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  1. I've been using Pinball X for a long time now, but one thing that has always bugged me is that I can't alter the table menus for different sorting options. Currently, I can choose the basic "1970's tables" "1980s Tables" "Gottlieb tables" "Williams tables" etc etc... but I would love to be able to change these selections. I'm also surprised there is no "60s Tables" option, since I have several from the 1960's. What I REALLY want is to replace all those with just 3 choices- "Electro-Mech Tables" "Solid State Tables" and "DMD Tables" based on the TYPE field in the database/manager. Is this just not possible, or have I missed an option somewhere? Thanks!
  2. The standard keys for flippers are left and right shift, while nudges are Z and / These are also the standard keybindings for pinballx... I did not have to change a thing for mine. Check the key binding screen in the config wizard
  3. You have the button assigned to skip tables alphbetically... it goes to the next letter based on the title. I have my nudge buttons set to do this, while the flipper buttons go one and a time.
  4. Adding a few more photos of mine after getting some more work done... Detachable speaker cover: Case painted: Backbox with stripe: (Mostly) finished:
  5. Download the "hyperspin media packs" for your tables- that is the file you import in the table setup application. Tables should be unzipped to the vp tables folder and roms should remain zipped in the vpinmame roms folder. Save the media pack zip files wherever is handy; I have mine in their own "media packs" folder. Once imported, pinballx extracts them to its own media folders and will create a new table entry will all the data prefilled. 333 tables? No wonder you think so many are crap. I have 73 loaded currently that all look good and play well. All VP and all have media packs and B2S backglasses- it is a sign of a good table of it is well-supported by the community with those extras. There are a few more I still want, but I just tore down my cabinet to finish the "bodywork." I doubt I will even get close to 100 though unless I bite the bullet and include some FP tables.
  6. Ok, I do admit I've spent a LOT of time loading tables.... but you have to download them one-by-one anyway, so its not much of an extra step. This is a hobby that requires a bit of work and setup and attention to detail.
  7. You know, if you have all the table files, roms, etc downloaded to the correct places you can then just click the "import media pack" button at the top of the game manager application. Pick the zipped media pack file and the program will match it to the correct table if the names are similar and put everything where it belongs in the XML. I have not manually entered a table since I figured that out.
  8. Flashy! The backglass videos add a lot more than I expected; might have to start adding those to my cabinet. I love the background music, what is it and can you share the file? And where did you find some of those tables? You've got ones I've never seen before... Frogger?? I've been on an EM kick lately so maybe I've just overlooked some of those. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to have to go looking for some of those now. Ahh... just noticed a lot of those are Future Pinball tables.. bummer. I've never been fond of FP and never had much luck getting it to work correctly.
  9. Since I've been playing a lot of old EM tables lately, I've found myself annoyed that many of them don't have a high score feature. Some have a little "sticky note" somewhere that records high scores. So I'm wondering if a high score tracking feature could be added and dispalyed/edited from the Table Info screen. I've started a little discussion about high scores on these EM tables on vpforums also to toss some ideas around. I'm wondering if something could be added to the script of the VP tables to export the score to a text file when the game ends, and this could be displayed by the frontend.
  10. Ok, I get what's going on now. Didn't realize at first since it was one of the first things I changed to avoid exactly what you're going through. The easy solution is to use the ESC key as the b2s.exe's require, and also is the default for pinballX. Bind your exit/end button on your cabinet to ESC. In the vpinball Preferences>Keys menu, check the box "Disable ESC Key" to keep the little menu from popping up when trying to close out a table and mucking things up from within pinballX. When you are using vpinball directly (in the editor), you would press Q to bring up the exit menu and just hit ESC to close the b2s. This generally is not a problem since if you're running tables from vpinball itself, you should have a keyboard nearby. The alternative is to change the close/exit button for pinballX and the b2s exe's to match. Easily done for pinballX, but I don't know if you can do it for the b2s files, but your script takes care of it.
  11. I have at least two tables that are using the b2s exe's instead of direct and I never had a problem with them not closing when launched from pinballx. If I launch direct from vp they can remain open, though. Circus Voltaire is one of them. I think my version of Gridiron is the old exe as well.
  12. Good question... Just saw this and I'd like to have a cabinet/portrait version.
  13. Rainman- is that home built or did you start with an actual cabinet? Looks very well made!
  14. OK, that makes sense. I was trying to replace the audio files I uploaded before with re-mixed ones of the same file name. I'll just put the new ones up as "version 2" or something.
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