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  1. Is that now with the beta or when it is in none beta?
  2. Hi, I have a PinDMD 2 and was excited to read about XDMD and was hoping for support of my DMD when I was browsing around in PinballX. Is it already supported? I can see on on the webpage under "Software using XDMD" it says PinballX? Sorry if I have missed something in the settings :-)
  3. I think MS. But I am not sure and it might be too early to say if it is completely fixed.
  4. I have disabled LAV and running the latest version and have not seen the bug since. It is only 5 days but am crossing my fingers.
  5. I really hope this will be fixed soon because when it happens and you enter a table. PinballX will crash/stop working when exiting the table. (Everything is black)
  6. I don't know how long in attract mode. But I can get the playfield to disappear 9/10 times just by changing table. Just do it a little fast and it will be gone. With the Sound thing I did not see any difference.
  7. Just wanted to add a image of how it looks. Win7 64bit:
  8. But would it not be nice to have the feature integrated in PinballX?
  9. I know many are using http://www.pindmd.com/ and a real dmd (including me). It would be awesome if the FE could handle it as the 3 monitor? Maybe just display random instructions or custom?
  10. Hi, I have just installed the PinballX and I will start by saying it is awesome! So much better than HyperPin (Win7). Problem: But it randomly stops playing videos and there will only be a black playfield. It will only come back if I quit and start PinballX again. I have also tried to wait on attractmode and after some min the playfield turns black and it will not show videos any more.
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