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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! Is there any way to force the 640x480 resolution with an nVidia graphics card?
  2. Hmmm didn't think about using other 4x3s, I tried some other funky resolutions and it seems to make them all the same res. More or less, is there anything with BIG text so I can not burn my eyes to read it?
  3. It atleast seems to accept an 800x600 signal, but does not accept higher. It is indeed a television, and quiet ancient. Thanks for the quick response!
  4. I was trying to avoid said situation due to a bandwidth cap by my ISP, as there are sadly no ISPs without a cap out here, and internet is terribly expensive. Hmmmm. Well thanks, good to know! Any ideas to question 2?
  5. Why thank you! Of courses its never quite "finished", but its ready to be played. They are to the standard MAME format, and it will download some of the videos, but not all. Its for the MAME, as I have downloaded all the artwork outside of Gameex, just not the videos. It will start on the videos but stop not after many.
  6. Hey guys! On what appears to be near the end of the setup so I can play some games! Have two quick questions: Question 1: Bought an Emumovies account, for some reason GameEX will only download some of the gameplay movies. Any ideas as to why? Typically the first few of the day I scan over that don't have them. Question 2: What theme would be easiest to read on a CRT screen? I have tried the 640x480 and its ROUGH on the eyes, and nearly impossible to read. Can't afford any "fancy" monitors yet Thanks for the help guys!
  7. Rom set does indeed match. I do have the parent sets. For some reason, newer versions of MAME work for some games. Specifically, Marvel VS Capcom 2 works with only some copys. Just depends what version of MAME I am using. Also, I can use the same version of MAME outside of this and with some other emulators and it works just fine. Any suggestions? And thanks for the quick reply!
  8. Hey! Just bought Gameex (spent too much time looking at that nag screen and hey its a great project!). Only problem is, no matter where I get MAME fron, some games will launch, others won't. Any ideas how to fix? They crash as soon as they get done loading in MAME. Thanks guys!
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