, none have license to make a recreation, but at least respect the work involved to make these tables available for the community. It's what helps keep people motivated to continue producing good work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Or since the OP doesn't have anything invested in Farsight and is only testing the free play versions, quit the nonsense now and just use VPX. TPA doesn't offer anything that VPX doesn't already do with better physics and more features. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Try running with Task Manager in the background. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Are you running the dmddevice.dll that comes from the VPM package or are you running the one from freezy? It might be useful if you temporarily disabled b2s, just to see if the PinballX will launch the table successfully if the backglass were not involved. Which version of the st le table are you running. Fren's original or the Hannibal mod? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Run your script as admin? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Are you running with real DMD?
  13. Hi, my project is a software version of a instruction card slide show viewer (also mirrors the DMD). If the idea is to display a slideshow of various custom cards associated with the table, that isn't quite how PinballX displays its media. To get a slideshow, I imagine that you'd have to convert it to an mp4 video file. I should be able to put together a PBXRecorder style script that can create a video file using ffmpeg. The heavy lifting is still the trimming that needs to happen on the source image files available at the links mentioned above. Those were designed to be printed off by owners of the real pinball machines. In order to display correctly and in the correct dimensions if you care about that, you'd have to go into GIMP, Photoshop, or ImageMagick or something and trim the white space off yourself. At times, some rescaling is involved as well. Sharing the custom images is another issue. Ken (PinballRebel) has asked not to have custom images on his site (which includes Zach's cards) distributed elsewhere. He has express written permission to host at least the images based on Williams and Bally properties from the current copyright holders. is donateware, so I would not share those either. has some excellent ones. Don't know his feelings on the subject of sharing off of his site. He uses them to attract people to look at what he's selling, so probably not. Plenty of custom cards shared on Pinside as well among members. I've done hundreds of cards for my own project, but I only feel on somewhat safer ground distributing the openly published Stern Pinball cards and Inkochnito's factory reproductions. I've retraced hundreds of these and they are already on the FTP. Yeah, we're a community of copyright thieves already so I'll leave it up to the consciences of individuals here to decide if, how, where to share. I'm happy enough to provide the tools if needed, but not so much the media.
  14. The fpintercept library only supports DMD size 128x32 Make sure the driver for your DMD controller is up to date. Run all pinball applications as administrator and make sure all dll files are unblocked. Test by running dmdext from a command line and see if the application log is producing any meaningful messages. Try with virtual DMD output to see if if is just an error using the dmdext program. If you think that you have a bug with dmdext then report it at freezy's github repository.
  15. NukeLauncher was developed at a time when floating DMD support was spawned as a separate process from the regular game. NukeLauncher has not been updated since Zen included official cabinet mode support where the DMD is now a child process within the regular game. You will probably have to hack the NukeLauncher source in order to force FX2 to close all the way as it is currently waiting for that separate process which, of course, no longer exists. Hacking the source is not hard to do.