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  1. I have some little, wrap up, sort of questions. Upon buying the full access, will all of my emulators rotate 90 degrees or just GameEx? Also, I noticed that some of the verticle games have bezzles that have been preloaded. Is there a way to make bezzles, or get ones that match the other games that may not have them? Thanks again. Talk to you all soon.
  2. Sucesssss!!!!! Thanks so very much guys. I plan to purchase the full version of GameEx tomorrow, actually. I really just wanted to see if it would do what I needed it to before I spent any money on it. It's a very nice program, and well put together. Now all I have to do is find some Parents for my MAME and I think that should do it. So, thanks again to all of you. nullPointer you're witt was very much appreciated and your willingness to help out a complete stranger in a light and friendly way, thanks to Frequency and Tempest for their help as well. It was very direct and to the point. If anyone asks I will certainly refer them here. Have a great day.
  3. New problem: Nestopia was opening yesterday, and now opens to a black screen and stays there. Any thoughts? I will check the GameEx .ini file again as well. Thanks for the help as always.
  4. Thanks again to all of you. I will try those out. Out of curiosity, what is it that you would look for in the .ini files or the last game log?
  5. All done. I can get them to work in both EMs. However, I have found that Nestopia doesn't like to open up to full screen and that MAME, when I updated the games, gave me a ton of crap that I didn't put in there. I had only added like 5 ROMS and I now have over 3500 or something like that. I even have the Indi developer games option turned off so I should, in theory, have been able to see what I have added, right? I looked for a way to have Nestopia open up to full screen and it doesn't seem like there is an option. Is there an option in the emulator itself that I can tweek to make that happen. Thanks again. You have all be very helpful.
  6. Ok. I am going to do that right now.
  7. Frequency. What should I do after I get the updated DirectX? Do I update GameEx? Thanks.
  8. Thanks a whole lot for the info fellas. I updated some of that already, but when I put my ROMS into the correct file path they still don't show up in the dedicated MAME section. I will try removing MAME from the "emulators" list. Maybe that will help with the confusion. Thanks again. I will let you all know for sure.
  9. This is the runitgame.bat info. Nestopia runitgame.bat Nestopia.exe - System Error The program can't start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. (this error has only been seen when games are being run through Nestopia in GameEx.) C:\GameEx\DATA>chcp 65001 Active code page: 65001 C:\GameEx\DATA>C: C:\GameEx\DATA>CD "C:\Emulators\Nestopia" C:\Emulators\Nestopia>Nestopia.exe "C:\Users\Doug\Desktop\NES\Adventure Island I I.zip" MAME runitgame.bat chcp 65001 C: CD "C:\Emulators\MAME" mame.exe Altered Beast -rompath "C:\Users\Doug\Desktop\MAME"
  10. here is the log file. I highlighted the attempts at running games in RED (Altered Beast: MAME; Adventure Island II: Nestopia) 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: Opening Configuration File 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: GameEx: Version 13.05: Starting Log 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: Operating System Platform: Win32NT 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: Operating System Name: Windows 7 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: Operating System Version: 6.1.7601 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: Aero running 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: Initializing Vista/Windows 7 volume control 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: Getting CPU and RAM info 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: Genuine Intel® CPU U4100 @ 1.30GHz, 2937MB 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: 1.3Ghz - 2 Cores or CPU's 07:22:11.7 5/15/2013: Running Randomize() 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Loading PlugIns 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Checking for applications to Launch On Startup 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Running Misc startup tasks 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Setting Menu types 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Getting Configuration Values 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Using Theme: Default - Deep Purple V1 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Checking for alternate Image Directory for Theme: Default - Deep Purple V1 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Using Images from theme: Default - Deep Purple\MEDIA\ 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Launching HideOS.exe 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Initialising Video/MNG DLL's 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Arcade Mode is on 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: GameEx will check for media insertion (may affect performance) 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Hiding Taskbar 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Is Media Center running? 