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  1. Thank you Tom Speirs, I found the mamebak in my theme. After deleting it, a blue gradient image is showing, it's the mamebak from the default theme. After deleting that, the background artworks are no longer showing when I select a Mame game and look at the game info. So I did replace the mamebak with a black png and now the transition is much better. It's a workaround.
  2. Thanks Draco1962 I attached the files and also made a video Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1V5ndPY2MhztzmbU7
  3. Hello. When i select a Mame-Game in the Wheel while in the background the snapvideo is playing, for a Brief second a Mame Backgroundimage from Gameex is displayed, then the text and images pop up and the artwork and the other image is replaced. It is some sort of default Backgroundimage and comes with the default theme i think but i could not find it in it. I did search in every theme and Gameex Media folder to swap it with a black picture. I think i already did this some years ago. Now its not a good transition and is ruining the experience. Other Emulators are not affected. Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1V5ndPY2MhztzmbU7 How do i stop this Backgroundimage to be shown? Or where is this image stored? Thanks in advance Mogg GameEx.ini log.txt
  4. I have the same problem after taking the update. My custom theme and my custom menue is also messed up. even after deselecting custom menue and taking a downloaded theme the downloaded theme is not shown right. there is also no text-button for change view. so im stucked with text based gameslists and can not choose a wheele view. is there a keyboard command for change view in a theme? please fix this best regards
  5. The Programm is called Gamma Panel, as far as i googeld it, it does not support command line instructions. the send keys does work and the keys to send on exit, after altering it to "^%(g)" and "^%(f)" it does change the profile within gamma panel!!! i am super hyper mega thrilled that this works! i tested it with several emulators and so far its a success. that was a pain in the ass before and i tried .bat files but this was easy after figuring out that i have to write everything in "" so that it will be pressed together and that letters are in normal () thankyou stigzler and reddog so much, you made my day!
  6. Thank you stiglizer for showing me the exact spot to put in the information! Very nice of you. Thanks reddog for giving me the values I have to put in. Great! Do I have to write everything without spaces? I will test it out tonight and I am totally excited if it will work. I have a real arcade cabinet with a arcade monitor. If any emulator is showing more then 640 x 288 the monitor will go into interlace and this results in a darker image. Some details are not visible and that was the reason I installed a program that can change gamma and other things with a keyboard command. So ctrl+alt+g will load the values for progressive and ctrl+alt+f the interlaced settings with higher gamma and brightness in that program running in the background. I will put the shortcuts in every emulator that is displaying in interlaced so I don't have to manually press the keys. Gesendet von meinem Moto G (4) mit Tapatalk
  7. How can i send key presses (keyboard) before and after launching a rom? When I start hot2 in demul the ctrl+alt+g schould be pressed, when I exit ctrl+alt+h should be pressed. Thanks Gesendet von meinem Moto G (4) mit Tapatalk
  8. I tried Demulshooter today and finally i can play with both Aimtrak guns House of the Dead 2 or Confidential Misson in demul! Even Model 2 is supported. But sadly you have to specify by command line what system and what game you want to play first, then you start your emulator with that game and can enjoy two player lightgungames. for example: DemulShooter.exe -target=demul07a -rom=hotd2 -noresize does anybody did set this up in gameex and if how?
  9. Thanks for the quick fix! i need the following things in my new gameex installation from my old gameex version that's malfunctioning: Mame not played Most Played Favorites what are the names of the files i need to transfer? Thanks again
  10. Hello Dr Evil, did you find a solution? What you are describing is exactly what happens to my new gameex installation. I did check all my MAME paths but still it is not updating. Is this maybe a bug in the new GameEx version?
  11. again i did a clean install of gameex, then only put my old gameex.ini in it and downloaded the databasefiles with the repository updater. i started gameex and tried to update mame but it is not updating my games. it writes updating done after a second but there are no games present. the paths in the mame setup are 100% correct. what are the necessary files that gameex needs to build the mame section?
  12. Here are my files, i did check all the entries in the mame setup in the wizard like the rom location and the mame exe location and also if the catver.ini etc. is in place but i could not find the error why gameex is not finding my mame roms, is this because i did copy over my gameex.ini from the other installation? what files do i need from my last installation so that the mame games are present again? i also tried that mame should show every mame game without looking for my roms and its still not showing up anything GameEx.ini log.txt
  13. I did install it locally now but the error is exactly the same, some more suggestions please? i also did a clean install and gameex is working then but is without my setup. UPDATE: i did a clean install then did copy over gameex files but did not overwrite anything then did copy the gameex.ini over and now it does work the error is in the data folder, when i copy the old data folder to the new installation the error occurs. what are the main files that i need to transfer to have my mame setup? because now i dont have any games in my mame and when i update it does not find any roms. the other emulators are working
  14. I did the update but now my GameEx is crashing directly when i launch it. I did try to disable my N64 because it is the 10 Emulator but it did not the trick. I do provide the log and ini, please help me GameEx.ini log.txt
  15. Sorry, i will mark it as resolved again Thank you all for your effort and time!
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