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  1. Strange issue with Pinball FX2 Media and Pinball X

    Disable file matching. System is probably getting a little confused because I imagine that all of these files have names that start off as some variant of "Star Wars - ..." Look at your FX2 database xml file. Make sure that the file name of the video you intend to use matches the value of the description tag exactly. Watch for spaces, dashes, etc.
  2. PinballX Menu Crash

    There have been different back glass videos created by different authors over the years. All available on the FTP. If the videos you are using are relatively large in size then try something smaller. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. [RESOLVED]A bit of HELP please with menus

    You've seen this, right? It's an old document, but the section on creating custom groups still applies.
  4. "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    It's a hobby. It's all a waste of time. Don't worry about it.
  5. Well, can't say it's a wall. Due consideration was given.
  6. Ok, this was coming from hauntfreaks who basically posed the idea in a backhanded manner. I looked at his short history here, and he basically didn't like how one of his comments/questions/whatever was taken a couple years ago and so he rags on the product and the people associated with it from time to time. He's a dick about it, but on the other hand he is talented enough that I don't doubt that he could do something interesting with the feature if it were available. I agree that it would be too busy. I mostly just use simpler images based on logos as they appear in backglasses or flyers. No characters, no background, and no MegaDocklet template for the most part. I think static, simpler designs that are distinctive in color and shape are more easily identifiable when you are fast scrolling. But that's just my opinion. Others may want dancing babies, jumping Jesus, or other bling. So, I throw the idea out there.
  7. Hi, it's not something I'm particularly interested in for myself, but it was mentioned in another forum. Animated wheel images, PNGA format support I guess. I'll throw the idea out there to help gauge interest. Thanks.
  8. "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    @stexe Don't rope me into this. I code my scripts not because of deficiencies with the software but because my hardware configuration requires it. I have a Pinball 2000 style cab which tends to require helper apps to flip the in-game DMD display for projection on the playfield. These extra activities can make my launch process incompatible with how integrated support functions (auto-keying, etc.) I was merely providing an example that shows that a custom system type can be used to launch specific FX2 tables outside of PinballX's integrated support for FX2. And I was explaining how one could modify the script to bypass the Steam dialog box. Integrated support seems to work for most users, and I think for a front-end that is icing on the cake. If you just want a front-end to put on a pretty face, launch a table, and then get the hell out of the way without automation, PinballX can do that too through its custom system type. In the meantime, I hope everyone affected is complaining to Steam. That's the source of your trouble. Not here.
  9. Startup Video on 2nd Monitor possible?

    Editing the video is a solution if the content is so important that you can live with letterboxing or make some choices on editing. If that's not tolerable and you don't want to wait for the feature to be added (I have no idea if intro video support for multiple screens will ever be added. Not my call.) 1. PinballX itself can be used oriented in landscape or portrait mode. Default key is "R" for rotating the screen. I don't know if that has any effect on how videos are played back. 2. Where there is a will there is a way. PinballX supports external bat or AutoHotkey script launch at startup. I think it is possible to code a script that uses VLC or ffmpeg to play a video on your backglass screen. I'll leave the task for you to complete. I have no interest in writing up something like this. Intro video just takes time away from the playing of pinball! If I want to watch a movie I'll fire up Netflix on my TV. No need to object. I know there are people who say that the video somehow completes the cab or whatever.
  10. "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    For script doctors: I don't use PinballX's integrated support for FX2 because of automated key strokes, fixed delays, and general lack of control. Fact is, I only use the built-in Future Pinball system slot. Everything else I launch with AutoHotkey scripts under custom system types. Presuming that clicking on the Steam warning dialog is all that is needed to get the table launched. I would use AutoHotkey's AU3_Spy app to identify the dialog window that the Steam client displays. Then I would code a couple of lines that would close it or click it when it appears after launching FX2. I would fix this for myself and share it except that my cab is down, and I don't have a good way to test. So, have a little perspective. There are worse things to have happen to your pinball playing experience than Steam throwing up an obstacle. My script is configured specifically for my machine. Ex: I use antimicro to map an exit key as my input controller is a gamepad emulator. I also use dmdext to mirror the DMD. But the script may be easily tailored for other configurations. Stripping to essentials this script would be about a dozen lines of code. Settings are under key System_1 in Pinballx.ini. Good luck. LaunchFX2.ahk PinballX.ini
  11. Startup Video on 2nd Monitor possible?

    It's possible to use a video editor to rotate the video. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    If you have issues with PinballX integrated support then have PinballX launch FX2 as an Other System, Custom type. Outside of that sounds like problem came with a Steam update. Can't confirm myself because my cabinet is not currently working. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    Could try creating a Windows shortcut to launch the game and set the compatibility for the shortcut to run as administrator. Or install Steam outside of protected paths like C:\Program Files. For example, I use C:\Games\Steam
  14. Pinball X launch Bluestacks 3 First article.
  15. Admin icon ??