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  1. I use this with great success with VP, I would like to know if anyone has this working or modified to work with PinballFX2?
  2. Added a PinDMD3 to a mame cab and want to work with XDMD again. Is there a way to display an avi on the PinDMD3 with XDMD? Time to load up VS and look around. Hard when I don't have an extra PinDMD3 for my development machine. ok it works with xdmd_cmd, but it seems to pause for 4 seconds at end. anyway to stop that behavior?
  3. Is there a way to send an alt-tab to VP 10.1 when forcing full screen mode? I heard Tom has read about this issue, but just checking as others must have this issue also. Loving PinballX though and glad to see that it has completely overtaken HyperPin as the Front End Of Choice.
  4. PinballX sending input to FX2 after load

    I'm also having trouble with Pinball FX2. After I launch a table from PinballX it load up and starts table. I can launch a ball, but after a few seconds after launching ball it goes back to PinballX (kinda, as there are some open windows left behind and I have to Ctrl-Alt_Del and stop these tasks. Maybe same thing???
  5. no, I'm still having trouble compiling newest stuff. I can compile, but it crashes when run on my cab.
  6. Thanks for the update. I have a PinDMD3 and just upgraded to 2.13. I choose to enable colorDMD and picked red (default I think), but I see no difference in Pinballx scrolling of tables. I see the animation of pinballx, but its blueish/grey. Is that normal and I'm missing something. Do I have copy over pinDMD3 DLL?
  7. compiling XDMD

    Tom, Can you please post the steps needed to compile the latest stuff. VS versions, steps, etc. Thanks Can't wait to be able to play with this, thanks
  8. New color support

    I can't seem to be able to compile latest XDMD. I'm using VS2012. I get 28 errors, most in device.vb and some in video.vb. Type RGB24 is not defined. I upped the .net to 4.0 for the project and tried to recompile.
  9. compiling XDMD

    I'm having some trouble compiling XDMD. I open the SLN with VS2012, upgrade projects to .net 4.5. I can then compile without errors, but get nothing when I run the demo. I get output when I run the old demo.exe that I downloaded with source. Any ideas, really cool stuff.
  10. I would also like to disable the additional DMD display on my main screen. (I'm using a PinDMD3 and don't want to show the other window) thanks Any chance of getting the source code to this display program?
  11. black backglass when playing table

    sorry about the post, figured it out by placing a XML tag in the database file <HideBackGlass>FALSE</HideBackGlass> for the tables that need this. I thought it was a global setting, but this is even better as I can change settings for each table, thanks tom
  12. black backglass when playing table

    Love the program, just a few issues left. I have a static backglass image that shows up perfectly when browsing tables, but if the tables doesn't launch its own backglass (b2s), the backglass is turned black. How do I have the image from pinballx browsing stay on in my backglass? Thanks
  13. do I have to compile the ahk script and rename to PBXrecorder.exe or does pbxrecorder call the ahk script. thanks (I asked cause I made the changes to the script and reran the pbxrecroder.exe and still does not close backglasses thqt are exe's) Thanks
  14. Great program, going through my huge list of VP tables now (over 1000). program works great except every once and while the backglass does not close. I think its related to when the backglass is actually an exe (old style of B2s). Is this a known limitation? Still trying to prove when it stops exiting backglass. Trouble is when it stops exiting the backglass all tables after it capture the same backglass.
  15. gtxjoe, sorry for wasting your time. It was all on my end. Another benefit of this program is to check your xmls for correctness. Your program found 2 small mistakes I had in my XML's. Thanks for a great program. Will continue running it today and see how it works after my corrections. Thanks. you should post this over at VPForums for others to use