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  1. Hey guys, it's been a while, I've finally found some time to play on my arcade again, it had a faulty monitor which I've finally fixed last weekend. I had been running MAME 145, last night I updated to 193 but now my LEDs aren't lighting for any MAME game. I've done some digging and noticed that the plugin doesn't list any MAME games which pointed me to the MiniInfo.dat which, sure enough, is empty so I've pulled down a lot of older versions of MAME to test and it would appear after the MAME/MESS merger in 162 this plugin stopped being able to generate the MiniInfo.dat file. I've taken a dat file from 161 and that has got me going again... though probably missing info for a lot of newer games. Is there a known workaround? I've tried compiling MAME "arcade" subtarget version of 193 to remove MESS but that didn't work Thanks
  2. Stu1983

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    Hide the mouse cursor in GameEx and emulators.
  3. Thanks Adultery, that's it working now... now I just need to get a score worthy of taking a snap of
  4. Nice find Dazzle... I've been searching for something like this since I got my first android phone but never could find anything. It's no GameEx but its perfectly fine for my retro gaming fix on the move... now that I have a suitable emulator frontend I think I might treat myself to a JXD S7800B
  5. funny as I was setting it up I was thinking it would be better setup as a custom list. We'll I have the custom list working but I'm still having no luck with the plugin. It now see the game but I never get the screenshot. I've checked the temp directory and there is a folder with the game name but the folder is empty. Also I notice that when I press shift+home my LEDWiz turns off 03/10/2014 21:34:37 : Hi-Score Snapper (Version: 1.0.5)03/10/2014 21:34:37 : 13.31 INITIALIZED OK!: GameEx03/10/2014 21:34:37 : Cleaning up old data...03/10/2014 21:34:37 : INIT PLUGIN: Initialization completed!03/10/2014 21:34:37 : MAME version: 0.15003/10/2014 21:34:37 : MAME check complete!03/10/2014 21:35:12 : Checking for HiScore...03/10/2014 21:35:14 : Online Hi-Score check: Found game list! Setting up...03/10/2014 21:35:14 : Successfully added 63 hi-score games to the verified game list!03/10/2014 21:35:14 : Checking list for Hi-Score game...03/10/2014 21:35:14 : Found dkong in list! Initializing snapper!03/10/2014 21:35:14 : Starting snap monitor...03/10/2014 21:35:16 : LOG CMDLINE: MAME CommandLine: mamex64.exe dkong -rompath "E:\_Roms\Mame\Roms" -bezel -artpath artworkgameex -nocheat -snapshot_directory "C:\Users\Stu\AppData\Local\Temp\hss" -snapsize 1024x76803/10/2014 21:35:28 : Stopping snap monitor...03/10/2014 21:35:31 : Saving XML...03/10/2014 21:35:31 : Cleaning up...03/10/2014 21:35:31 : Hasta la vista... Baby.So I ran it again with Headkaze LED plugin turned off I then get an exception Looking at the methods being called I assume the out of bounds is because you are trying to grab the last snap but for some reason it doesn't exist If I run MAME and hit F12 myself the snap is created but your plugin doesn't seem to be sending F12 for me. I have direct input enabled... you say that the F12 setting is saved even though the display doesn't show anything but I don't see it in my settings file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?><hi_snapper> <settings> <xml_ver>1.1</xml_ver> <created>02 October 2014 23:25:40</created> <debug>False</debug> <username>Stu1983</username> <initials>STU</initials> <snap_path>E:\_EmulatorsArcade\GameEx\HiScore Snapper</snap_path> <snap_type>1</snap_type> </settings> <mame> <enabled>True</enabled> <use_ddraw>False</use_ddraw> <no_size>False</no_size> </mame> <misc> <log_cl>True</log_cl> <force>False</force> </misc></hi_snapper>
  6. The difference is that you will lose analogue controls so for systems like the N64 or newer this isn't an option but for older systems NES, SNES, Master System, Megadrive, Saturn even most PSX1 games it's only digital controls so there's no harm. Xpadder is very customisable you can assign multiple profiles to a controller, so if I hold Start and press Back on my 360 pad it loads a blank profile which gives me the full analogue control back for other systems. Hold Start and press Up and I'm back to 'key' mode.
  7. That would be it then, yes I have a separate emulator setup with only the HiScore games listed, this is how the guide said to set it up. Is there a better way? I like idea of having the HiScores games separated out. There's another bug, if you tick the send F12 option then close and open the config, the option is unticked.
