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  1. Hey guys … running into same problem Humbug is describing above. SlingFront is no longer controllable in Windows 10. It doesn't seem to respond to keystrokes anymore. Seems to be something to do with a recent update to Windows 10 as it was working when set up on my original Windows 10 machine back in November 2018. My machine received an automated Windows 10 update in February of this year (2019) which caused SlingFront to no longer be controllable. I wound up backing off the Windows 10 update which fixed the SlingFront problem. The Windows 10 update has since reinstalled and has handcuffed SlingFront again. I'm poking around the SlingFront code trying to debug the problem. Will continue to try and troubleshoot the problem, but wondering if anyone else has experienced this with Windows 10 (or better yet, has found a solution to it : ) Cheers!!
  2. Ah, was wondering if maybe I needed something special to grab the code : ) The 'zip file download' link is deceiving : ) Will grab a copy of Tortoise SVN and download the source. Thanks much.
  3. Hmmm, interesting ... I've got a Harmony 650. The IR sensor is the USB IR dongle that came with a Rosewill RHRC-11001 remote I picked up off of Amazon. I tried setting up an MCEKeyboard device in the Harmony software but could not get it working at all. Like I say, I could get it to work occasionally (so it would send the keystroke), but it was really hit and miss ... sometimes would have to hold the remote button for a second or two to get one keystroke sent, but then other times that length of time seemed like it would send three or four keystrokes at a time ... for example, would page the guide multiple times when you intended to only page it once ... was very frustrating ... which is why I just tossed the idea of using the MCEKeyboard device altogether ... might have to revisit that now : ) I think having the MCEKeyboard device would have made things much simpler in terms of mapping some of the SlingFront keyboard commands around. Still think I'd have to play with some of the remote buttons that don't seem to map across for me directly though (ie: the 'skipback', 'skipforward', 'exit' and 'lastchannel' ones). Has definitely been a learning experience : )
  4. Hi Kalhimeo, Sounds like you're trying to do something similar to what I'm trying to accomplish : ) I seem to be getting a lot closer these days. Just trying to get the last few remote buttons mapped and working correctly. I currently only have one slingbox to connect to, so I don't really care about cycling through slingboxes or anything like that. What I'm trying to do is set up a Harmony remote to emulate the virtual Slingbox STB remote. To do this, I've added an 'MCERemote' device in the Harmony software and mapped the various keys to the Harmony remote. NOTE: I can set up a Harmony 'MCEKeyboard' device (which allows me to send 'keystrokes' instead of the 'MCERemote' commands), but the Harmony 'MCEKeyboard' device seems very flakey ... pressing the key on the remote sometimes has no effect, while other times it sends the command multiple times. I tried adjusted the various key 'timing' settings in the Harmony software, but couldn't get it to work satisfactorily, so I'm trying to do this all with just the 'MCERemote' device. Fortunately, the Harmony 'MCERemote' device seems to work flawlessly (ie: responds to the remote keypresses exactly like I would expect the regular STB remote to work). The problem I have is that the 'MCERemote' commands do not all correspond directly to the SlingFront keyboard commands. For example, 'pause' is the keystroke 'D' in SlingFront. The Harmony 'MCERemote' sends the MCE 'pause' command (not the keystroke 'D'). To work around the problem, what I've done is remap the MCE 'pause' command in the Windows registry to pass the keystroke 'D'. I am using my HTPC exclusively for Slingbox (so I don't care if the MCE commands get remapped ... I'm not using the machine for Windows Media Center). I found a program called 'AdvancedMCERemoteMapper' that helps remap the registry settings for the commands. This seems to have done the trick. So now, instead of passing the MCE 'pause' command, the Harmony remote essentially sends the keystroke 'D' (which SlingFront interprets correctly and pauses the videostream). For the most part, I have all my virtual Slingbox remote buttons mapped over and working on the Harmony remote now. Not sure if there's a better way to have done this : ) Have not spent a lot of time looking at the SlingFront code. Maybe there's