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  1. Hmmmm I think you might be on to something what is Event Viewer? I'll try it
  2. Got the latest NVIDIA driver. I just dont think Game Ex likes my MSI.
  3. Tried one last thing. I disconnected the TV and played on the laptop screen. as soon as I exited the emulator i got the good ol black screen and had to reboot.
  4. Dunno If this helps or not but attached is a comparison log of both the MSI and Alienware if you notice there are instructions missing from the MSI. I dunno if Game Ex is crashing after I exit the emulator or not. But the comparison logs point to that. Both are setup the same, permissions etc. I may not be able to run Game Ex on my MSI laptop. I can manually exit emulators and change no problem. I just cant use Game Ex on this machine and do it. I'll live. I appreciate everyone's input Proof.txt
  5. no Luck yet? I'll check back inna few days
  6. well wasn't working before the driver updates. thought maybe as Draco suggested. I updated the video driver. I also reinstalled 32 bit instead of 64 bit. No luck on my MSI stealth. At this point Ill just wait on updates and keep installing them. By the by auto update doesn't work on either. This is the laptop https://www.bestbuy.com/site/msi-17-3-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2070-max-q-1tb-solid-state-drive-matte-black-with-gold-diamond-cut/6343296.p?skuId=6343296
  7. here's ini. I havent setup the MSI fully because of the black screen after exiting a emulator. GameEx.ini
  8. Umm its right above you sir in comparison the MSI Is missing a complete set of instructions from what I can tell. I am running 64 Bit on both. I wonder should I go Back to 32 bit.
  9. got to work and fired up the alienware laptop. yep definitely something weird going on. the log file from the msi is missing a complete set of instructions. now as to why I dont know. I see it says invalid path for steam. but the path is actually where steam is. log.txt
  10. Ok, I updated to the latest video drivers. Poured over this ini and log file. Maybe my eyes aren't trained enough. Still black screen after exiting a game and have to restart. log.txt GameEx.ini
  11. DJ Infinity

    weird issue

    I have the latest version of Game Ex installed on my Alienware Laptop and my MSI Stealth Laptop. On my Alienware laptop I can start and exit emulators no problem. But for some reason on the MSI Stealth when I exit out of a emulator I get a black screen and have to restart to use my laptop again. Has any1 ran into this before? and if so how was it corrected? I am using 64 bit versions on both and nothing special tweaked.
  12. Hey all, Found a easier way for Cemu. here's the basics emu_21_info=Nintendo Wii U Emulator emu_21_titletext=Nintendo Wii U emu_21_startpagename=Nintendo Wii U emu_21_startpagelogo= emu_21_command=Cemu.exe -f -g Nintendo Wii U.map
  13. hey people, real quick. for this to work you need to have show desktop enabled (at least thats what I had to do). If your system/core is not listed just add it. Make sure your core name is correct. Now I gotta find that map file maker thingy to make things look nice and neat.
  14. Wow! Great News. Thanx Tom
  15. Thank U Draco, Seems like getting it to work is a lil above my pay grade. I think I'll find emulators in the list that are in the setup wizard. Ima look on google for command line options for things like Cemu and Rcps3
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