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  1. igby 2016

    @ExedExes not to late for you to come to team casual virginiawillbehad love it exedexes
  2. igby 2016

    with how it looks like it will only be 7 teams we will switch to 3 games per team if we get more than 7 full teams then we will switch back to 2 only
  3. igby 2016

    Internet Gaming Bash of the Year 2016 IGBY is returning in July. Players can sign up for the contest at tournaments.twingalaxies.com and pick what team they wish to play for. Who will win this time? Will it be one of the MARP teams or one of the newcomer teams such as Screenshotties or Virginiawillbehad? 1. - Selected games will be played for the entire five week period July 5th to August 2nd 2. - Each team sends in 2 Games. send your game selections to Wolf no later than June 23rd. Wolf will inform all sites of game selections upon receipt of selections. Should duplicate game selections be received, the team with the highest number of registered players will yield to the team with the smaller number of players. The smaller team will select another game. Wolf will advise of all details once final list of games have been posted. Once games are selected and posted by Wolf. Games will be played with default dip switches 3. - Auto fire is not allowed 4. - Adjudication – All Submissions require inp, stream, video, or ru. If submitting inp must be wolfmame .106, latest wolfmame, or ru. if submitting a stream or video make an attempt to show dips and romset. Verifying scores each team will have 1 or 2 people reviewing scores for other teams 5. - Submissions: players should submit their scores via tournament.vg – as we want to maintain as live a scoreboard as possible, please submit early and often. Please do not hold on to score submissions. no recording can be uploaded 24 hours after you recorded it. If these periods are violated, then that person's score for that game will be disqualified. 6. - All games must be completed and submissions received no later than 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on August 2nd. Any scores submitted after this time will not be valid. Again, submit early and often. 7. scoring will be Top 5 from each team per game will score points for their team. 8. Teams are required to have a minimum of 10 players. Any team that does not have 10 registered players by the beginning of the event will be required to be placed in a state of "partnership". This is essentially a merger of two teams. For example, if Team XYZ is partnered with DKF, then the two teams will become "DKF + XYZ", essentially working as one. It is the sole discretion of the event organizer (wolf) if and how partnerships will occur, but in the event they do occur, they will be engineered to ensure overall tournament-wide team balance. 9. Scoring is based on placement and top 5 per team score. 1st and 2nd get more points so if there are 50 scoring positions 1st gets 55 points and 2nd gets 53 10. Banned game list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1On5-ecExtvP2mdQ4WvJlWqdtwrFuG4mUsefX9aAZrmE/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Gekisou (Bump 'N Jump)

    Rockets is a 3rd button i played the game enough times to remember the levels lol
  5. Gekisou (Bump 'N Jump)

    1310010 finally got that over 1 million point run i wanted to get https://www.twitch.tv/wolfman0024/v/68758737 https://www.twitch.tv/wolfman0024/v/68759274
  6. Gekisou (Bump 'N Jump)

    here is the highlight when i got 1.21 million https://www.twitch.tv/wolfman0024/v/29279105 who knows maybe you guys can use that for strategies
  7. Gekisou (Bump 'N Jump)

    378420 so off pace. I should be getting over 900k every attempt
  8. puzzle madness

    game list https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rKFF-apJmqMVXevSR_9p94OckPywVi_94c2c61jN5r4/edit?usp=sharing also for latest wolfmame is wolfmame .171, don't use fast forward in mame, and there won't be a last quarter drop
  9. puzzle madness

    Puzzle Madness Puzzle Madness, a contest that will pin some of the best puzzle players in the world in 6 games. Puzzle Madness will start at midnight est on april 1st and end at 11:59 pm est on the 11th. This will be the 1st wolf contest since wolf 4 in 2013 to require strong proof for score inp/ru/stream/ or video. Date April 1st to April 11th Other Rules: INPs sent that will include use of macros, autofire, 2 players cooperation, altered speed, will be not considered. To be precise about recording speed, it must be included between 95% and 100~101%. All scores require an inp, video or stream -The score you claim must be done on the first credit of your inp recording. Failure to do so will result in your score being changed to what it was for the first credit. -To encourage good sportsmanship, no recording can be uploaded 24 hours after you recorded it. If these periods are violated, then that person's score for that game will be changed to zero. -No Autofire No Pausing If using an inp file can use one of the following: latest WolfMAME, WolfMAME .106, or RetroUprising Scoring: will be Ranking per game(on the site it shows % it should be changed soon) we are working on bonus points for early submissions to prevent sandbagging Adjudication – We understand different people have access to different equipment - both for broadcast/recording and gameplay (e.g arcade/MAME cabinets). Every score is subject to challenge / review, regardless of what forms of evidence is supplied. Therefore, it is in every player's best interest to provide as much evidence as possible. sign up here http://tournaments.twingalaxies.com/#/event/puzzleMadness/main
  10. Tetris: The Grand Master

    I will take all of his scores except for donkey kong
  11. Popeye

    i think 100k might be my end goal for this
  12. Tetris: The Grand Master

    2211 another gimme score down i reckon han loves it
  13. Popeye

    64220 finally broke my pb in this
  14. GAPlus