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  1. Lizard

    Coin Door Open

    Thanks for taking the time to look at it Tom. Good to see you can fix some of th other stern tables too. Cheers
  2. Lizard

    Coin Door Open

    OK from what i can gather the stern tables dip switches only seem to be for setting the country code. What i have done is go into the service menu and find the active switches at rom start, I hope it is useful. I can't find a switch number for the coin door on these two. Monopoly switch 11,12,13,14,30,33,34,35,36 The Sopranos Switch 11,12,13,14 Cheers
  3. Lizard

    Coin Door Open

    No worries i will have a look this arvo and find the switches. Cheers
  4. Lizard

    Coin Door Open

    Hi Tom, thanks it fixes it for me too. All the bally williams games are good now. There is a couple of Stern games i have come across which have similar issues. Monopoly, the dmd displays please close the door so balls can return. The Sopranos it displays looking for pinballs please wait, with a countdown timer. Cheers
  5. Lizard

    Coin Door Open

    Thanks Tom i will check it out when i get home this arvo.
  6. Lizard

    Coin Door Open

    Yeah hitting the end button in game will open and close the door but doesn't work from pinballx.
  7. Lizard

    Coin Door Open

    I am using the use pinmame in frontend setting and while it is working it is not running the rom properly. If i run as an example the Junkyard rom jy_12 from pinmame test it runs properly but if i start pinballx when in attract mode the rom runs it starts flashing the message coin door open interlock disables playfield high power. Is there maybe a bug with the vpinmame launcher.exe in the pinballx directory as the rom runs fine in game and from the vpinmame test. Just as another test, in the vpinmame default game options for the junkyard rom if i un-tick skip pinball start up test, vpinmame test and starting a game from VPX will run the pinball start up test but when pinballx is in attract mode using pinmame in front end it seems to disregard that setting as if the launcher is not looking at the default game options when loading the rom. I have just put a pin2dmd in my cabinet and running the rom from pinballx looks a lot crisper than the videos are, any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. Lizard

    Use PinMAME in frontend

    I have this working now but there is something fishy going on. Using the junkyard rom jy_12 as an example when i run it through the vpmame test mode it plays fine but when it runs through pinballx in the front end it keeps flashing the (coin door open interlock disables playfield high power) screen in between the other screens. Maybe something to do with the way pinballx runs vpinmame perhaps. Has anyone come across this before using pinmame in the front end setting ?
  9. Lizard

    Use PinMAME in frontend

    Thanks Tom that's what i was missing.
  10. Lizard

    Use PinMAME in frontend

    The question mark on the use pinmame in front end in display settings says (actually use the pinmame rom and display it on your dmd monitor or dmd unit when in pinballx). I am a bit confused then if i select yes to use pinmame in front end should it run the rom in pinball x attract mode? If i select yes to use directb2s in front end the directb2s runs in attract mode fine.
  11. Thanks for the info gtxjoe, i will check out the ftp. I have set the size to 128x32 in dmddevice.ini and recorded a video but the output file looked terrible, i will play around some more. Cheers
  12. Looking at putting a pin2dmd in my cabinet but i can't seem to get a video to look like it does when playing the table. I have tried the recording from pbxrecorder of the color attack from mars dmd from my 3rd screen but when playing the video through pinballx and displaying on the pin2dmd its just doesn't look right. I am using freezys dll is there any settings that will make the video from the lcd look good on the pin2dmd . Cheers
  13. Lizard

    Use PinMAME in frontend

    Hi Is the use pinmame in frontend setting supposed to run the rom in attract mode instead of using a video of the dmd?
  14. Lizard

    2.75 Update and Videos

    Thanks for the new update Tom. My Videos have always been borderline on my system, a bit blurry and showing small black lines on videos with a lot of lights flashing. Now the videos look the same as if i have the table open. The improvement in quality with this update is great, makes the front end look a lot crisper. Thanks again.
  15. Lizard

    Running my LED WIZ RGBs in attract mode.

    In the dof config tool there is an entry there under table configs for pinballx. Its been a while since i set mine up and can't really remember but searching the forums at vpuniverse you may find what your are looking for. From memory there was a plugin in the pinballx plugin manager that was being worked on to.