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  1. great support tom, you are the best! Hope you guys get this fixed
  2. I really like your ideas draco, I have written an AHK script to display my high scores on my topper along with displaying instruction cards & flyers (soon). My reasoning for doing this was that instruciton card and flyers should be installed under media/system in which it belongs instead of just under media. I understand why it was done that way, but storage is too cheap not to be more organized nowadays. I also did away with the Front/Back/Inside/etc folders and just went with table name, table name _1, table name _2, etc for naming of flyers. So much easier to find badly named files. Hope someday PinballX can do this also. Will post a video of my cab if anyone want to see it in action. Still to do is tutorial videos, jumping to IPDB web page for specific table. I asked if it was possible to grab joy buttons with a plugin to do all these things, but didn't get a response yet so I went the AHK route. Works suprisingly well.
  3. Can a plugin be written to capture a joystick button and do something like display message when button is hit? Thanks
  4. Can you post another video of this in action. I'm getting a 404. I think I want something very similar to this for a new project. Thanks
  5. I finally got my 4 screen setup to work with PinballX. It was not working correctly before, but I now have it working with PF = Displayport, Backglass =DisplayPort, DMD=Displayport, Topper = HDMI. Windows sees screen numbers as PF=2, Back=3, DMD=4, Topper=1. PinballX sees PF=1, Back=2, DMD=3, Topper=4. Really hate how windows assign monitor numbers. Hope my setup works for more than 1 week. Good luck
  6. I have toppers, DMD, backglasses working great with my 3 screen setup now. Only problem is when I select a table that doesn't use a DMD (ie backglass with score reels) I want to Hide the DMD area upon table launch from PinballX, but I want the wallpaper to show, not the black window. Anyway to do this? thanks
  7. Anyone have this working with FreeCamMod also? I mean latest Pinballx and TPA and freeCammod without AHK. I don't mind AHK as that is how I have tried to get it to work in the past. I know this is all kinda stupid as TPA really sucks compared to VPX, but some friends seem to like it
  8. I have pinball fx2 setup with the 2 south parks, plantsvszombies & splosion and fx3 with all other tables. Works fine
  9. Is there any easier way to launch a specific zaccaria table from pinballx? I see the AHK script, but was hoping for something a little easier like the other systems.
  10. Thanks so much, everything is working great now.
  11. Thanks Draco, cleaning up that list now. I still have 1 issue with Pinball FX3 and my cabinet. I turn on cabinet support (had to get a key) and turn on reposition DMD and enter the coordinates. Trouble is that the DMD on the playfield still shows. Anyone know how to remove that. Thanks
  12. I can launch some table from PinballX and Pinball FX3, but also have some trouble. What I normally do is create a XML file for a system (ie Pinball FX3.xml) and copy that to Pinball FX3 Only.xml. that way when browsing tables in pinballx I can choose to only show 1 system. I can't seem to add Doom or fallout to fx3 list. Very strange. Can somebody upload a complete FX2 list (since it will NOT change anymore) and a FX3 list (by default the fx3 list has tables that are not included anymore like South Park, etc) Thanks
  13. I use this with great success with VP, I would like to know if anyone has this working or modified to work with PinballFX2?
  14. Added a PinDMD3 to a mame cab and want to work with XDMD again. Is there a way to display an avi on the PinDMD3 with XDMD? Time to load up VS and look around. Hard when I don't have an extra PinDMD3 for my development machine. ok it works with xdmd_cmd, but it seems to pause for 4 seconds at end. anyway to stop that behavior?
  15. Is there a way to send an alt-tab to VP 10.1 when forcing full screen mode? I heard Tom has read about this issue, but just checking as others must have this issue also. Loving PinballX though and glad to see that it has completely overtaken HyperPin as the Front End Of Choice.
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