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  1. It's not like there is camera tuning for PinballFX2. One video looks like another for the most part. I just use the ones that were uploaded to the FTP. Because DMD videos were often not getting included on the FTP. I did write this capture script for myself. It is not automated like PBXRecorder or my ports of PBXRecorder for FP and Unit3D. This was done before Zen added better cab support. I have a newer version of this script that at least is no longer looking for a separate child window for the DMD which was hanging up the script that I am linking to. If you are interested in it great. If not, I've uploaded my captures to the FTP. I think that I'm just missing a couple that I have not gotten around to capturing yet because my cab crapped out.
  2. It probably is a bad xml file somewhere in your database folder. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I don't know what your parameters look like. If you just need an example script you can look at mine. I haven't really put it to the test though. I hardly ever run TPA and I'm considering just dumping it because I need the space for better stuff. This would be something that I run as a custom system. I don't use the integrated support. dc2 is the program I use for rotating the display prior to launching FCM. Good luck. LaunchTPA.ahk
  4. Using the Settings Wizard -> Display Settings page, try setting "Auto position DMD" to "No". In fact, if you intend on manually adjusting your DMD and B2S backglass then you want to disable any of the autopositioning that PinballX attempts to do.
  5. You can use the alternateexe tag in the xml to merge your different VP systems into one database which then requires only a single set of media. Or You can assign symbolic links to point media folders for alternate VP systems to a main media folder:
  6. I don't know. I don't use Game Manager. I prefer to collect and generate my own media manually from a number of pinball-related websites rather than rely only on what is in the FTP. You can access the FTP with an FTP client or Windows Explorer and copy and paste multiple files into your media folders. Assuming your database is structured using the rom set name as your game name tag then getting things functional for a MAME system within PinballX should be pretty quick and easy.
  7. Oh, and of course you can always set up a second Future Pinball system in the Settings Wizard Custom System window. Move the tables that don't require FutureDMD to the second xml. On the second system, do not launch FutureDMD prior to launching Future Pinball. This solution requires you to keep up with two Future Pinball databases. Without other measures, it would also require setting up two sets of media.
  8. It is possible to have PinballX selectively launch FutureDMD based on database xml tags if you are willing to code an Autohotkey script to do what you want. The source code for LaunchVP.exe provides an example that you can use based on the supplementary xpath functions (also included in the zip file). Another example that you can use to code a solution is PBXRecorder.
  9. DDH69's DOFLinx project brings directb2s event-driven, active backglass support for cabinets running Pinball FX2. Will be available very soon: Backglasses for 11 tables are already available for download.
  10. Converted the latest ShorYukenToTheChin table guides to Flash. Uploaded to the FTP (Instruction Cards under #open6l) Zen - Sorcerer's Lair (UPDATED) Doom Fallout Skyrim Star Wars - Rogue One
  11. Add "Zaccaria Pinball" as a system in the Other Systems screen in the Settings app. Assign System Type as Custom. Point the executable path to the launcher. Use "Zaccaria Pinball.xml" as your database file as-is. At least, don't change the game name tags as these are what the Zaccaria Pinball program calls the different tables. Launch parameter = [TABLEFILE] The launcher is specific to my particular configuration. I use the command line driven app Display Changer II to rotate my playfield monitor to portrait and antimicro to map my buttons to keys. The source code is included so it can be adjusted to fit users' needs. The code for the script that launches Zaccaria is LaunchZaccaria.ahk. If you use the database file as-is and without modifcation, "Zaccaria Pinball.xml", then the script will launch the correct table. That's it.
  12. If those games are listed in Game Manager then it would be under the Pinball FX system. If not then you will have to add those games to your database manually. Fortunately, I have an up to date database file. Just replace your existing one with this one. You can open the file in Notepad and change the enabled tag to True or False according to tables that you have bought and want to add to the wheel. Media is on the PinballX FTP. Pinball FX2.xml
  13. audio

    Where did the table audio come from? Do they play correctly outside of PinballX? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. This is a stripped version of a script previously posted on this site. I don't recall from who, and most of it is commented out now that Pro Pinball has cab support. There is actually not much to it anymore. Antimicro is the program I use to map gamepad buttons to keys. Another thing to check is that the correct launch parameters are invoked for Pro Pinball within Steam. I recall a time or two when those were mysteriously cleared on a client update. LaunchPPU.ahk
  15. Sure. But my script has nothing to do with OpenGL. Well, neither does PinballX for that matter. If it doesn't play outside of PinballX then you can't expect PinballX to fix it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk