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  1. I would also love a separate backglass loading screen. I've got some cabinet theme art for the playfield portrait 1080x1920 and backglass landscape 1920x1080 and would love to show these off as loading screens. Thanks for your consideration Tom
  2. neohusky

    Start up images

    Thanks gStav. I considered something like UltraMon when I couldn't get the wallpapers on each individual monitor on win7. I solved the desktop issue by creating an image that was 3000 x 1080 that had both the portrait play field and landscape back glass in it side by side and it spanned nicely over both monitors. I was more curious if there was a feature I missed in pinballx that you could have something like startup image_backglass.jpg and startup image_playfiel.jpg and the display them on their respective monitors at pinballx startup. As it is now the startup image displays on the playfield monitor and the back glass is black.
  3. neohusky

    Start up images

    Hi guys Is it possible to have a separate startup image for the playfield and backglass? Or can we create and image and span it over the 2 screens?
  4. neohusky

    Pbx 2.06 - Animated GIFs

    Hey hauntfreaks Great job on the gifs. The first of the 1080p links appears broken. Are you able to re upload, or even upload them to the FTP? Thanks
  5. neohusky

    System Logo for alternateExe for VP

    Hi I wanted to have a separate system logo for vpx, pmod5 etc etc without creating various PinballX systems for VP. Can we apply various system logos to the various alternate exe for VP? An example of my xml is: <game name="Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (Data East)(1993)(javier1515)(1.0)(PMod)"> <description>Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (Data East 1993)</description> <rom>Rab</rom> <manufacturer>Data East</manufacturer> <year>1993</year> <type>SS</type> <hidedmd>true</hidedmd> <hidebackglass>true</hidebackglass> <enabled>true</enabled> <rating>0</rating> <alternateExe>VPinball99_PhysMod5.exe</alternateExe> <Desktop>false</Desktop> </game> <game name="Airborne (Capcom)(1996)(Bodydump Jimmyfingers)(1.0)(FS)"> <description>Airborne (Capcom 1996)</description> <rom>abv106</rom> <manufacturer>Capcom</manufacturer> <year>1996</year> <type>SS</type> <hidedmd>true</hidedmd> <hidebackglass>true</hidebackglass> <enabled>true</enabled> <rating>0</rating> <alternateExe>VPinball992.exe</alternateExe> <Desktop>false</Desktop> </game> Thanks
  6. How about a recently played and most played list?
  7. This would be great from a table management point of view. At the moment the same table is listed many times using different versions of VP. Based on the current PinballX xml structure I'm not sure how you can group these tables? A common identifier ?IPDB lookup/scraping for a reference.
  8. neohusky

    Gamecard not working on VPF

    Could it be that some gamecards show ppl Now playing tables that are prohibited on Paul's site
  9. neohusky

    Cabinet night mode

    That's perfect! The only way to improve on it is to have it integrated into pinballx with a main menu toggle. I've got 2 LedWIZ devices in my setup so I had to modify the script a little. #SingleInstance force#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.A::FileCopy, %A_ScriptDir%\Feedback\directoutputconfig.ini, %A_ScriptDir% , 1FileCopy, %A_ScriptDir%\Feedback\directoutputconfig2.ini, %A_ScriptDir% ,1returnB::FileCopy, %A_ScriptDir%\No Feedback\directoutputconfig.nofeedback.ini, %A_ScriptDir%\directoutputconfig.ini, 1 FileCopy, %A_ScriptDir%\No Feedback\directoutputconfig.nofeedback2.ini, %A_ScriptDir%\directoutputconfig2.ini, 1return
  10. neohusky

    Cabinet night mode

    Thanks for the tip Rocky I'll have a muck around with it and see what I come up with.
  11. neohusky

    Cabinet night mode

    rockyrocket: I considered a physical switch but opted for the lazy software solution and now with the switch to PinballX I'm missing. A sleeping baby in the house means no more pinball...at least not for now. Tom: If you haven't yet added feedback toys to your cab your in for a real surprise. It will add another level or realism and a hefty hit to your pocket. Checkout rockyrocket's suggestion for the config tool for a list of toys currently supported. It would be awesome if you could add main menu toggle for night/stealth mode that swapped/renamed the files to enable/disable the feedback.
  12. neohusky

    Cabinet night mode

    Hi All Just wondering how you guys with feedback toys in your cabinets are handling 'night mode' ie the DOF config no feedback files. You could enable/disable the feedback by swapping the config files using FPLaunch in hyperpin. Is there something built into PinballX that I've missed?
  13. neohusky

    [REQUEST] DMD compatible Images/Videos

    Hi Tom Sorry to bump this thread, but, is there any update to pindmd2 integration with PinballX?
  14. Yes! Excellent suggestion.
  15. I've got limited buttons on my cab a start, exit and launch button. I've been caught out a few times with kids hitting the 'exit' button to enter the pause menu and then accidentally hit enter only to find that Exit Game is at the top of the list and loose my game. Any chance that the Pause menu can be reordered or an option that Cab users with a limited buttons use the exit button to bring up the Pause menu which has resume game at the top of the list.