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  1. About half of my tables are on Future Pinball. I think all of them are originals. I don't like real tables on FP because there's always a gamebreaking glitch (ball stuck, missing rules or features). And yeah, Frogger is a FP table ! These are all from pinsimdb.org The ambiance music in the video is Kitty Rock from Electric Cafe the whole album is here for a couple of bucks, but you can listen to the whole thing for free, it's on bandcamp : http://electric-cafe.bandcamp.com/album/aqua-kitty-soundtrack
  2. Might as well make this the thead where we show up our PinballX installation Here's mine : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGLfBYe9QTs
  3. Yep evilantal, I'm not using esc and that's why I needed a workaround.
  4. Darkmeteor

    Custom font

    I just checked again, no theme folder, even did a search with the word theme and nothing came up
  5. This only works with DirectB2S files. I'm talking about B2S executables, the old ones, which are only exiting when pressing the esc key. Not all tables have a DirectB2S yet, Cirqus Voltaire for exemple.
  6. Darkmeteor

    Custom font

    I'm using the latest 1.52 version and don't have any theme.ini file
  7. Darkmeteor

    Custom font

    I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, but I have put a TTF font in the font folder, but PinballX still use the default tahoma. Should the new font have a special filename or it doesn't matter ? I'm not sure I'm doing this right.
  8. I would like to be able to edit all of the text that is displayed in PinballX, that is the "featuring xx tables" and all the menu items when choosing a table. I tried looking in files and folders and I can't find anything to edit that, so it is hardcoded in the executable I suppose.
  9. Just like a lot of people, I still have about 10% of my VP tables running these old B2S executables backglass because that's the only option right now. So I looked how it's done in fplaunch and made an autohotkey that will work with PinballX. Basically what it will do is look at the table filename, and if it's named "sometableB2S.vpt" it will try to close a running backglass. The table HAS to be named like that (finishing with "B2S.vpt") as it's exactly what the script will look for before trying to close a B2S. Really, it's just like fplaunch, so anyone who was using this feature from fplaunch will already have all his tables with the right names ! It's a pretty simple autohotkey script, and it needs to be launched after the table exit with [TABLEFILE] as parameter, here's the content of the script : If 0 > 0{ StringRight, ending, 1, 7 if (ending = "B2S.vpt") { WinKill, Form1 }}I've added the ahk file as well as the compiled exe on my dropbox here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fg2ovlmtf08u6mi/viPoi3snby
  10. I only tried with a couple of tables, but I guess I'll have to find a way to massively edit the database (probably notepad) to set everything the same, at least for VP. I'll still have to have the 3rd screen turned on for some FP tables that don't have a 138x32 DMD that works with FutureDMD. Maybe a button in the database editor to set everything to off or on might be useful for some of us !
  11. You were right Tom, as soon as I turned the backglass and 3rd monitor off when running the game the FPS stopped dropping, thanks !
  12. I'm using Shark codecs and latest PinballX, 1.46
  13. For some reason, VP is rendering about 150 to 200 fps less when launched from PinballX. For exemple, when running in standalone or launched from hyperspin I get an average of 320 fps in Addams Family. When launched from PinballX the average drops to about 120, which makes the game stutter a lot when intense ledwiz scripts are running. I tried to set the priority of VP to above but it didn't change anything. Is there anything else I can try to get better VP performances when started with PinballX ? I'm running a 3 Ghz Core 2 Duo with a 2 GB GeForce 660, 4 GB RAM and Windows XP 32bit.
  14. I also identified an issue on my end, some of my homemade videos had a silent audio stream, but still, that audio stream was a part of the problem. After going through each of my video and demuxing/remuxing without that empty stream, it works way better. So anyone who has homemade videos should make sure the only stream in the file is the video stream !
  15. Definitely works better. No crash yet, the only thing is sometimes when browsing fast, the playfield video doesn't start, and when switching table the video comes back (doesn't happen on any particular video)
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