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  1. Thanks again for taking the time to help me joyrider. I'm fairly confident that one of those leads will solve the problem. After all, I did get it working initially. By the way, I noticed yesterday that four of the one-screen tables have now been updated to two screens, which leaves just five one-screens in the collection. At this rate, my problem will soon be moot. But I would like to understand both Autohotkey and BingoGameRoom better.
  2. joyrider, I fixed my Nashville problem, but I have no idea why it works. I had originally downloaded the entire BingoGameRoom to an external drive and simply copied the folder to the c drive program folder so it would work with your program without any modification. For some reason, Nashville didn't like this. I fixed it by deleting the copied Nashville folder on the C drive and replacing it with a new Nashville download that went directly into the c drive. Meanwhile, I developed a new problem. I'm trying to set up a one-screen version of BingoGameRoom on a second pc to play the tables that won't work on my two-screen rig. While I can get the tables to play fine from the BingoGameRoom app and from their individual exe's, I can't for the life of me get them to work in this pc's desktop PinballX app. I recompiled your app and copied over everything but Nashville, which I again downloaded directly to the second pc. When I tried launching a couple of them from the PinballX Game List Manager to see if that would tell me anything, I got a "Game Not Found" message. The odd thing is that they did work briefly but stopped working when I moved them to a different location (and then no longer worked in the original location either). I've gone over and over my settings on your app and PBX and tried uninstalling BingoGameRoom and starting over. Can you think of any reason why PBX stopped being able to find them? Thanks. Tom
  3. joyrider, Just to let you know how well your program worked, Only one of the 53 two-screen tables (Nashville) failed in PinballX, generating the error message "An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled...." As you noted, (nine) others aren't set up for two screens. Pretty amazing! Thanks again! Tom
  4. Okay. I got it working too! I didn't even have a problem with my 4:3 backglass, which I set to stretch. You'll never know how grateful I am. I wiled away many hours of my misspent youth in diners and truckstops that had these machines, sometimes hidden away in the kitchen.
  5. joyrider, I couldn't believe it when I opened my pc this morning to find that you'd already got this thing working! I'll report back as soon as I try it out on my own setup. Thank you sooooo much!
  6. Thanks joyrider for addressing my question, which was what parameters (and perhaps other settings) would be needed to get PBX working with these games. I’ll get back to the author along the lines you suggest. For now, I’m not trying to get too fancy with the input device. I’ll probably just use a keyboard. Edit: thanks also for your follow up. I’m a beginner with all of this, but i’ll see what I can teach myself and also look forward to anything more you find out. Thanks again.
  7. For those who may not know, there is a large collection of beautifully simulated bingo pinball machines at http://bingo.joopriem.nl/ The author included settings that enable their use in a two-screen virtual pinball setup. I would love to integrate this collection into my PinballX setup, which has enough keys to accommodate these rather complex games, but I’m a complete illiterate when it comes to PBX settings, particularly parameters. Does anyone out there know how to get these games to work with PBX? i contacted the author, but he hasn’t yet had the chance to check out PBX, and though the question was raised a few years ago on this this forum, the topic was closed without anyone providing an answer regarding parameters.
  8. Recent improvements to PinballX have been fabulous. As a game collecting completist, I was especially happy to see the end of the limitation on list sizes. I would like to second prior requests to lift the cap on the number of company logos that can be displayed. The current cap isn't high enough to support all the pinball companies, and if you're also using PinballX for MAME, the cap become more problematic still. Thanks for continually making this wonderful software even better.
  9. Not in a specific FX2 folder or folders as my VP tables do. The few I've tried to add so far do seem to be accessible in the "All Tables" folder, which is itself a mystery to me because It doesn't seem to include all my tables. My problem probably results from in a gap in my understanding of how the list / groups function translates to the screen, In any event, I'm stumped.
  10. I'm using the same settings as Outhere, but can't get my FX2 list from Game Manager to show up in PinballX itself. Reinstalling 1.97 a couple times tonight didn't help. I can only get my FX2 tables to play by accessing them through "All Tables." I've never had a problem with any other lists that I've created. I'm using Windows 8.1 and have several pretty big table lists (but none individually over the size limit), in case either of these factors matters. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I'm relatively new to VP/FP and even newer to Pinball X, so this is probably a really dumb question. I succeeded in getting all my tables set up, including the backglasses, and in getting them into Pinball X. I'm displaying my backlglasses on my laptop screen (screen 1) and my playfields on my Dell monitor (screen 2). Once I'm in a game, everything works as it should, but when I first start up Pinball X, I briefly see the Pinball X logo on my Dell main screen, which quickly reverts to the desktop display. At the same time, the Pinball X table selection screen appears on the backglass screen. When I select "start game," the laptop backglass screen continues to behave is if it were the main screen (i.e. displaying the loading screen) until the game loads, at which point, it displays the backglass and the Dell monitor displays the playfield. When I quit the game, the playfield screen reverts to the desktop display and the backglass screen reverts to the Pinball X table selection display. It seems that no matter how I set the displays in the Pinball X settings, the table selection screen remains on the laptop/backglass screen. In Future Pinball, the table appears only on the laptop screen, and the desktop appears on the Dell. So far, this is the only problem I haven't been able to solve on my own. Probably so obvious that I just can't see it. I just love Pinball X and can't wait to finish my setup. Update: I think I fixed this problem. For Pinball X purposes, the Dell monitor needed to be treated as "monitor one" even though Windows 8 indicated that it was still "monitor two." Now I've run into a new issue. I had trouble getting some wheel images and media packs to load properly, especially FP media, even though I believe I had them correctly named, Uninstalling Pinball X didn't help. After numerous error messages and lost entries, the list manager stopped working altogether for Future Pinball, and Pinball X kept crashing when I tried to open it. I could only get it working again by doing an uninstall / reinstall. I did save my Pinball X folder prior to uninstalling, but I can't figure out how to restore the lost games. As I start to rebuild my game list, I'm getting messages indicating that the old games are still there somewhere and that I'm overwriting them. This seems to hold out some hope that the old games can be restored but also the concern that the errors and crashes will just start all over again. It's clear that having never used a front end before I just don't understand how they work. Can anyone help me? I've had enough of a glimpse of PBX to see how wonderful it could be. In the meantime, I guess I'll invite more frustration by trying to figure out how to get DMDs into my backglass screens.
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