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  1. Partially resolved depending of the tables. Example same problems on AC-DC (Stern)(2012) table. The others emulators work perfectly
  2. with no quotes Future Pinball not working
  3. Still problem with GameEx 15.45. Flashing then crash when you return to the menu screen from the game GameEx.ini log.txt
  4. hi,i have a problem with GameEx 15.44 full install and upgrade. it closes immediately after the initial screen log.txt GameEx.ini
  5. Now work great Thank you very much
  6. yes I confirm it is a problem of integration of the gamebase
  7. ok i found the problem it seems to be support for the gamebase i try to try more
  8. i-m sorry but nothing has changed. and yes i use a non english regional setting in windows.
  9. to resolve the problem,can i downgrade to 15.40?
  10. freeze on database scaning and the window flashes
  11. no way it does not work the same
  12. here copies of gameex.ini and log.txt log.txt GameEx.ini
  13. sergio1968

    GameEx 15.41

    hi, new GameEX 15.41 flikering and crash on my sytem. i try update and full install,nothings changes. GameEX 15.40 work great on my system.
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