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Checking/Creating LCD Registry values 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Check Media Center Exit/Start Mode 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Media Center Mode 2 07:22:11.8 5/15/2013: Video previews on. Warning: Only recommended on modern systems 07:22:11.9 5/15/2013: Custom Game Device Input enabled: Getting custom codes 07:22:11.9 5/15/2013: Snap Delay set to: 4 07:22:11.9 5/15/2013: Get other settings 07:22:11.9 5/15/2013: Desktop set to Hide ICONS and set Background to Black 07:22:11.9 5/15/2013: Set: Find emulator artwork on best match basis 07:22:11.9 5/15/2013: Start work for Form 07:22:11.9 5/15/2013: Getting Original Screen Size 07:22:11.9 5/15/2013: Opening Database Connection 07:22:12.1 5/15/2013: Initializing Component 07:22:12.2 5/15/2013: MAME Path is: C:\GameEx 07:22:12.2 5/15/2013: MAME EXE file is: Sleep.exe 07:22:12.3 5/15/2013: ROM Paths are: C:\Users\Doug\Desktop\MAME;C:\Users\Doug\Desktop\MAME 07:22:12.3 5/15/2013: Catver.ini is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\catver.ini 07:22:12.3 5/15/2013: controls.ini is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\controls.ini 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: History.dat is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\history.dat 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: nplayers.ini is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\nplayers.ini 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: command.dat is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\command.dat 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: MAMEinfo.dat is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\mameinfo.dat 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: Loading Controls.ini map file 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: Snap Path is: C:\GameEx\DEMO\MAME\snaps 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: Background Snap Path: Not Found 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: AVI Snap Path is: C:\GameEx\DEMO\MAME\video 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: Flyer Path is: C:\GameEx\DEMO\MAME\flyers 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: Cabinet Path is: C:\GameEx\DEMO\MAME\cabinets 07:22:12.4 5/15/2013: Cabinet 3D Path is: C:\GameEx\DEMO\MAME\cabinets3d 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Title Path is: C:\GameEx\DEMO\MAME\titles 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: PCB Path: Not Found 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Artwork Preview Path: Not Found 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Panel Path is: C:\GameEx\DEMO\MAME\cpanel 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Manual Path is: C:\GameEx\DEMO\MAME\manual 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Icon Path is: C:\GameEx\DEMO\MAME\icons 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Marquee Path is: C:\GameEx\DEMO\MAME\marquees 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Applying Language/Text 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Text/Language: English 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Loading Language/Text 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Loading Custom Emulators 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Loading Emulator 2: Nintendo NES 07:22:12.5 5/15/2013: Loading Emulator 3: Sega Genesis 07:22:12.6 5/15/2013: Loading Emulator 4: (MAME) 07:22:12.6 5/15/2013: Using 2D Animations 07:22:12.6 5/15/2013: Retrieving resolution setting 07:22:12.6 5/15/2013: Using General Font: Trebuchet MS 07:22:12.6 5/15/2013: Using Title Font: Trebuchet MS 07:22:12.6 5/15/2013: GameEx will try to reduce CPU usage 07:22:12.6 5/15/2013: Initialising Direct3D 07:22:12.9 5/15/2013: Setting Resolution to 1366x768 32 bit color 07:22:13.0 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces 07:22:14.4 5/15/2013: Creating Primary Surface - Full Screen Mode 07:22:14.4 5/15/2013: Creating Back Buffer 07:22:14.4 5/15/2013: Loading graphic Surfaces 07:22:14.4 5/15/2013: Display is running at: 1366x768 32bit color, 60hz 07:22:14.5 5/15/2013: Adapter: Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family 07:22:14.5 5/15/2013: Max texture size: 4096x4096 07:22:14.5 5/15/2013: Available texture memory: 1328MB 07:22:14.5 5/15/2013: Initialising Bass Audio Library 07:22:14.6 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces Misc and Dialogs 07:22:14.8 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces Volume 07:22:14.8 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces Arrows 07:22:14.8 