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  1. I have to say I've seen this issue as well. It seems totally random though. One launch of a table it'll be quick, another it'll take a minute plus with the VPX window sitting in the background. The DMD often loads very quickly too, but the actual table visuals can take much longer sometimes. Much longer than if the table were just loaded straight from VPX anyways. And then on top of that, it's random which versions in PinballX it happens in. One version will work flawlessly, then the next has issues. Then fine for several more versions, then another where the problem crops up again.
  2. So setting it to cabinet mode and exclusive fullscreen seems to have cleared up the issue. No issues with the DMD opening under the playfield either. Weird.
  3. The error you're getting in standalone VPX when exclusive fullscreen is set is because by default the "ddraw" variable is enabled in the registry where the per-table settings are stored. If you want to use exclusive fullscreen, then ddraw has to be set to "0" for every table. I'll try setting the cabinet mode to on, and see if that changes anything. I haven't messed around with the exclusive fullscreen mode myself that much, simply because on single-screen setups it can cause issues with the DMD always loading under the table since the main table window has exclusive foreground priority.
  4. Yes, single screen run on rotated view. Nothing special about the pinmame setup, pretty bog standard for a non-cabinet setup.
  5. Just tried the latest version of PBX, and an issue I was having with a version prior to 2.65 has returned. Basically after opening PBX, I can launch any table fine, but the next time I try to launch a table I get a VPX error window saying "Machine 'x' terminated before initialized, check the rom path or rom file". This was happening in a version of PBX prior to 2.65 (not sure which). 2.65 cleared this issue up, but now trying 2.67 the problem has returned. Looking at the log file, the first table launch starts vpauto, finds the rom file fine, and then continues on. The second launch in the log shows vpauto starting, but then there's no line at all about the rom file. Not a giant issue, since I can go back to 2.65 and everything works well again, just thought I'd mention it in case there is a greater underlying issue. I've also noticed in 2.67 that there seems to be a focus issue, where it never brings the VPX player window into the foreground. It loads fine in the background, but the computer just displays a black screen until I alt-tab over to the player window. 2.65 also never seemed to have this issue. PinballX.ini log.txt
  6. I've been using the K-Lite codec packs for years now, and they've never given me trouble. They seem to work perfectly with PinballX as well, so they're an alternative if people need a set of audio-video codecs.
  7. Wow, thanks a lot! Always good when a developer is open to suggestions.
  8. I run at 1920x1080. I personally think it looks really bad. It's not so bad with something like the ToTAN logo, because its bottom edge is just a line and solid color, and it sort of looks like a thick edge to the image. On stuff that has detail right on the bottom edge, or complex transparency details, the detail ends up doubling up on itself and it just looks like garbage. I really noticed it with the last wheel image I did for Indiana Jones. I made a mockup of what it looks like in PBX. If you notice at the bottom edge, and the bottom of the text, the doubling ruins the image. There are issues with the sunrays as well, as they have a transparency effect applied, hard to see below, but very noticeable when in PBX itself.
  9. Would it be possible to make it a toggleable option in the options dialogue? I would turn it off, but I can see many people may want to keep it on.
  10. I recently noticed that wheel images in PinballX may be doubling up when they are displayed on screen. I noticed this in version 1.42, but I'm not sure if it was present in previous versions. If you look at the images below, I outlined and pointed out areas where the wheel image appears to be overlayed over a copy of itself, but slightly off center. In the ToTAN logo, you can see how the bottom and right edges are doubled, as if another copy of the logo is below, but offset by a few pixel. In my Twilight Zone wheel image, the streaks below the text are doubled up. In the original image, each streak is a single line, not doubled as it appears here. This appears with all wheel images. Again, not sure if this is new to 1.42, but I'd be curious to know if anyone else is experiencing this, and if it is indeed a bug, or just poor software scaling.
  11. An original recreation of the Indiana Jones side-art, with a few changes to make it work better as a wheel image.
  12. Here's a new one I just put together. It's an original recreation of the Black Knight 2000 side-art/logo, with a few tweaks here and there.
  13. Version 1.0


    An original recreation or the Black Knight 2000 side-art.
  14. Version 1.0


    An original recreating of the Twilight Zone side art.
  15. How about the ability to edit the arc of the wheel. Although not much of an issue in cabinet mode, in desktop mode the wheel arc puts the current tables wheel image directly in the center of the screen, which ends up covering the table snap in the background. If we could change the arc of the wheel, those who wish could alter it so the arc is much shallower and wheel images end up closer to the bottom of the screen, allowing table snaps to be a bit more uncovered.
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