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  1. Ok, added this as a request. Thanks all.
  2. I would like to see an option to enable/disable the arrows in the art screens (see screenshot)
  3. Hi KRC, thanks for your suggestion, but it didn't seem to work. I dont know if we are talking about the same arrows. I included a screenshot to show what arrows I mean. Regards, Arjen
  4. Hi all, When viewing the art screenshots (boxart, cartridge, titlescreen, etc) there are some ugly arrows in the lower right corner, meant to quickly view the next or previous image. I don't like them and would like to turn them off, but can't find where to do this, Can anyone help me with this? Regards, Arjen
  5. Happy birthday buddy! :)

  6. This is a great addition, been waiting for this for a long time..Thanks a lot Tom.
  7. Hi, for me this was fixed with the last update. When I press enter while viewing a manual, I get two pages side by side. Have you got the latest update? Regards, Arjen
  8. Works for me now..Thanks Tom. Viewing manuals is much better now!! Cheers, Arjen
  9. +1, same problem here. I will wait for further news, I especially look forward to the enhanced viewer for manuals...have been looking for this for years... Thanks tom for all your work to make GameEx the ultimate application for emulation afficionados like myself.... Cheers, Arjen
  10. Yeah, that may have caused the problem, normally I have a fast internet connection but this evening I am experiencing terrible speed problems, sometimes dipping to a couple of Kb/sec. So that may have caused the long pause, giving me the impression of a "hang". I didn't realise that gameex needed to fetch data online. Thanks for all your help guys!
  11. You nailed it Adultery! that did the trick. Was this something from an update? because I can't seem to remember that I changed anything. Anyway..thanks a lot for your help. Regards, Arjen
  12. Hi guys, thanks for your suggestions. I have tried them but until now to no avail. I have also tried to replace the complete Gameex/DATA folder with that of an old (working) backup. That didn't help the problem either. It keeps hanging on "Loading Databases Arcade". I have waited about five minutes to see what would happen, but it just hangs. I hope anyone can helpme out. Otherwise I have to reinstall the old backup, which means a lot of re-installing and re-configuring of emulators.. Regards, Arjen
  13. Hi, I attached the log. Ofcourse I had to CTRL+ALT+DEL my way out of gameex. log.txt
  14. Hi all, I've been using gameex for years now and I ran into an unexpected problem today. Gameex won't load into the emulator menus anymore. It hangs while displaying "Loading databases Arcade" I think some file got corrupted somehow. Does anyboy know which file this could be and how I can repair this error? Thanks in advance, Arjen
  15. I use ZX spin, works with GameEx and is a very accurate emulation of the real thing. Greets, Arjen
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