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  1. Can the LCD/LED Plugin show controls on lcd?

    It's OK.. Not much more to add to the first post. The betabrite and the 4 line display share the same plugin and thus display the same information. I'll need to find/create another source if I want to use both. Maybe I'll use it to display cpu and memory. or I just might not include it at all. Thanks for looking!
  2. Can the LCD/LED Plugin show controls on lcd?

    I guess it isn't possible. Shame. I'll just have to find another use for the 4 line display. Thanks to everyone that looked at my post.
  3. Hey All, I just started building again after many years. I have an I pac, 2 led wiz a betabrite and a crystalfontz 4 line display all purchased years ago. It's all working great in gameex arcade. Only problem is that the Betabrite and the crystalfontz display the same information. I'm good with the betabrite display but I'd like the crystalfontz to display other info like controls eg. "Button 1: Fire", "Button 2:special weapon" ect..., maybe even high scores. Anyone know if this is possible? Thanks in advance...
  4. [PLUGIN] LCD/LED Plugin 1.92

    WOW. That's a major improvement. Attract modes are working for me. Buttons light during configuration. More to come as I test the MameInterop and other settings. Great Job!
  5. [PLUGIN] LCD/LED Plugin 1.92

    He he.. Sorry. What I should have asked is "Should I delete the plugin files before installing the new plugin version". Anyway, I'm now getting and error on some games while scroling through the game list. See atached. I've also sent a PM. Error1.bmp
  6. [PLUGIN] LCD/LED Plugin 1.92

    I'll Get back to you soon on this. I'm wireing the second wiz right now. Are multiple ledwizs supported yet? Also should I delete the old plugin files before putting the new in?
  7. [PLUGIN] LCD/LED Plugin 1.92

    Here's the INI. I have a quicktime movie of the leds in action but its too big to attach here. Shoot me an email if you want that. LCD.zip
  8. [PLUGIN] LCD/LED Plugin 1.92

    Good Call. The Speech plugin was enabled. I disabled it and now It kinda works. I have mame .104 on this system w/a lot of roms. Which games should I use to test. I currently am using street fighter as it uses 6 buttons. It (streetfighter)will not light the leds when selected on the menu (shows on the BetaBrite tho ) After selecting the game it said the names but didn't light any leds. Then randomly picks some leds to light. Right now it lit buttons 2,6 and 7 I'll be mounting the leds later today for some more testing. I'll post more then.
  9. [PLUGIN] LCD/LED Plugin 1.92

    I finaly attached 1 of my LedWiz controllers. I can get it to show the attract in the plug-in setup program but I get nothing from Game-Ex but an error. I've attached the text from the error. error.txt