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  1. Didn't resolve the issue. I will just leave the 5 second startup delay in place.
  2. Ideally, i am hoping the developer reads this and offers some input as to if this is a bug or just a one off situation (2 off if you have it too). But I am pretty sure i am getting the problem because something else hasn't loaded yet and when PinballX tries to load before (whatever it is), it fails. I have been able to get around this for now by editing the pinballx.bat file in the setup directory and adding a timeout for it to wait before loading the program. i added the following to the top of the file... this causes a 5 second delay then loads pinballx.....seems to work for me right now. timeout /t 5
  3. Maybe the bigger image means twice as much power
  4. One more thing I should mention that I noticed today... not sure if it is important. When pinballx is loaded manually the "PinballX" logo on the gray screen is in the middle of the screen. When i try to autoload it with Windows, the "pinballx" logo shows up at the bottom of the screen before it crashed (by bottom, i mean looking at the TV positoned in portrait mode closest to the front of the machine).
  5. wondering what would cause this in the log: 22:25:11.8 8/31/2013: Loading Game Statistics and Scores 22:25:12.3 8/31/2013: Error. Exiting 22:25:12.3 8/31/2013: Error in the application. 22:25:12.3 8/31/2013: at Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.Device..ctor(Int32 adapter, DeviceType deviceType, Control renderWindow, CreateFlags behaviorFlags, PresentParameters[] presentationParameters) 22:25:12.3 8/31/2013: at Direct2D.Direct2d.Device..ctor(Form FormHandle, Int32 Width, Int32 Height, Boolean Windowed, Boolean VSync, Boolean Display16Bit, Int32 DisplayNbr, Int32 RefreshRate) 22:25:12.3 8/31/2013: at PinballX.Main.a(Boolean A_0, Boolean A_1) 22:25:12.3 8/31/2013: at PinballX.Main..ctor() I know I like Gold Boolean.... and Boolean cubes make a nice broth when i am sick... but not sure what a Boolean A_0 is
  6. Hello all, I am hoping someone has seen this and has a quick fix. If I launch pinball manually, it loads fine. If I use the option and set it to load with windows, I see the gray screen with pinballx and then it crashes to the desktop. If I immediately launch it after the crash it loads fine..... any ideas? I am wondering if it is trying to load before some other required driver or service it requires loads??????? Thanks, Xyzzy Ini follows: log.txt PinballX.ini
  7. Hello all, The gameex volume is louder than the volumes in my games. I would like them to be about the same, or as a minimum have the gameex volume lower than the mame volume. now I have checked mame and it reads "0" as opposed to a negative decibal level.. i am new, but I am assuming zero is as high as it gets. Is there a way to lower the volume for gameex itself? It looks to me like the volume controls in gameex actually lower the Windows volume in general... anyone have any ideas? Thanks xyzzy. on a side note, i will throw this in... not gameex related, but hopefully someone has an idea. i have an ipac encoder.. when i hold player 1 and put up on the player 1 joystick, i get the volume control... using ipac, how do you get the gamma / etc? I think with a regular keyboard the ~ toggles them right?
  8. Bingo. My hat off to you my man...that now shows my missing game. What other side effect will that have on my system? Thanks, xyzzy
  9. Yes, I updated the list after the changes with no Joy
  10. Hello, I have an issue where a mame game is not showing up in the list. I have all filtering turned off and have even added the name to the don't filter list. I have all the required files for the game.. it played fine when i was using a different Front End. Not sure if i am allowed to mention game names... If I am, let me know and I will post it. Is there a way to add one game to the list manually? Thanks xyzzy
  11. Thanks for the reply. What I really want to do is replace the gameex one though. What is the mask file for?
  12. Hi, I have a Mame bezel that I am pretty happy with. How it differs from the game ex one is that it is further from the game itself and closer to the sides of my screen. From what I recall, it is two files in a zip. I know where gameex stores its bezel, will it use a bezel created for Mame in place of the PNG and mask? Thanks.
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