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  1. Should be quick to whip up a wxpython program as a front-end of ffmpeg. Spose I could add that option to pinxml pretty quick. I'll add to the list of things to do.
  2. Interesting. I'll have to check that out this weekend. Hopefully it's way faster than HyperDMD.
  3. Huge guess.......possibly overriding your nvram location?
  4. spootdev

    more than 347

    Ah, was wondering about the 330 myself.
  5. Custom list of just vp and one for just fp I spose.
  6. If you try it make sure to grab the latest version. Couple large bug fixes in 0.3. No reason to post an xml....that's the entire point of the program is to make an xml quickly. Should be able to load almost all of your vp tables in less than a minute in one shot if the tables are named "Table Name (manufacturer) (year)" format or close to it.
  7. Fleabay....most of the standard pinball parts/machine vendors.
  8. Hmmm, spose I should write up some docs. I'll do that tonight after get tired of wiring my pinball cabinet.
  9. Well, I've cut out most of the other stuff. This app currently is for the mass import and creation of the initial XML for PinballX. It does some media management (missing, rename, etc) as well. If you run the media match it will simply create an html with a grid of found/missing media files. More info is at www.spootsworld.com website. Source code is available as well.
  10. Or simply a bat file that has both programs in it?
  11. But for those of us with Pokemon syndrome didn't wanna do this a few hundred times.
  12. I have a python program to do this as I wasn't going to add hundreds of tables "by-hand" even with the list manager. It's a really "rough" "temp-program" I wrote to do my initial setup.....will release GPLv2 someday when I clean up the interface/code.
  13. I have a partial db (sqlite3) of this for a project I'm working on. Having a full one isn't a bad idea.......I'll look into full db dump eventually.
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