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces GameEXlogo Text 07:22:14.8 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces Toolbar 07:22:14.8 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces Toolbar Controls 07:22:14.8 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces Backgrounds 07:22:14.9 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces GameEx Logo 07:22:14.9 5/15/2013: Creating Surface Unselected 07:22:14.9 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces Home & Exit 07:22:14.9 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces Snaps 07:22:14.9 5/15/2013: Creating Surfaces Menu and List Bars 07:22:15.1 5/15/2013: Creating Fonts 07:22:15.1 5/15/2013: Creating Game Font 07:22:15.6 5/15/2013: Creating Game Font Faded 07:22:16.3 5/15/2013: Creating Title Font 07:22:18.8 5/15/2013: Creating Menu Font 07:22:19.4 5/15/2013: Creating Font Black 07:22:19.5 5/15/2013: Creating Font Black Small 07:22:19.6 5/15/2013: Fonts Created Succesfully 07:22:19.6 5/15/2013: 4MB Video Memory Used 07:22:42.2 5/15/2013: Attempting to load game list 07:22:42.2 5/15/2013: MAME CMD options: -nowindow -joy -skip_gameinfo 07:22:42.2 5/15/2013: Initialising DirectInput for Gamepad support 07:22:42.3 5/15/2013: Unable to create a joystick device 07:22:42.3 5/15/2013: Loading Start Page 07:22:42.4 5/15/2013: Initializing MCE Remote 07:22:42.4 5/15/2013: Playing intro sound file 07:22:42.7 5/15/2013: Initialization OK! Starting GameEx! 07:22:42.7 5/15/2013: Testing Main Loop Once: Processing Frame 07:22:43.6 5/15/2013: Testing Main Loop Once: Main Loop ran successfully 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_2: Snap Path: C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Snaps 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_2: Control Panel Path: C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Controls 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_2: Database: [Console] Nintendo NES 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_2: Title Snap Path: C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Titles 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_2: Box Art Path: C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Boxes 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_2: Cart Art Path: C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Cartridges 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_2: Manual Path: C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Manuals 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_3: Snap Path: C:\Assets\Sega Genesis\Snaps 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_3: Control Panel Path: C:\Assets\Sega Genesis\Controls 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_3: Database: [Console] Sega Genesis 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_3: Title Snap Path: C:\Assets\Sega Genesis\Titles 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_3: Box Art Path: C:\Assets\Sega Genesis\Boxes 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_3: Cart Art Path: C:\Assets\Sega Genesis\Cartridges 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_3: Manual Path: C:\Assets\Sega Genesis\Manuals 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_4: Snap Path: C:\Assets\MAME\Snaps 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_4: Control Panel Path: C:\Assets\MAME\Controls 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_4: Title Snap Path: C:\Assets\MAME\Titles 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_4: Box Art Path: C:\Assets\MAME\Boxes 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_4: Cart Art Path: C:\Assets\MAME\Cartridges 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Validating: Emulator_4: Manual Path: C:\Assets\MAME\Manuals 07:22:48.1 5/15/2013: Warning: Emulator_4: MAPFile Does Not Exist 07:22:48.2 5/15/2013: Not Restoring Emulator Database From Cache: 2 07:22:48.6 5/15/2013: Restoring Emulator from Cache: 3 07:22:48.6 5/15/2013: Restoring Emulator Database From Cache: 3 07:22:48.7 5/15/2013: Restoring Emulator from Cache: 4 07:23:25.8 5/15/2013: Creating instance of global keyboard hook 07:23:25.8 5/15/2013: Running: cmd.exe /c C: mame.exe Altered Beast -rompath "C:\Users\Doug\Desktop\MAME" 07:23:26.0 5/15/2013: Shutting down display 07:23:31.3 5/15/2013: Writing Stats 07:23:31.3 5/15/2013: Plugin: Game Exit 07:23:31.3 5/15/2013: Plugin: Process Commands 07:23:31.3 5/15/2013: Refreshing Keyboard 07:23:31.4 5/15/2013: Initialising Audio 07:23:31.6 5/15/2013: Restoring Window 07:23:31.6 5/15/2013: Reinitializing Graphics System 07:23:34.8 5/15/2013: Reloading Game Info Page 07:23:34.9 5/15/2013: Returning to GameEx 07:24:01.2 5/15/2013: Running: cmd.exe /c C: Nestopia.exe "C:\Users\Doug\Desktop\NES\Adventure Island II.zip" 07:24:01.4 5/15/2013: Shutting down display 07:24:03.0 5/15/2013: Writing Stats 07:24:03.1 5/15/2013: Plugin: Game Exit 07:24:03.1 5/15/2013: Plugin: Process Commands 07:24:03.1 5/15/2013: Refreshing Keyboard 07:24:03.2 5/15/2013: Initialising Audio 07:24:03.2 5/15/2013: Relaunching HideOS 07:24:03.6 5/15/2013: Restoring Window 07:24:03.6 5/15/2013: Reinitializing Graphics System 07:24:06.8 5/15/2013: Reloading Game Info Page 07:24:06.8 5/15/2013: Returning to GameEx 07:25:17.4 5/15/2013: Exiting GameEx! 