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  1. Can you give me a screenshot of setControls.exe debug
  2. Here is another compile of setControls and lower ICSharpCode.USBLib built exclusively for x86. Shaunopp try this one, and see if you can run it manually. setControls.zip
  3. The Special Offers shown also expired on 12/01/06. I guess they have not had any new Special Offers in quite some time.
  4. I have had good luck with my Billabs 27" monitor. They now also have a 25" model, the BL25C90T. Check out http://www.billabs.com/crts.htm for more info.
  5. I just realized that I had the wrong setControls within my release. That version was one I was testing that used a new USBHID library, which could read, but I could never get it to program the stiks. Please try your manual setControls.exe test again from the command line with the attached files in Vista. If it works, then try it GameEx. setControls.zip
  6. If you are running MAMEUI (or a flavor of) you can do this under Default Game Options -> Screen. Increase the Number of Screens to 2 and change Screennumber from Screen 0 to Screen 1.
  7. Can you open a Command Prompt, change to the directory where you installed it and type setControls.exe mouse and see if it goes into mouse mode? I just want to make sure that it is not my plugin, but rather the USB HID code.
  8. I have been researching this for months. However, the forum topic you noted, has been the best resource for WiiMote/GlovePie scripts. This link is a little more organized, but fewer scripts. http://www.wiili.org/index.php/GlovePIE:GlovePIE_Scripts As for the magical lightgun script, I have been very disappointed. At some point, I think MAME .122, the MAME dev's added support for multiple keyboards, where now the MAME will only work with WiiMote/GlovePie if you map the outputs to PPJoy. I have been hacking for the last few weeks and got many things to work, except a reliable joystick script using the IR sensor (which would be needed for a lightgun). I have built my own wiibar for my arcade cab as well as a Wii Cliip so that I could do testing on my laptop.
  9. Which FFMPEG are you using?
  10. I have made all the changes that HK outlined. However, I am still waiting on a confirmed Vista user before we make it official.
  11. Fantastic!!! Your dedication to this project is nothing short of astonishing. I truly appreciate the work you have done. My cab would not be nearly as cool or as intuitive without your contributions.
  12. Did I ever mention that Java is my primary language? I guess it's obvious I am not as # with .NET. Well, it looks like there is going to be 1.3.1 now.
  13. No problem. I am a master script writer. Creating one to parse the artist and song title from the song.ini then rename the folder as such and create the matching text file will be easy.
  14. Confused?! So, was I when I wrote the topic. I am trying to integrate Frets On Fire into GameEx as an emulator and make the songs for it like the "Roms". However, in Frets On Fire, each song has numerous associated files, and they are rolled into a single folder for the song. Now, back to my question, is there any such rom filter that will make it display the names of all the folders and when selected, start the emulator and I can use [RomFolder] as the parameter for my command line? You know something like a Rom Filter of [Folders]? Anyone? Anyone? Speirs? Speirs?
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