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  1. Cscroble

    [APP] NukeLauncher - NukeFX for (Pinball FX2)

    Thanks for this. I've been hesitant to setup ahk scripts to get this working and my patience (or hesitation?) payed off. I knew that a launcher like this would come along sometime... This made things super easy and probably saved me hours of frustration (something that always seems to happen to me)! Appreciate the work! Now I just need to wait for Zen to have another sale so I can buy all the tables. I have about 1/2 of them currently.
  2. Cscroble

    No Real DMD Images/Videos

    Pardon me if this has been covered somewhere, but I am not able to use "No Real DMD Images.png" or any variation of that filename (tried all diff) and also put in the Real DMD Images folder under VisualPinball and also in Media/Images/ Does this work? Thanks for the help. I would like to have a static image for my vishayDMD when no video is available.