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  1. Tried to remove the video file from the folder media backglass video and use a static image and its the same, its strange why it works with all the other systems exept FX3. Here are the files. Mike_da_Spike has you can see in the video the dmd video freezes after launch and the backglass video keeps runing . Thank you. FILES.rar
  2. Tom Speirs I have tried with and without the the hide dmd/backglass and its the same. What do you mean by only images work now? FX2 is working just fine in the same system, both in preview end during gameplay the backglass stays on top.
  3. Hello, i'm fixing a friends 3 screen cab and now I got this issues with Pinball X, has you can see in the video when loading FX2 the backglass videos stay on, but when switching to FX3 they disapear and recently the DMD video freezes on all the systems, VP FX2 etc. In my 2 screen cab the backglass video stays on in both systems. Thank you all.
  4. pulos

    Startup Video

    Hello, I have a problem with the pinballx startup video, placed the file in the correct folder and on the startup it only shows video but no sound, is it normal? the video plays sound on media player. Thank you.
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