an easier way to get SlingFront to recognize the MCERemote commands instead of a specific keystroke?? Dunno?? The last few commands I have to try and figure out are: - 'skipback' - this goes backwards in the videostream 10 seconds or so (think this might also be known as 'review'??) - 'skipforward' - this goes forwards in the videostream 30 seconds or so (think this might also be known as 'skip'??) - 'exit' - exit any menu and return directly to live TV - 'lastchannel' - go back to the last channel that was being watched Like you mentioned above, I have both a 'back' and 'exit' button on my Slingbox virtual STB remote. The 'back' button will take me back one menu at a time while the 'exit' button will return me directly to live TV. The SlingFront 'ExitKey' seems to be my 'back' button. There doesn't seem to be anything for me that works for 'exit to LiveTV'. The four commands above all work correctly when entered on the Slingbox virtual remote. So there must be a way of making them work directly from SlingFront : ) Suspect it's just making SlingFront use the correct Keycodes: Last_Ch = 21 Skip+ = 30 Skip- = 31 Not sure what 'exit/liveTV' would be?? Suspect it's probably one of: Live = 32 Cancel = 36 Exit = 37 Going to try and play around with the SlingFront code over the next few days to see if I can get these last few buttons working correctly. NOTE: Agree with your comments about the custom names for the commands in SlingFront ... would be nice to have the 'SlingFront application related' keyboard commands explicitly labelled (ie: "SlingFront Main Menu" instead of just "MainMenu") ... think this would remove any ambiguity as to whether the command is 'SlingFront' or 'SlingBox' related. QUESTION FOR TOM: I know you incorporated Oviano's customizations into the 1.46 release. I downloaded your installer for that release and am currently playing with that version locally. By chance, would you happen to have posted the source code for 1.46 in SourceForge?? I was having trouble getting the SlingFront source earlier. Oviano was kind enough to place his copy of the 1.45 code (with his customizations) in a link above. I would like to see how you incorporated Oviano's changes into 1.46 though. Again, my sincere gratitude for all the great work you've put into this application ... I think this is going to work perfectly for me once I get these last buttons mapped ... as close to a 'live' TV experience as I can get : ) Cheers, j
  5. Excellent : ) Thanks so much Oliver. Very much appreciated. I've downloaded the source files and will poke around the code later tonight. Think I'll probably just start with your modified code. I think most of the changes you've made are things I was looking to try and incorporate too : ) Looking forward to getting those additional features added to the application. Will post back my results later : ) Thanks again !!
  6. Hi Oliver, No rush at all ... I haven't previously used any of the cloud storage services out there ... looks like there's a few free publicly accessible options out there but not sure if there's one that's better than any of the others : ) I'll just wait for you to figure out your solution ... if you could post the details in here when you're done, that would be great : ) ... I'll just check back here in a couple days. Again, thanks so much for your help. Much appreciated. Take care, j
  7. Thanks for confirming Oviano ... feel better that it's not something I was doing wrong : ) Any chance you might be able to forward me the copy of the code you pulled down from SourceForge earlier?? Looks like you might be able to actually attach files to posts in this form (or alternatively I could give you my email address if that's easier).
  8. Hi Tom, great application!! Using it for our Arizona vacation property TV right now : ) Looking forward to the next release. Hoping you'll have the means to map the additional IR codes. Like Oviano, I would like to be able to add the 'PVR' IR commands (ie: play, pause, rewind, etc). Am trying to download the source code from SourceForge to see if I can tinker with a custom build myself. Can't seem to get it though ... not sure if I'm doing something wrong?? I'm clicking the 'download snapshot' link, but all it seems to give me is an empty zip file. Apologize in advance if it's something obvious I'm missing, but I've tried searching all the SourceForge documentation to determine if there's a trick to downloading the source. Nothing jumping out at me. Do I need anything special to download the source??
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