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  1. Found the culprit finally. It was the map file. it had a syntax error in it. had a "}" instead of a "|" on the last line. Messed up everything. I corrected the map file on the user submitted thread also. *Closed*
  2. Good point cause thru it all I'm smiling. I'll post other findings once I start testing again.
  3. I'm sorry if you perceive it as rude. I am quite calm. Because I miss ppl of years past don't take it personally. It ain't that deep. U don't see me attacking ppl personally. So back up off me Mr RedDog. Thank you. Yes Draco it works fine outside of game ex. As a rule of thumb i always make sure stuff works outside of Game Ex before trying to add it in. Here's where I'm at I'm slowly changing things one at a time. I started with the theme. The next thing I tried was no video snaps. Still same result. The next on my list is to find my old Game Ex backup and copy the Atomiswave logo from it to see if the current time one is somehow corrupted. Again thanx Draco. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Well after doing countless searches I've come up with squat. Even tried theme changing. No dice. Thanx anyways hopefully Tom can have a looky when he Getz a chance
  5. Man, I've been gone from here like 5-6 years. I realize time things and people do change. But I do miss the likes of Adultery, Frequency, and Tempest. This place isn't what I remember. I love Game Ex and believe it's a perfect all in one solution. But I dunno what happened between then and now. Stuff seems a lil harder to implement. Maybe it's just me I don't know. Ima sit back and hope whatever is wrong is fixed in the next update. I don't believe it's my settings because they are identical to my NAOMI & Hikaru settings. Infinity out.
  6. wow 29 views and no one has any input? geez
  7. Im having a problem with my atomiswave settings. its crashing Game Ex on both my systems. If someone could have a look and see what the problem is I'd be really grateful. I have a small video of what happens when you select Atomiswave. [Emulator_5] Enabled=True STARTPAGENAME=NAOMI (Demul) TITLETEXT=SEGA NAOMI StartPageLogo=Naomi WorkingPath=C:\Emulation\DEmul 0.7a RomPath=C:\Emulation\DEmul 0.7a\roms ROMFilter=*zip Command=DEmul.exe -run=naomi -rom=[ROM] MapKeys=True configFile=[Mapping Off] Exit (Process Close) SnapPath= TitlePath= BoxPath= CartPath= ManualPath= MAPFile=C:\GameEx\MAP FILES\DEMUL v0.7a (Naomi).map [Emulator_6] configFile=[Mapping Off] Exit (Process Close) MAPFile=C:\GameEx\MAP FILES\DEMUL v0.7a (Atomiswave).map DATABASE=[Arcade] Sammy Atomiswave MapKeys=True ManualPath= CartPath= BoxPath= TitlePath= SnapPath= Command=DEmul.exe -run=awave -rom=[ROM] ROMFilter=*.zip RomPath=C:\Emulation\DEmul 0.7a\roms WorkingPath=C:\Emulation\DEmul 0.7a StartPageLogo=Atomiswave TITLETEXT=Atomiswave STARTPAGENAME=Sammy Atomiswave Enabled=True [Emulator_7] STARTPAGENAME=Hikaru TITLETEXT=Hikaru Games WorkingPath=C:\Emulation\DEmul 0.7a RomPath=C:\Emulation\DEmul 0.7a\roms ROMFilter=*.zip Command=DEmul.exe -run=hikaru -rom=[ROM] Enabled=True StartPageLogo=Arcade MapKeys=True MAPFile=C:\GameEx\MAP FILES\DEMUL v0.7a (Hikaru).map configFile=[Mapping Off] Exit (Process Close) SnapPath= TitlePath= BoxPath= CartPath= ManualPath= atomiswave.mp4 GameEx.ini log.txt
  8. Updated map files for Demul V7a. Just the systems I run. If you have video snaps for Naomi from emumovies ignore game not playabel for Melty Blood Actress Again and Initial D. I have played both DEMUL v0.7a (Hikaru).map DEMUL v0.7a (Naomi).map DEMUL v0.7a (Atomiswave).map
  9. Heres are some updated map files for current Demul. At least the systems i use. The cave games crash on my system LOL (Moved To Other Thread)
  10. Hmm hard to believe no one has this up and running in their setup. I guess I'll have to try n figure this myself and post my findings here. Hopefully I'll help someone else.
  11. Hey are there any new loaders or map files to setup the current Demul? Or with current version of Game Ex they are no longer needed? Thanx.
  12. After Uninstalling and reinstalling Game Ex. And starting from scratch I'm still getting only 2 out of 50 games ugh. LOL.
  13. Nevermind. I Uninstalled and reinstalled Game Ex and started over from scratch. Now it works.
  14. Moving on trying to get other emulators setup. I've tried to setup pcsx2 with the command line pcsx2.exe "[ROMPath]\[RomFile]" --fullscreen. All I'm getting is a black screen. With version 14.0 does it require a wrapper or loader?
  15. Tom, This is what I did to get Daphne to show up and work. I found my old Game Ex install off my old computer I copied the contents of the Daphne section of the Game Ex.ini and edited the drive positions. The old was G:\Emulators\Daphne. Current is C:\Emulation\Daphne. For some reason I don't think the .ini file is being written to correctly. I don't know if it is a Windows Pro 64 Bit issue or not. Maybe thats why only 2 out of my 50 Steam Games show up. I got Steam working using that UGL program from another thread. I dont care for it but eh it works.