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  1. Yeah, it's still in the works, although I took a break from VPDB in favor of the DMD coloring stuff. Basically I want to be sure it works well before I release it.
  2. Cheers, glad you like it. Yes, VPDB can host tables from any Visual Pinball version. You'll see which you're downloading under "Compatibility" in the release details.
  3. Yes, the selected items are all in the zip in the usual folders.
  4. Hey, sorry but the desktop client isn't ready for prime time just yet. Good news is I just started working on it again. I'll keep you posted!
  5. Yeah currently we only support VP, which isn't really clear if you don't read the FAQ. Will think about something more explicit.
  6. Thanks! If anyone wants to participate in a more critical discussion, also check out this thread at VPB.
  7. It's already there. For example, if you want to list games that are compatible with the latest VP 10.2 beta, check this: Since the compatibility is dependent on the file of a release (which makes it possible to bundle files for multiple VP versions in one release), it's displayed in the "flavor" section of the release details: Hope that helps!
  8. Hi everybody, It's a pleasure to present my little side project I've been working on over the last three years. Some of you might remember this thread at VPF. Thanks for all your feedback, this here is the first result! Shouts to Tom Speirs who supported me all those years and who generously sponsored a beefy server to host VPDB on. Thanks also to all the testers who gave valuable feedback recently and of course the courageous authors who already uploaded some content! Note that VPDB is still in beta. If you encounter any bugs, please post them in this forum, or even better if you're on GitHub, here. If you have comments or suggestions, let me know about them as well. By the way, VPDB is free and open source and comes with a public and documented API. So if you're a dev, get creative!