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  1. Having a lot of fun playing this one. 222,160 Stage 9
  2. MO gonna double down. 145,160 Stage 6
  3. I have a long way to go but must start somewhere. Wow, instantly a fun one to play. 73,020 MO
  4. More pictures of your creation FT? In fact, we should have a thread based solely on custom(or store bought) gaming consoles! A few of our regulars around here has a setup; Cyn, RTKIII, FT, Patfx, EE, and me? Time to train for a long overdue Cyn - MO matchup in Donkey Kong.
  5. Ha, I dig The Dug. I might "dig" into this one on this lovely Sunday afternoon.
  6. Ok, who's in on surpassing Cynicasters top score? If I can somehow take down the final boss, then I will be in.
  7. It doesn't move me on the boards, but I feel I have to mention it. I started my day with a 200k run. 204,000 L = 07 I was expecting more, but I am used to failure when it comes to this gritty classic...
  8. I'd like to request this gem of a game by Konami. Exed exes fancies this title. Iron Horse ps. Is that cowboy checking his YouTube account for updates on his iPhone 10x? MO
  9. Ah shit, yeah!! This one is fun indeed. Those ambulances really boogie after awhile.
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