  8. I have full set of RetroUSB adaptors for NES, SNES, Megadrive, Master System. They are a great job. I have a Mayflash adaptor for Wii remote and Saturn. I also have a couple of wireless Xbox 360 controllers. I use Xpadder to map all my controllers to the same keys, this means that if I'm just sitting on the sofa I can grab an xbox controller and play away or if I want I can go over to the cupboard grab a real SNES pad, plug it in and continue playing without any need to change any controller settings in the emulator. As for lightguns I've played with a few different types and the AimTrak is by far the best but emulator setup is such a pain. Don't get me wrong sitting playing TimeCrisis or PointBlank is great, when it's all working, especially since adding the recoil to my AimTrak... but I just know having not played it in a few months when I go back to it something will have broke in the setup There's so many variables, gun calibration with windows, screen resolution, game resolution (fullscreen stretch versus non-stretch), gun calibration in the game itself... the list goes on, you get one game working and it breaks another but it is sooo worth it for those short lived moments of joy when you have it all working
  9. I can't seem to get this to work My cabinet is online but it just keeps telling me that every game is not a HiScore game I'm using the latest map file so I'm running the right roms I'm running Mame 150 03/10/2014 00:00:01 : Hi-Score Snapper (Version: 1.0.5)03/10/2014 00:00:01 : 13.31 INITIALIZED OK!: GameEx03/10/2014 00:00:01 : Cleaning up old data...03/10/2014 00:00:01 : INIT PLUGIN: Initialization completed!03/10/2014 00:00:01 : MAME version: 0.15003/10/2014 00:00:01 : MAME check complete!03/10/2014 00:01:00 : 1943: The Battle of Midway is not a Hi-Score game! Exiting command-line utility!03/10/2014 00:01:17 : 1944: The Loop Master is not a Hi-Score game! Exiting command-line utility!03/10/2014 00:01:40 : Anteater is not a Hi-Score game! Exiting command-line utility!03/10/2014 00:02:02 : Arkanoid is not a Hi-Score game! Exiting command-line utility!03/10/2014 00:02:31 : Blazing Star is not a Hi-Score game! Exiting command-line utility!03/10/2014 00:02:56 : Saving XML...03/10/2014 00:02:56 : Cleaning up...03/10/2014 00:02:56 : Hasta la vista... Baby.
  10. I had a quick play about but I don't think its is suitable as a proper light gun for Mame. It does work if you use a version of Mame with DirectInput enabled but there is too much drift if you move from the center of the screen e.g. you can hit the center perfect but as you aim an inch to the right the cursor will actually move 1.5 inches, if you aim 3 inches to the right the cursor will actually have moved about 6 inches. Also the cursor is always higher than your aim, even in Windows, if you hold the Wiimote up and look down it like it's a gun, the cursor will sit an inch high on screen. If you keep the Mame's cursor enabled and use that to aim instead of 'looking down the barrel' so to speak, it can still be fun but I'll stick to my AimTrak
  11. Thanks guys! Maybe this year I'll get some more time to get back to emulation Uni/Work and a new house have just been eating up all my time for the last year or more but I still do like to lurk about here to keep abreast of any existing developments. I am looking forward to ripping apart my GameEx setup on my HTPC and replacing it with Evolution I might even make it to 1000 posts this year
  12. I know I haven't posted in a very long time... I have been lurking about but just don't have the same time to devote to my emulation hobby anymore. I did treat myself to a new gadget though and just had to drop by to say how great it is. I seen the review for Mayflash DolphinBar over on the Dolphin blog Getting my Wiimote working reliably on my HTPC/Emu PC has been a long term on/off battle for years. I've never found a solution that was full proof. I had 1 that I posted here years ago but it still would let you down randomly. I thought for £15 the DolhinBar was worth ago and boy is it worth it. I works perfect, just pair the Wiimote using the synce button once and that's it, from now on you turn on your PC hit a button on the Wiimote and your connected again. I've even went out of my way to try and get it to mess up, I unplugged the dolphin bar and reinserted the usb, press a button on the Wiimote and it's connected again. I've taken the batteries out of the Wiimote while playing, put them in again, press a button on the Wiimote and it's connected again. Even taken the batteries out and unplugged the Wiimote but again put it all back together, press a button on the Wiimote and it's connected again. It really seems like they have the connection issues nailed. I haven't tested the latest Wiimotes but the review on Dolphin blog says they work with the latest firmware update. You can use it in different modes; Mouse, Gamepad and Emulator I'll not go into all the features as the review on the Dolphin blog pretty much covers everything other than to add that the Gamepad mode seems pretty interesting as it allows Xpadder to see the Wiimote This means we can easily assign keys to each button and the IR tracking is seen as am analogue joystick. The Dolphin blog doesn't like it as a system mouse as it's too jittery but I think its pretty usable, they mention a half second pause after pressing a button but I don't have that issue with the firmware that was released a few days ago. I wouldn't want to use it to replace my system mouse on my main PC but I can easily open/close windows, drag icons, double click etc. Highlight exact paragraphs of text is a wee bit tricky but doable, so it's perfect for my HTPC/Emu. I tried a first person shooter but I agree with the Dolphin blog its unusable It's really easy to switch between mouse/gamepad and emulator mode, you just hold the home key and press up,down or right. I really can't recommend this enough for any Dolphin users, my only complaint is the USB lead is only 1m so it doesn't reach from my HTPC to the top of my TV but a small USB extension will sort.
  13. I know its on the other side of Spain, compared to where you are, so you probably wont know, but are you aware of any old arcades left in the Torrevieja area? I head there most summers but it's something I've never came across in all my years heading to Spain, not even a single arcade cabinet anywhere, new or old. I always hire a car so don't mind travelling a few hours if there was somewhere worth seeing.
  14. I eventually got it https://www.dropbox.com/s/hr1wdcpb0aw3p7d/CRT-interlaced-halation.zip Though you have to use retroarch-phoenix to launch it as it is in .shader format When you view it side by side with the original crt-interlaced-halation it is better though subtle and it doesn't work with Master System... though if you know what you were doing you could probably fix it as I had to do with the original crt-interlaced-halation with the original crt-interlaced-halation you need to modify crt-interlaced-halation-pass2.cg Replace:OUT.ilfac = float2(1.0,floor(IN.video_size.y/200.0));withOUT.ilfac = float2(1.0,clamp(floor(IN.video_size.y/200.0),1.0,2.0));I don't know how to apply the same fix to the 'better' halation and the difference is only slight so I'm happy to stick with the original filter that comes with the RetroARch megapack
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