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  1. Yah it has been a while. Finally got around to rebuilding. Arcade Edition looks great. GameEx.ini log.txt
  2. I cultivated a romset for DeMul basically, but in the GAE section for Naomi, it shows every possible rom name. For the roms installed the artwork and names are correct so I know it is picking those up... I cannot seem to find the option to only display installed roms.
  3. Actually I made the loader to try to fix the problem initially. It works just dandy outside of GE all the time. So far so good since I posted those files though. Thanks for the tip on the exit the process with ESC key.
  4. So I will post them up, but since I did the emulator export, I have not been able to get it to crash. I was trying to so I could post up the log immediately afterwards. Also, I built a loader so escape would close demul. [Arcade] Sega Naomi (DEmil).ini GameEx Support File Data [Emulator] CDCheckFile= CDCheck=False RandomMostPlayed=True ShowMostPlayed=True PlayInScreenSaver=False GamesIn7Zips=False PCGame=False SelectionMusicFolder= PlaySelectionMusic=False DontShowInfo= PlayMusic=False CustomBackground= ExcludedFiles= LaunchAfter= LaunchBefore= OLDatZip= AlsoLaunch= Debug=True ShowDesktop=True RemoveBrackets=True Capitals=False ReplaceUnder=True ReplaceDash=False SendKeys= WaitBeforeKeys= MapKeys=False WorkingPath=C:\arcade\DEmul ControlPanelPath=C:\Assets\Arcade\DEmul\Controls ManualPath=C:\Assets\Arcade\DEmul\Manuals CartPath=C:\Assets\Arcade\DEmul\Cartridges BoxPath=C:\Assets\Arcade\DEmul\Boxes TitlePath=C:\Assets\Arcade\DEmul\Titles SnapPath=C:\Assets\Arcade\DEmul\Snaps RomPath=C:\arcade\DEmul\Roms MapFile=C:\GameEx\MAP FILES\[Arcade] Arcade (DEmul_Naomi).map ConfigFile= Database=[Arcade] Sega Naomi RomFilter= Command=demulload.exe naomi [ROM] StartPageLogo=Naomi StartPageName=[Arcade] Sega Naomi (DEmul) TitleText=Sega Naomi Info=Sega Naomi emulator Website=http://DEmul.emulation64.com/ RequiredFiles=Naomi / Namoi 2 arcade system BIOS packs (naomi.zip, naomi2.zip) DownloadUrl=http://www.gamesdbase.com/setupwizard/emulators/download/DEmul.7z Rating= Version=0.5.7 Emulator=DEmul Category=Arcade System=Sega Naomi Enabled=True UseDbName=False GameEx.ini
  5. Ok, so something is pretty goofy here. I run runitgame.bat and it works fine outside of gameex. But inside, after about 20 seconds the screen freezes. I have disabled debug mode, I have enabled show desktop. One weird thing that happens from when launched within gameex is that it locks the mouse pointer in the middle of the screen. Otherwise, at some point when troubleshooting, I convinced GE to put a pause in the launching bat file, don't really need that anymore so need to figure out how to remove that also. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. Thanks, Shane
  6. I am running my cab off an ipac mini, and I do play a lot of fighting games on the cabinet, so the keyboard direct throughput sounds like a great idea. What are the implications, and should I enable it? I do not use media center at all. Thanks!
  7. Rockstar dude. Both my issues fixed in one fell swoop. Thanks!
  8. Works fantastically once I kept reading until the part where it says to go to enable/disable features.
  9. Got into a situation where there was an endless update loop. FIxed that with a download of 14 and installed over my 13 implementation. That being said, I hate getting calls on this while on vacation, so is there a way to disable the update checking?
  10. Is there a way to force confirmation before exiting gameex after the exit key is pressed? Sounds odd, but I have a lot of kids playing the cabinet, and they accidentally exit out of gameex and it kinda ruins the experience. I would prefer a confirmation screen if possible. Thanks, Shane
  11. I think something is goofy in the newer sharks with mp4. Have not had much time to dig into it though.
  12. LOL I purchased a copy before even downloading it when it said "Steam Support". Now I am pretty happy... just a few quirks here and there with launchers and stupid video formats, etc...
  13. So... it crashes when launched from GE but not outside of GE. I have disabled HideOS again (hide desktop), but it appears that the video the player is playing before launching the game out of GE never stops running. Is there a way to disable that for a specific title, so I can make sure that is not the issue. So after the game crashes, (before going to even the first screen) I get to see a black screen and hear the video of the demo in GE playing. So seems like something screwy going on there. I have tried disabling videos in KOF XIII with the launch with -v option. Still dies. Any ideas would be awesome. Maybe just how to disable the preview video so I can narrow it down.
  14. Can you try turning off verify and as much of the filtering as possible. I recently set this up a few times and have not seen this issue. Maybe we can narrow it down to a filter or some other issue causing us grief.
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