07:25:17.4 5/15/2013: Disposing all videos 07:25:17.4 5/15/2013: Deleting temporary Karaoke videos 07:25:17.4 5/15/2013: Disposing Image List 07:25:17.4 5/15/2013: Disposing Fonts 07:25:17.4 5/15/2013: Disposing Surfaces 07:25:17.6 5/15/2013: Saving Settings 07:25:17.6 5/15/2013: Shutting down Bass 07:25:17.9 5/15/2013: Closing HideOS.exe 07:25:18.2 5/15/2013: Disposing Plugins 07:25:18.2 5/15/2013: Disposing Plugins 07:25:18.2 5/15/2013: Closing database connection 07:25:18.2 5/15/2013: Checking for applications to Launch On Exit 07:25:18.2 5/15/2013: Media Center was not open when starting GameEx, so not launching 07:25:18.2 5/15/2013: Bye
  11. Here is the MAME .ini [Emulator] CDCheck= RandomMostPlayed= ShowMostPlayed= PlayInScreenSaver= MergeSets= GamesIn7Zips=False UseDbName= PCGame= SelectionMusicFolder= PlaySelectionMusic= DontShowInfo= PlayMusic= CustomBackground= ExcludedFiles= LaunchAfter= LaunchBefore= AlsoLaunch= Debug= ShowDesktop= RemoveBrackets= Capitals= ReplaceUnder= ReplaceDash= SendKeys= WaitBeforeKeys= MapKeys= WorkingPath=C:\Emulators\MAME ControlPanelPath=C:\Assets\MAME\Controls ManualPath=C:\Assets\MAME\Manuals CartPath=C:\Assets\MAME\Cartridges BoxPath=C:\Assets\MAME\Boxes TitlePath=C:\Assets\MAME\Titles SnapPath=C:\Assets\MAME\Snaps RomPath=C:\Users\Doug\Desktop\MAME MapFile=[APP]\Map Files\[Arcade] MAME.map ConfigFile=[Mapping Off] Exit (Process Close) Database= RomFilter= Command=mame.exe [ROM] -rompath "[ROMPATH]" StartPageLogo=mame StartPageName=(MAME) TitleText=Mame Info=MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era. Website=http://mamedev.org/ RequiredFiles= DownloadUrl=http://www.gamesdbase.com/setupwizard/emulators/download/mame.7z Rating=8.4 Version=0.145 Emulator=MAME Category=Arcade System=Arcade Enabled=True CDCheckFile= CustomArtName1= CustomArtPath1= CustomArtName2= CustomArtPath2= CustomArtName3= CustomArtPath3= lastgame=
  12. Hey nullPointer. Here is the .ini for the nestopia. Thanks again for all of your help. [Emulator] CDCheckFile= CDCheck=False RandomMostPlayed=True ShowMostPlayed=True PlayInScreenSaver=False GamesIn7Zips=False PCGame=False SelectionMusicFolder= PlaySelectionMusic=False DontShowInfo= PlayMusic=False CustomBackground= ExcludedFiles= LaunchAfter= LaunchBefore= OLDatZip= AlsoLaunch= Debug=False ShowDesktop=True RemoveBrackets=True Capitals=False ReplaceUnder=True ReplaceDash=False SendKeys= WaitBeforeKeys= MapKeys=True WorkingPath=C:\Emulators\Nestopia ControlPanelPath=C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Controls ManualPath=C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Manuals CartPath=C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Cartridges BoxPath=C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Boxes TitlePath=C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Titles SnapPath=C:\Assets\Nintendo NES\Snaps RomPath=C:\Users\Doug\Desktop\NES MapFile= ConfigFile=[Mapping Off] Exit (Process Close) Database=[Console] Nintendo NES RomFilter= Command=Nestopia.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" StartPageLogo=Nintendo NES StartPageName=Nintendo NES TitleText=Nintendo NES Info=Nintendo NES 8bit emulator Website=http://nestopia.sourceforge.net/ RequiredFiles= DownloadUrl=http://www.gamesdbase.com/setupwizard/emulators/download/Nestopia.7z Rating=8.6 Version=1.41.1 Emulator=Nestopia Category=Console System=Nintendo NES Enabled=True lastgame=
  13. Hello, everyone. I have recently started creating my machine, and I need some help. The other day I had moved a bunch of MAME ROMS to the proper directory through the set up wizard, and made sure that they all worked . Then, something happened. All but two of the 22 games that I have are now loading black screens, and then after about 5 seconds they load out to the main menu. Does anyone know what may have caused this? I would also like to know if MAME ROMS are known for not working a lot of the time. I have well over 100 and only a handful of them work. Separately, I am also having problems with the nestopia emulator recognizing my NES ROMS while in GameEx. The error message says something about file extension .dll not being found. I do know that they work as I have run them with the same emulator outside of GameEx. I really like this frontend, so far. I am just a little frustrated about the situation. On even more of a side note, I would like to know what I can do about getting the pre-loaded ROMS, Dk, Smash Tv, Tempest, etc. to boot up and become playable, as they are currently not working either. Again, I am really excited to use this FE. Thank you for reading this, and I look forward to your much needed help. Doug
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