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  1. Hello and thank you for the endless amounts of help you guys give me. Ive been working on me and my friends pincabs which are identical except pc builds. The pc builds are slightly different,and he is on windows 7 while im on 10. Anyways, on his pc, i can launch pinballfx2 games fine, and then escape back to the pinballx menu. but now ive noticed on his machine, that when i exit back to the pinballx menu, pinball fx2, or the backglass from it stays open in the backround, and the dmd from the game gets stuck on the backglass. eventually when i go to exit pinbalx it all freezes everything. when i tab menu in windows to see my open programs, i see a pbfx2 icon, and then the typical little colored icon when backglasses are active. So.. what could be causing pinballfx2 to not close on his system upon exit? PinballX.ini
  2. yea i actually came across some articles about passive and non passive vga converters. Perhaps thats my issue. For now i still have monitor 3 running off onboard hdmi which is actually fine i guess. but like i said, for 300 bucks i was hoping to use all three through the gpu ALSO.. I DID get ripped on that ebay gtx1060! seller ended up not responding. i then noticed his 100 feedback was only as a buyer and from months ago. then i check paypal and see unverified non-us user.. LUCKILY paypal got me my money back pretty damn fast
  3. yea i dont even know where to begin with what to turn up to get the most of the card.. and still need to figure out the 3 monitors
  4. i cant tell you brand of tvs per say.. but the inputs i can playfield lcd i BELIEVE was an actual ultapin monitor. non the less, it has vga and dvi-d out. This goes directly to the dvi-d port on the 1060 the backglass is a 28 flat screen with vga out, maybe dvi as well.. This is connected vga to hdmi converter to the 1060 3rd monitor for now is just some random lcd monitor laying around the shop with vga out.. This ive tried both via vga to display port, and vga to hdmi.but ive tried with a few different monitors and get no 3rd monitor signal. I can recognize 3, but the 3rd always stays idle. Running the 3rd monitor through onboard works fine. Pinballx throws the dmd right on that screen and im good.. But this is two video cards with 3 monitors capability and i cant seem to get 3 screens to just all show desktops.. Also, my working pc i use is windows 10 and still cant get it. The pincab runs windows 7, but obviously i cant get it on 10 as it is. Just wondering if there is some like maybe little setting in some config to turn it on? or as i said, are there certain limitations to which outputs can be used for 3 monitors at once. a side related topic. Now that i do have the gtx 1060 card http://www.microcenter.com/product/467456/GeForce_GTX_1060_Gaming_X_6GB_GDDR5_Video_Card What should i go ahead and tweak to actually make use of it? My initial reaction after replacing the gtx 750 ti was.. "hmm.. was that even worth the money?". But i know there has to be some noticeable tweaking i can do now. I included my full build a few posts up..So with the i5 6600k processor, and a gtx 1060, what should i pump up to make things look as good as they can? Currently im trying to figure out how to full hide the desktop during loading screens. but thats another mission. Thank you SO much for all the help thus far
  5. So i finally got the gtx 1060 in. I installed it in the pc, but cannot seem to get 3 screens to work, much like my gtx 750 ti. It recognizes all 3, but the 3rd monitor never gets a signal. Currently on the 1060 i have the following hookup: main playfield- straight dvi-d to dvi-d port backglass-vga to hdmi going into hdmi port dmd screen- well here i tried a few things. the monitor is vga, so i tried vga to display port, and that recognizes but wont ever show anything on the screen. I ended up running the dmd thru the hdmi on board.. but i didnt wanna pay $300 bucks for a video card to use on board. I played with the multiple monitors section in the nvidia settings.. and im pretty sure surround span isnt what i want. So why cant i ever get 3 monitors on either my 750 ti or 1060? it never mattered to me on my work pc with the 750 ti using onboard for my 2nd vga.. But if it does the job, why not use it right? Perhaps the video cards can only do certain outputs when doing 3 monitors? i have vga to hdmi converers, vga to display ports, vga to dvi.. whatever i need . just why cant i get 3 screens?
  6. My resolution for now is to use 2 hdmis on my 750 ti, and the hdmi on board for the 3rd/dmd. Until i get the 1060 in the mail, this setup is actually working pretty nicely. Now i need to figure out a easy way to set the dmd to resize and appear on the 3rd screen. I dont seem to have luck in having pinballx do that. If i drag and move the dmd over, it stays there the next time i boot a table, but there has to be an automated way to move all the vpinmame dmds to the screen.. thats a different battle. This is for the most part, resolved.. For future readers, this is my current build, and its running pinballx with visual pin, FX2, pinball arcade and future pinball, with table videos, backglass videos, and dmd videos on 3 screens. So far its performing well. gigabyte z170x-gaming 5 motherboard corsair cx750m psu 16 gb dd4 2400 ram i5 6600k cpu Kingston 250gb ssd gigabyte 750 ti windforce gpu until the new video card arrives.
