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  1. I just wanted to post a quick followup: (grabbed some excess hardware lying around the office, only had access to the legal roms) aaarrgghh. can't post the images for some reason. Find them attached (maybe I can?) The last one is the way I'm going to mount one in my cab, backlite on, inversed image, so it glows, in a opening just large enough for the active area of the screen. With the availiable plugins for smartie, so many options, so little time.... sd
  2. Just wanted to pass this along as I know I found it interesting: http://palmorb.sourceforge.net/ It allows you to use any old palm device, running palmOS 2.0 or better as a inexpensive LCD Display. Ive tried it here at the office emulating a matrix orbital display, and it works great, and it also works with any other LCD driving software such as LCD Smartie. I'm going to give it a shot this weekend hopefully to see if it works with the Tie in from Gameex. It seems actually a better option than adding a dedicated lcd display, as you get a LCD, and a touchscreen all in one. [edit] added features list: Features: Free - published under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Supports PalmOS 2.0 and above. Fairly complete emulation of a Matrix Orbital LK204-25 LCD (with a 4x20 display). 25 Keys (sent to host). Graffiti also supported. Color support. Serial (RS232) support - fully configurable. (experimental) USB support. A LCD Smartie 5.3+ build is required for USB support on Windows. BlueTooth (Serial Port Profile), and InfraRed (IrCOMM) support. Visual display of 6 General Propose Outputs (GPOs). Visual display of 8 Custom defined characters. Full built-in help. Very configurable. Backlight support. Palm's Auto switch-off disabled as long as data is received, and battery level isn't too low. Great for debugging software that drives Matrix Orbital displays! SoundDoc
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