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  1. Is it possible to map pressed keys to gamepadcommands? I need this for an emulated game that is only playable with gamepad, but i've got arcadesticks with ipac as controller.
  2. Is it possible to start special games of the mamelist with another emulator, like it’s done with the Zinc-games?
  3. Happy birthday nexus6!

  4. I've tried Hotkey and it works fine So it seems, that the GameEx Advance Config Editor has problems to remap keys, pressed for a long time.
  5. Oops, i mean IPAC, of course *lol* When i try it with the gamepad, it works.
  6. OK, i’m using an iPad. But testing it on my other "normal" PC, i’ve got the same problem. The game, posted above, has defined keys which cannot be configured. I want to map them to the usual MAME-keys. Rapid fire is no option, because the game reacts different, when you firing rapidly or holding fire down. When i use the GameEx advanced config editor and holding the firebutton pressed, the witch fires for a few seconds and stops firering then. Using the original keys, the whitch fires permanently while holding fire down.
  7. These tools are all Joystick -> Keyboard, but i need Keyboard -> Keyboard.
  8. Is there a program like xpadder which does the same to pressed keys instead of the gamepadbuttons? Or is there a solution to do it wit the GameEx config editor without problems, posted above?
  9. Are i'm the only one with this problem?
  10. I want to play the PC game "Trouble Witches" (Demo: http://pc.gamezone.com/downloads/item/trouble_witches_demo/ )on my cabinet. The game uses the Y, X, C and V keys or Gamepad. I have remaped the keys with the GameEx advanced config editor. It works, but when i hold down the firebutton the witch stops to shoot after a few seconds. With the original keys it's no problem to shoot permanently. Did anyone has an idea, whats happening here?
  11. OK this is a little bit special: I want to build a cab with a mirrorprojection, like it was used in Asteroids Deluxe or Space Invaders
  12. I've tested Marquee Magican with marquee-images, now and it works. The only problem is, that the marquees are shown fulsize for only one second and than they became small.Finally, i want to use this for artwork-backdrops. The MAME backdrops are usually implemented in a .lay-file within a .zip-file. Is there any possibility to extract the backdrops with their rom-name automatically in a new folder? Or ist it possible to open them with Marquee Magician (i guess not)?
  13. I've found the error: The Template name in the GameEx.ini was wrong
  14. I've made my first test with MM, but no marquee is shown Heres my MM.ini [General] Version=2.0 UseTabs=0 GameExDir=D:\Eigene Dateien\emulation\GameEx Gamelist=D:\Eigene Dateien\emulation\GameEx\DATA\gamelist.txt [MAME Games] Template=marqueetest Image2=D:\Eigene Dateien\emulation\arcade\mame\marquees FileFolder2=2 Backup2=D:\Eigene Dateien\emulation\arcade\mame\marquees\airbustr.png Heres the MM-part of my my GameEx.ini ShellBeforeLaunch=""D:\Eigene Dateien\emulation\arcade\Marquee Magician v2.0\Launch MM v2.0.exe" "marqueetest" "[rom]"" And heres my Template [WinPosition] xKoord=1680 yKoord=0 Width=1024 Height=768 Maximized=0 [Viewing] FitWindowOption=2 UseResample=1 [Others] RememberWinPos=1 [Toolbar] Flag=0
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