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  1. good morning, if I use only vpinball works perfect, the problem has to be something in the script output pinballx
  2. good morning, if I try to directly vpinball works ok, it has to be something of itself makes pinballx not close. the first time I threw a playfield or backglass appears thanks for the work done
  3. good afternoon, I have installed the new version 1.87 and encounter two problems. 1- to leave the table the lights are on with the led-wiz, with version 1.85 runing ok 2 would have to be able to change the seconds to leave the table or if possible use the same button to pause thanks for the work that you realize
  4. good afternoon, I have configured the pinballx when they leave the table with me vp hyperdmd run the animation in a 3 monitor, the problem is that sometimes the pinballx is minimized in the menu bar, is there any solution? thank you very much
  5. is more practical and you will save a button, and to get out you have to hold the button a few seconds Like the manual button, use the same instructions to exit, more practical more tanks
  6. forgiving translations You can put a delay time when using the exit button on tables if you may use the same button to pause / exit tables thanks
  7. Thank you, and on the subject of time-tables and if possible use the same button to pause output, this will be possible?, Is that so you have to put fewer buttons on the cabinet Greetings and thank you for this fantastic program
  8. good to all, and updated version of pinballx of 1.70 to 1.71 and I'm still coming out that I have to upgrade and version 1.70 comes out any suggestions? An inquiry, it is possible to delay time with the button out of the tables, to avoid accidentally leaving thanks
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