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  1. Hello there, I would like to make use of the VPM feature in PinballX on a two monitor cabinet. When I configure this in the settings and also the game manager by selecting a rom name etc. Pinball X launches the rom fine however it does not use the roms registry setting x.y coordiantes or size parameters but seems to stretch the vpinmame DMD right along the bottom of the screen and off the edge. Playing with the DMD size option in the settings menu allows this to be corrected somewhat but it seems to be a bit hit and miss based on what rom gets loaded. The other thing I noticed is that if a rom is not configured for a particular game, the default PinballX DMD video is rendered in place of this which I assume is by design however if I choose to hide the dmd game settings for a particular table, this built in menu is still loaded. I was wondering if it would be possible for the software to use the same registry settings vpinmame generally uses when rendering on a monitor in preference to a real DMD display and also if this default PinballX DMD video can be hidden by default even when a game does not have the rom configured in game manager but "Use DMD" is turned on in settings (For a 2 screen setup). Thanks in advance, and also thanks a million for this software, it's an excellent front end I've almost got working perfectly Dozer.
  2. Heya Tom, It appears the server on which xdmd is hosted is failing with a db error. I came over to get the beta3 libraries. Could you take a quick look when you get a moment? Many thanks, Dozer.
  3. Latest pinned release in this thread also works without error for me Tom. No ball stutter and no stuck flippers
  4. Happy to report this version seems to have solved the issue for me Tom. Will do some more testing but so far, no stuck slippers or ball stutter at the start of the game. Dozer.
  5. 4.3ghz I5, 8 gb ram. 2gb GTX 680 gpu. Windows 7 64. 120GB SSD.
  6. Sorry Tom, problem is still there for me with the version posted above. Start game, launch ball then 2 or 3 pauses that result in the ball freezing and flippers being stuck. Revert to 1.50 and problem is gone. Let me know if you need any testing. Dozer.
  7. There seems to be 2 issues then as I get stuck flippers with direct b2s and not rosve's original B2S with or without DOF. Reverting to 1.50 solved my issue though. I hope you find a fix as it's quite annoying.
  8. Did some more testing this morning, the problem seems unrelated to DOF as I wrote an AHK script to revert test tables back to the ledwiz legacy solution based on what table was launching. The problem seems to have first appeared in 1.57 where I belive a vpinmame focus fix was introduced (please correct me if I am wrong.) Reverted to 1.50 from a backup and there is no stuck flipper issue with either DOF or Ledwiz legacy. Hope this helps.
  9. Yes, only happens to me during the first 20 seconds or so of play. Not using a real DMD here.
  10. I'm noticing this too but not just with the older b2s.exe backglasses. On certain tables that are using DOF with the new directb2s backglasses I'm seeing the stuck flippers but only when the table first loads. In fact if I start the table from PinballX and let it sit for about a minute it seems to not happen. (Stuck flippers). I've also noticed that the stuck flippers seem to by-product of the entire table pausing (hiccuping) for a second as I also notice the ball stutter while the flipper(s) get stuck. It happens about 5 seconds after the table loads and I wonder whether it has anything to do with the recent change to make sure that pinname is focused last to make sure it sits at the front of the backglass? I see it happen on Attack from Mars, Terminator 2 and once on Medieval Madness (all DMD games). What ever it is it seems to have snuck in with the release of the new DOF. Let me know if you need any testing done. Dozer.
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