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  1. Thanks, it was in fact bad themes. In my case just about all of them were bad. The installer build the default theme database and populated it with 0kb files. All the files appeared to be there, they just were all bad. I downloaded the offline default theme database and dropped the good files into place, and things are working much much better now. So the really interesting question is why did the installer create all those 0kb files, on both machines I tested it on?
  2. Hi there. New user here hoping for some help. I've installed on two separate machines. One is my arcade cabinet, C2D, ati X1300 graphics, with an svideo display. The other an i7 laptop with nvidia quadro graphics. Both run Windows 7 64bit. On both systems I am unable to pick anything but the MCE theme. If I try to change themes within gamex, I get a crash with an output ending with: If I change the theme from the setup wizard, I get an unhandled exception error with this in the body: Aside from a fresh install of gameex, these machines have nothing in common besides running 64bit Windows 7 Once its crashed, gameex will not launch again. I have to hack the theme out of the .ini before it will run again. Samples of the log and .ini are attached. GameEx.ini log.txt
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