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  1. Lizard

    Use PinMAME in frontend

    Hi Is the use pinmame in frontend setting supposed to run the rom in attract mode instead of using a video of the dmd?
  2. Lizard

    2.75 Update and Videos

    Thanks for the new update Tom. My Videos have always been borderline on my system, a bit blurry and showing small black lines on videos with a lot of lights flashing. Now the videos look the same as if i have the table open. The improvement in quality with this update is great, makes the front end look a lot crisper. Thanks again.
  3. Lizard

    Running my LED WIZ RGBs in attract mode.

    In the dof config tool there is an entry there under table configs for pinballx. Its been a while since i set mine up and can't really remember but searching the forums at vpuniverse you may find what your are looking for. From memory there was a plugin in the pinballx plugin manager that was being worked on to.
  4. Whats the deal with the version expired warning when i fire up my cab today. I remember reading something about it a while ago keeping up to date support wise but its a bit of a joke if i haven't updated my cab in a while that i cannot even fire it up. I had a few people over today and fired it up to show them and no go, pretty dissapointing it's a bit like microsoft really a pain in the arse especially for an automated cab. Fortunately this is the only blemish to an otherwise excellent front end. Edit Apparently need to look what section i post in, was reffering to pinballx
  5. Lizard

    pinballx and mame using second monitor as marquee

    In the settings wizard on the display tab there is an option to use dmd, put yes to this and then set the dmd display number below it and then put your marquee images in the pinballx media/mame (or whatever system name you are using) dmd images folder. you might have to set the position of the dmd screen at the bottom of the dislay settings screen also.I dont know if it makes a difference to this but in the database file for mame i also have hide backglass and hide dmd set to false for each entry. I am sure that is all i did to get it going, i actually have three screens working with mame in a poker machine cab with the paytable on the top monitor and a graghic on the bottom one.
  6. Lizard

    Instruction card to table connection...where?

    Disregard above as you would have if the instruction button is showing. I just tried the same thing as you trying to access the instruction card from the pause menu and it does the same thing, Maybe something for Tom to look at. The way i have pinballx setup is to say no to the one click table launch in the setup wizard and then on the first time you press the button to select a table the instruction card button is there also, and it works from there.
  7. Lizard

    Instruction card to table connection...where?

    Do you have your instruction cards in the instruction card folder within the pinballx media folder?
  8. Thanks gtxjoe for PBXrecorder, After sorting out a few file names and such this now runs through sweet on my config. Awesome solution for recording vids. It was surprising how many extra spaces and spelling differences i have had in my config all this time. Cheers
  9. Lizard

    [RESOLVED] Covert-it Keeps Asking to Activate

    Problem was i loaded a whole bunch of fonts and must have screwed up the font that convert-it uses. Activation seems fine now also. Cheers
  10. Hi I downloaded the convert-it software suite and activated it with the license key from the my purchases page and it will work for the one time you activate it then next time i start it it wants me to activate it again, It worked for a few days without this happening but now it is every time i start it. Also the input fields to select files and formats are blank and just a thin line. I have tried uninstalling and re installing but it is still doing the same thing any ideas? Cheers
  11. Lizard

    [RESOLVED] Cannot Get LEDBlinky Working

    Just going by your screenshot you are in the game options tab not the front end tab. Have you enabled the ledblinky plugin in the pinballx plugin manager.
  12. Lizard

    [RESOLVED] Cannot Get LEDBlinky Working

    If you want to run the animation on start of pinballx you need to set it to run from the FE Options tab in the ledblinky config.
  13. Lizard

    Ledblinky with Pinballx

    I obviously skipped over the part where it said install ledblinky to the pinballx plugins folder, all is working as expected now.
  14. Lizard

    Ledblinky with Pinballx

    Hi I have been trying to get ledblinky to light the left,right,select and exit buttons when the front end is active. The input map has been setup, i have selected pinballx as the front end and set an animation to run when the front end is active. I am using pinballx 2.05 and ledblinky, do i have to set something within pinballx for it to work. Also using a pacled64. Cheers
  15. Do you turn off your pc, I enabled desktop mode the other day and when i disabled it again even though it was showing as disabled in the settings wizard it didn't revert to cabinet mode until i did a complete pc restart. Maybe worth trying a restart between settings.