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  1. Just checking to see if you found anything, It seems weird I can do one but not the other.
  2. Thanks Tom! I know I'm the king of weird....
  3. Somewhere around 2.30, but I can't be certain. I hadn't updated in a while, and remember people complaining about an expiration in our chatroom. It worked fine, and had everything I wanted so I wasn't motivated to update.
  4. This has been going on for a while, and I can't explain it. I can take a playfield screenshot, but I can't take a backglass screenshot. THIS IS NOT MY KEYBOARD. I have changed the screen grab key a few times. I have even upgraded versions. This has been going on for a while, but I didn't do anything about it. Then I had a problem with a utility deleting some files to clear space for me. It crashed Pinball X, which is what prompted me to upgrade to the latest version. This problem predates the crashing problem I just mentioned, this is just the history. To be clear: This problem happened on the older version I was running, and 2.36. My keyboard is fine, and I am using the correct key. Here's my log which doesn't show the attempted backglass screenshot, or the successful playfield screenshot. Pinball X is flawless otherwise. I am stumped on this. Playfield is "P" (working), and backglass is "O" (used to be "L" and worked under "L" for a long time until it stopped). Thanks for any help on this. log.txt PinballX.ini
  5. This is going to sound weird, but then consider the source.... I cannot take screenshots of the backglass through Pinball X. I CAN take playfield screenshots. Playfield screenshots= P Works, no problem. Backglass screenshots= B No picture is made. I have tried changing keys (it used to be L, now B), opening, and closing the program, and I updated to the latest version, and rebooted. Here's my log which shows the game opening, but nothing about any other keypresses. (I opened the table, pressed B for 3-5 seconds, then closed Pinball X, then checked my folder). Yes, I know that key is working, it's not my keyboard, as I am on the very same keyboard right now. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. Other than that there are no other issues. Pinball X plays just fine, and honestly, this is literally the first thing I have had go wrong since I installed it, and I've been around quite a while. Since I share my cab online, I've been a little OCD about keeping my screenshots current with the tables. I probably have one of the largest collections of 2 screen working tables, if not the largest (794 working vp9.9 2 screen tables, no VPX). Any ideas??? Edit: I tried reversing the keys for playfield (B) screenshots and backglass screenshots (P). Still only the playfield takes screenshots. I'm at a loss. log.txt
    Pinball X is top notch for a frontend. I am an ex Hyperpin user. Pinball X is very easy to setup, and is easily customizable. It's still in active development too, which is great! It works with Visual Pinball, Mame, Future Pinball, and much more. Oh, and it's FREE!! I am not a demanding user, but even in it's beginnings I have had no issues at all. It's AWESOME!! Thanks Tom for making this great frontend available to everyone.
  6. Looks great. Any tables anyone wants to take from Rogue Pinball and upload here is welcome. My cabinet backup has 784 2 screen tables in it, but I don't have time to do it.
  7. Here's mine, hope it helps.... The 880 one is one I downloaded somewhere, Visual Pinball is the one I have from Pinball X. I have a bunch that are not on the 880 xml. I have another copy of the 880 xml in which I subtract what I have in order to give me a "to do" list. (I didn't include my Sam stuff because it's only 12 tables.) Visual Pinball xml 880.zip Visual Pinball.xml Bowlers.xml Cocktail.xml DMD.xml Electro Mechanical.xml Solid State.xml
  8. I don't want to steal anything here but I think I'm having a similar issue. I can get the .exe to open with Pinball X, then I have to pick a table from there. But I can't open a specific table. Same thing with TPA.
  9. I was wrong. It IS working, the table in question is having the same issues in 9.21 making me think it wasn't working. Just checked the "last played" in the .exe to confirm it's working. Thanks all, sorry for the false alarm. Edit: Ok, it is working, no question. Something I don't get. I am using a table made with 9.20. If I don't use 9.20 the bumpertops don't show correctly. That's what I was looking for to check it. Here's the weird part. If I play it with 9.20 from the editor- fine, np. If I play it with 9.20 from PinballX, the bumpertops don't show right as if I'm using the wrong .exe.
  10. Sorry, I never got a notification. So am I correct in saying that the new Pinball X supports .exe tags without the file previously listed? If so I am not seeing this work. I am using this without those files <exe>VPinball9.21.exe</exe> and it opens up in 9.9 with no errors. If I use those files, I get the error I showed previously. I'd like to keep one main area to keep my stuff in if possible, but I admit I'm late to the party...
  11. I have 1 table that only works in 9.21, so I'll know right away if this works right. I added this to that table's xml: <exe>VPinball9.21.exe</exe>
  12. I need help with this please. I have this: VisualPinballExeChanger.exe #Include, %A_ScriptDir%\xpath.ahkdefault_exe = VPinball9.90.exePinballX_Config = V:\PinballX\Config\PinballX.ini;Read PinballX config for pathsIniRead, WorkingPath, %PinballX_Config%, VisualPinball, WorkingPathTablePath = %1%TableName = %2%SplitPath, TableName, ,, ext,,; Add extra check rename for VP10If ext = vpx{ StringReplace, table, TableName, .vpx,, All}else{ StringReplace, table, TableName, .vpt,, All}; Read exe tag from xml, if no tag use default_exedatabaseFile = V:\PinballX\Databases\Visual Pinball\Visual Pinball.xmlxpath_load(dbXML, databaseFile ) ; need to read the existing xml otherwise xpath deletes all existing nodesexe := XPath(dbXML, "/menu/game[@name=" . table . "]/exe/text()")If exe = { exe = %default_exe% }Run, %WorkingPath%\%exe% /Play -"%TablePath%\%TableName%"MouseMove, 200, 100WinWait,ahk_class VPinballWinHideWinWait, Visual Pinball PlayerWinWaitClose, Visual Pinball PlayerWinClose, ahk_class VPinballExitApp[VisualPinball]Enabled=TrueWorkingPath=V:\Visual Pinball\TablesTablePath=V:\New B2S Tables doneExecutable=VisualPinballExeChanger.exeParameters="[TABLEPATH]" "[TABLEFILE]"XPath.exe [VisualPinball]Enabled=TrueWorkingPath=V:\Visual Pinball\TablesTablePath=V:V:\New B2S Tables doneExecutable=VisualPinballExeChanger.exeParameters="[TABLEPATH]" "[TABLEFILE]"Pinball X is pointed at the XPath.exe And I get: What did I do wrong?
  13. I have even seen it use subfolders too. Loading image.gif New Folder Hauntfreaks, do you have one without the animation?
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