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  1. Yes Sir, anytime... If there's anything else I could do (within my limited capabilities) just ask.
  2. Loading / Exit table(s) and Shut down features work great. Tested from my phone. As far as the Facebook posting goes There are three option boxes that pop up. The first two and have to basically click "Okay" in order to allow GameEx Online to post the link to my page. The third option - GameEx Online would like to manage your pages - I don't understand. If I allow this option - I find nothing under the Pages section relating to GameEx Online at all. However I have found Game Ex in my Apps Center under "Your Apps" Is the third option (manage pages) really needed? Also attached is a small screen shot of a table without a known picture - since my file naming was obviously altered not matching what the game name should actually be. The picture in the preview just really looks odd and out of place to me. It seems to be the "No Image" default. Perhaps that should be changed to a PinballX logo?
  3. Hello All, First of all I just want to say that PinballX ROCKS! With that being said, I downloaded the beta version and currently am running it on one computer and using the online portal to control it. Easily starts and exits tables on the fly. I've tested with a second PC and my mobile phone. Two things - when I clicked to "Shut Down" and then yes to confirm it, PinballX just exited and I went back to my desktop. Tried this a few times from my pc and once from my phone. Both just exit the program. The only suggestion I have right now is - from the PC it's hard to tell which game I'm actually clicking "play" on. If you could possible make it a two tone layout to help differentiate the game list, it would be much easier to know exactly what your clicking. Thanks for opening it up for us to beta test - and also for the cool game cards!
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