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  1. Along similar lines, I know PinballX has "Select" key which brings up the Menu where you have to push "Select" a second time to start the table. Can a "Launch" key be added which starts the table without bringing up the menu? On my cab, I would have Start button bring up the Select menu, and have the Launch Ball button start the table immediately
  2. DMD Videos working for me. As a test, I just made a copy of the Table Videos folder and renamed it DMD Videos. I get the table video playing on the 2 monitors fine
  3. Found this on the Ultimarc site, that the PS2 mode acts differently than the USB interface. "What about key-repeat (Typematic)? In USB mode key repeat is supported as on a normal keyboard and is handled by the PC. In PS/2 mode key repeat is not generally desirable for gaming because sending unnecessary strings of key-presses to the PC can cause unwanted clutter on the PS/2 interface and steal CPU cycles. It is useful though to have key repeat outside of gaming, for example for scrolling up and down game lists in a front end. The I-PAC solves this problem by implementing a selective repeat on up/down only, for scrolling through lists. If you have a need for repeat on all inputs, this can be supplied on request." (http://www.ultimarc.com/ipac5.html) You could try using IPAC Joy1 up/down for flipper left/right to see if behavior is different. Should check to see if VP flipper behavior changes though...
  4. Strange. I had it as S for playfield and B for backglass, but B is mapped to Pinmame for adding/removing ball from the Trough, so I had to remap backglass to O or U or even S. Playfield screenshot works fine, but I am not able to capture the backglass and I have mapped to several buttons. I did try a non Pinmame table and setup B for backglass but that did not work either. My path is C:\PinballX\Media\Visual Pinball\
  5. Run Settings.exe and in the General Settings, set "Enable Filename Matching" to No. Does this fix the issue you are having?
  6. Taking the playfield screenshot is working fine. File is saved to the Pinballx\Media\Visual Pinball\Screen Grabs folder. The Backglass screenshot mode does not appear to be working or I don't know where the png is getting saved. Anyone have this working? Also would it be possible to add support for taking DMD screenshots? Thanks again to all for making PinballX. I am finally switching over 100% to PinballX
  7. I don't have pinDMD but I do have LEDwiz. My LEDLights are staying on sometimes when exiting tables back to PinballX but it appears to be due to VP crashing on exit. If I take a problematic table and run it just from VP, not PinballX, VP often crashes on exit and my undercab LED strips says on. I am using the most recent VP betas.
  8. Great idea Zeenon! When holding down the button, the flipper sound gets re-started repeatedly. I used audacity to add 100 msec of silence to the beginning of the lflipper and rflipper wav files and now you only get one flipper sound upon releasing the button Here are the files. Just replace the ones in C:\PinballX\Media\Navigation Sounds lflipper.wav rflipper.wav
  9. Does anyone else get the flipper sound rapidly playing over and over while scrolling through tables or is it my setup? If I press the flipper button once and let go, it is played once. If I press and hold the flipper button to scroll through tables, the flipper sound turns into a machine gun sound. Is there a setting to change this behavior? With Hyperpin, the flipper sound only plays once until you release the button and press again. Thanks
  10. punter1

    more than 347

    I thought Tom said there was no limit in PinballX, just the Game Manager.exe. If its just the Game Manager, rename the Visual Pinball.xml file to vol1.xml, and then create a new list called vol2.xml and add your new tables there. When you are done with Game Manager.exe, exit and run a script to combine vol1.xml and vol2.xml into a single Visual Pinball.xml file (removing the extra <menu> and </menu>) Here is dos script that would do that: copy ".\Databases\Visual Pinball\Visual Pinball.xml" ".\Databases\Visual Pinball\Visual Pinball.bak"type ".\Databases\Visual Pinball\vol1.xml" | findstr /v "</menu>" > ".\Databases\Visual Pinball\Visual Pinball.xml"type ".\Databases\Visual Pinball\vol2.xml" | findstr /v "<menu>" >> ".\Databases\Visual Pinball\Visual Pinball.xml" Just put the above into a batch file in the PinballX folder and run it after you use the Game Manager.exe to create the larger Visual Pinball.xml file I only have 150 tables so it's not an issue for me yet.
  11. punter1

    Night mode MODs

    Pinballx supports custom XML scripts. Just put all the night mods in a separate XML file and you can switch between the lists using the in-game menu
  12. Did you use the pinballx gamemanager to modify your XML file? Pinballx has a different XML file format. It can read hyperpin's XML format but I am not sure if hyperpin can read PinballX's XML format
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