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  1. Hello everyone, Anyone can help me out with these Tarcisio Style wheels, i cannot find them and maybe anyone has them in there collection? Spectrum Spy Hunter Road kings Hook Hulk Grand Lizzard
  2. Thanks, im using you overlay image
  3. Hi Tom, Problem is resolved,same problem as Dom69 I add a line like <FormToFront>1</FormToFront> to the B2STableSettings.xml Still using PinballX as frontEnd great frondend, everything works fine now back again.
  4. Full log in attach [SETTINGS].log log.txt
  5. I found out that if i use PinballXLite it displays all the B2s backglass correct.
  6. @Tom Speirs For videos try turning off 32 bit video colors in lav video setting. = That worked thanks for that. Problem with backglasses not loading not solved with the latest version, some tables work fine others like The Addams Family don't load DB2s. Checked: it loads the B2s but its in the background not showing, if u press alt+tab a few times backglass is displayed but cant start the game then. I also checked registery for the key mentioned earlier in a post and it's not there. I seems the backglass needs some more time to start? Any other suggestion welcome. t
  7. i added the pinballX ini PinballX.ini
  8. After instal the latest pinballx version i got 2 issues: 1. some backglass DB2 is not started after lunching a table from pinballX (like AC/DC,Austin powers,..) Bad Cats still displays DB2s when starting the same table straight from VPX the backglass is always displayed correct. 2. Backglass video's and table videos are not displayed anymore (black screen) dmd videos still work When i delete the videos from folders the backglass and table pictures are displayed correctly in pinballx What i did: reinstalled LAV filters from link homepage but problem is not solved. Any Help? log.txt
  9. Thanks a lot for all the work you put into this, is there another location on the FTP where i can find other mega docklets for visual pinball? Im missing still a few like Abracadabra.badcats,Attack from mars,...
  10. I managed it with Ultramon, u can create video profiles sraight from shortcuts Im using the trial version now.
  11. I got a 3 screen Pincab setup with PinballX and GameEx Windows setup: Screen 1 main Screen 2 dmd Screen 3 Backglass Is it possible to run Gameex on main screen and when running an emulator/rom it always opens on the 3th screen? Or completly run GameEx from my 3th Screen when start , (i can only run it on the first and second screen now)? Thnx for the help
  12. Ive encountered a problem, after cloning my 60GB SSD to a 120SSD now most of the artwork is missing(playfield videos,backlglass). pinballx verision 2.70 The strange thing : for some tables and when i add a new table and import artwork video's gets displayed. All the files are still in the correct folders so that should not be the problem. Is there a option for a complete rescan of the Artwork database?
  13. Ok for me if you want that, would be great to see the new version. Sent from my SM-G935U using Tapatalk
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