  7. small issue im having is getting 3 screens working with the 750ti.. On my PERSONAL pc, these are all my available outputs: on board-- hdmi, dvi gpu- 2x hdmi, 1 dvi, 1 dvid I have my playfield running through one hdmi, then my backglass running thru a vga to hdmi converter which also works.. But i cannot seem to get a 3rd working.. Also ive noticed, on my current work pc, im using the gpu for my main monitor, but on board vga for my second monitor. It seems that i cannot get the dvi ports to work? Im running to microcenter and ill be back to explain better.. but for now, are there any particular tricks to getting the 750 ti to display 3 screens? Any reason why it cant do 2 hdmis and a dvi? **EDIT** so currently using my 750 ti, i have main monitor running straight through hdmi. Backglass monitor is running vga to hdmi converter, into a hdmi port. so thats 2 monitors, 2 hdmi ports. Both work. The 3rd is running through a dvi-dvi-d converter into the gpu. I figured maybe id try converting it since the dvi port wont get 3 screens either. nvidia control panel shows all 3 screens. but i cant get any type of signal sent to the 3rd screen. The led on the 3rd monitor is orange/off. any ideas? **double edit* my last effort was using a 2nd vga to hdmi converter, and plugging my 3rd monitor into the on board hdmi port, and it works. I get 3 screens showing up, but having trouble getting the backglass to show up. but non the less, if screen 3 runs through on board video i can get all 3 screens working. But why cant i get 3 working with the gpu? Its a gigabyte 750 ti windforce
  8. i USED to have that hookup lol. still waiting for a response. It was actually free, i just threw him 10 bucks for the key.. he had a stack of keys from work or something. As of now im running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit... if i get my hands on 10, ill upgrade and yes i pulled the trigger on the 1060, but im about to test the 750ti right now.. other wise the build went together nicely, and ill update the exact build soon for future readers to follow up on.
  9. while im at it.. ive read numerous people suggest a 750 ti.. while the 1060 blasts it out of the water especially for that price, whats your general opinion on the 750 ti 2g running this? Still gunning for the 1060, but im anticipating a small surprise and seeing the 750 do the job... lets see.. and while im at it, and dont want to make multiple threads.. i have access to windows 7 64 bit for free.. I used to have a hookup for 10 dollar windows 10 licenses, but dont know if thats still available.. am i losing any real advantage if i just go with windows 7? and this about sums up my post
  10. ahhh.. got ya.. well, the only thing i can go off of is the feedback and thats about it. as we speak, im going to put together the new pc and drop my 750 ti in it just for now to test it out. Hoping i dont get duped out of this auction :\
  11. ok so i got one off of ebay.. price is certainly lower than all the others.. but seller has 100% feedback and is located 2 hours away from me... so with that being said, why do you suggest i be hesitant on ebay.. i literally just paid for it Im hoping this doesnt turn into a nightmare.. this is the one i purchased http://www.ebay.com/itm/252510165724
  12. From what I see on the one I wanna buy there is 1 hdmi, 1 dvi-d and 3 display ports. Will that be ok? I don't mind getting adapters or whatever just wanna make sure those are ok. Not sure what display ports are primarily for. I see different 1060's have different ports. Found this one http://www.microcenter.com/product/467456/GeForce_GTX_1060_Gaming_X_6GB_GDDR5_Video_Card for 220 new on eBay! Should I just grab it and figure out my ports and adapters after at that price?
  13. Damnit. Throws a wrench in my whole deal. I need to finish this build asap as I'm leaving town for a while. I really wish I could grab something from my local micro center. Hmm. Considering my prise is now around $275 I think I should have options but it appears the 1060 is my best bet by far.
  14. I actually have two decent video cards from my last build. Thinking that maybe one of them can run the dmd?'and get a Cheaper but strong video card for the two screens? Not home now but I'll post what they are when I get back. Otherwise might just swing for one of those 1060s
  15. Seems like the gtx 1060 is sold out over over priced a lot of places. Microcenter had 2 different ones for 279$. But sold out now. Hopefully some more come in :/ is there any suggestions I can use for another video card? Clearly I'm about to spend about 270 or so. Should I hold out and find a 1060?
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