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  1. My score at Yolympics 2016 for this was 168,030 beating your 149,490. That's the only satisfaction I get after losing the longstanding #1 score. But seriously, well done. I'll have to return to this one if I get a chance.
  2. I avoided this game when we first started it because I was so bad at it. But to fulfill the mission of fun and friendliness here's a score. ExedExes - 22,400
  3. A far cry from my best competition score in this. Back at Yolympics 2016, one of my teammates Hector (aka Fiy) took me to task on this game and basically told me to grind till I could ground no more. I did and ended up getting 451,300 (click for link to pic). I wish I had the INP I submitted for that, I might have to review it and see what I did right. But a month's worth of grinding in a competition like that makes you push hard. Here's a small sample of my potential. ExedExes - 157,580
  4. This game takes on a whole new meaning when we gotta jack the difficulty up. Spent many hours on the 7800 playing this one. Also check out the Arrangement version on Namco Classics Collection Volume 1. ExedExes - 80,750
  5. Yeah, so this game. Not much to say. NES port was fun. ExedExes - 103
  6. An excellent game for 2019. I spent many a Friday night playing this free at the local recreation center. I really wanted to throw this score up but it looks like I'm already bested. Heck I'm throwing it up anyway. Anytime I can get through the first loop is good. ExedExes - 147,160
  7. Sup GameEx'rs! My apologies for being gone for a while, a lot of stuff has gone on with me personally and I was getting a little burnt out of the constant competitions (outside of GameEx) and I latched on to Pokemon GO at launch and found such a wonderful local community with new friends and good times that allowed me to heal. Not to mention I only keep adding to my console and GOG/Steam backlogs with every sale or bundle I see. My gaming priorities are all over the place. (I can be found under username ExedExes on both of those services) My unofficial return to gaming competition came last summer as I participated in Crap Tournament 10. With an impressive 6th place overall out of 57 competitors, I knew I had what it took to get the fire back. Now with the Yolympics making their triumphant return next month, and yours truly captaining a team for the 3rd year in a row, I decided to turn my attention back to the GameEx empire and all the games I missed in the past year. I'm liking the changes made here, playing games quarterly keeps things going better and most importantly gives me time to breathe once again. I have identified all the games I am currently missing scores from here, and I intend to return back to the business of score smashing (as I am known for at Retro Uprising). I see a few Namco shmups in my future.... good times. Hopefully my next absence won't nearly be as long! I am putting up five new scores to get started. Thanks for keeping the spirit of competition alive! Look for ExedExes in Yolympics 2019 with the best team ever!
  8. Better get in on this! I've done Metal Slug 1, 2, and 3 in various TG competitions in the past couple of years. X is based off of 2, and it's easier with the re-arranged bosses and less slowdown! So I took my good performance from the slower 2 and made it better here! ExedExes - 1,596,380 (Continues OFF, Country USA, and Credit/Level both ON)
  9. It's something! ExedExes - 171,700 Also, apologies for my signature possibly appearing funny. Photobucket is allowing a very limited amount of bandwidth for 3rd party image linking. If you want unlimited, it's $400 a year! (how about no) so I changed my signature host to imgur. It should look better now.
  10. Hey all, as I was wondering why my MAME version (0.176) didn't have a "Normal" difficulty dip switch, I found that the Atari Age forum had Vs. Gradius as a game in their high score competition. It turns out that the original name of the game is Nemesis. In the US it was changed to Gradius. I know we're two days in with this NES version, but perhaps the powers that be can be aware of this, as Nemesis is the original game and nemesis.zip is the ROM in MAME. The purist in me would love to play the arcade original, but I don't know about those who already submitted scores would feel about it. The Twin Galaxies score track for Nemesis is here and it has all the proper settings. (I ran Vs. Gradius in WolfMAME 0.106 and it does have the Normal difficulty switch, so I can play in that version if we're sticking with Vs. Gradius.) EDIT: Cynicaster AND smario beat me to it, but I agree with them. I'd love to play the real thing.
  11. You people are tough! One more then. ExedExes - 24,580
  12. Can't pass up a classic, and I appreciate all that the GameEx mod team does to keep this going. This won't be my last score - it's a great way to break in the middle of the "Crap Tournament" going on now @ Twin Galaxies. (For your health and mine, do NOT play the arcade game "Time Limit", stick with Frogger instead!) @ 5 lives. ExedExes - 14,110
  13. Eventually this game would make it. The best twin-stick solution I have is the 8bitdo NES30PRO classic controller with its own dual analog sticks. It's useful here. ExedExes - 114,800
  14. Missed this one too, but no way was I gonna get over 200k. ExedExes - 69,480
  15. Defender, not my kinda game. In the first Yolympics I participated in, MAME OfDefender was on my team and he crushed it. No surprise he took the title. But for points, I'll put this in. ExedExes - 25,125 (the other scores on the right hand side were from 2015, this game has an odd habit of keeping old scores)
  16. OH HAI Who's this returning to GameEx? Why it's me, your old pal Exed. Apologies for not being here the past few months, so much has been going on and this month is the Yolympics competition in which I'm a team captain for the 2nd year in a row (and not doing all that great, really) But THIS game I couldn't pass up. I've played it on the Game Boy Advance (and the GBA version gives you 3 lives to start and a hidden third "history" after you complete the first two) Even with one life, it's still no problem (and extra lives become available later on) ExedExes - 258,900
  17. I almost forgot about the bonus game! I like this game A LOT and I've been playing it forever. Konami's take on Dodge 'Em! Of course this isn't the GOTM. ExedExes - 281,340
  18. No need to be worried of me, because when I did this in a 6-week tournament from a now defunct site called Retro Rumble, this was around the same result I got years ago. There's still time to improve, but I really enjoy the NES version better. ExedExes - 152,010
  19. As I said in the Track & Field thread, a lot was going on for me this month, plus we played this earlier this year at the Yolympics and I needed a break from the constant grinding I did for this game on Team Verizontal. This score falls a little short of what I got in the competition but is good for now. ExedExes - 151,130
  20. Great level of participation this month on this classic, all. You made GameEx proud. As for me, it's been a heck of a month on the personal level. But I did play this more than once. I just had to figure out the best way to hit the run buttons. I finally put up a decent score with a couple of world records, but not nearly as well as the rest of you! ExedExes - 61,200
  21. I know how good this game's nominator is at this game (See IGBY 2014), so let me slide into my typical second base/place for these bonus games as of late. ExedExes - 118,640
  22. Lots of talk and no scores, fine by me!* ExedExes - 85,700 * Welcome back, DHP. Now let's get the band back together once GC returns!
  23. Out of my shmup attempts tonight, playing 1941 here (NO IMPROVEMENT, NO WORRIES) and Progear elsewhere, I thought to return to this so I could RAISE THE ROOF! ExedExes - 340,200
  24. This game is absolutely brutal now that they changed the order of the stages around. There are a ton of scoring/weapon changes now too in addition to the cosmetic differences. I'm glad that they give you 4 Vital now instead of 3 on the old version, and it seems that the hit detection may sometimes work in your favor. ExedExes - 797,000
  25. A fine choice if I do say so myself! Well, because I picked it myself. In addition to playing this in the 80s, this is also available on the first Taito Legends collection, where I got to be a little better at it. As soon as I sent off the pick, I played. Take note, there are no initials here. You'll have to get your screenshot at the Game Over screen. This score as of right now, is my personal best. That says something! ExedExes - 307,800
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