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  1. I am having an issue where I pick a table from the menu from within GameEx and launch it- Future Pinball starts and loads the table just fine, but it doesn't recognize any button presses. I've found that if i just left click my mouse button the screen blinks slightly and then everything works as normal. It's almost like the game isn't the active window when it opens until I click the mouse... Is this an issue with one of my settings by chance? Thanks!
  2. My newly set up cabinet is set to auto-launch GameEx upon boot, however after the PC boots and GameEx is up and running, upon selecting any game in my MAME library it launches and you can hear it playing thru the speakers, but the screen stays black. After exiting the game, then exiting GameEx. and then re-launching GameEx everything goes back to normal and games are shown on the screen when launched. Any ideas what may be the issue? Is there a setting somewhere that I may have set incorrectly? Thanks in advance!
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    Hello! I'm new to gameex, but I gotta say I love it so far- however I'm having some issues... When I switch to one of the console emulators I can hear the game audio going through the speakers, but the screen is black. (nestopia, virtuanes, zsnes, project64 are the ones I've tried(unsuccessfully) so far) Is there a setting I am missing somewhere to make the video viewable? Thanks!
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