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  1. I just reinstalled windows. Before i was using an older version of instant sheller and windows xp32 sp2 now i use instant sheller 0.8 and xp32 sp3 When after using gameex i launch explorer.exe i get i can browse my computer but i dont get desktop start menu taskt bar etc. How to fix? Regards.
  2. Same problem wit mame32 plus 131. Fine with standard mame 131
  3. When Game ex startus up i have low preformances: The zooming logo move very jerky and also the animation of the selection isn't fluent... when i move the joystick the first time then the aimantion became fluid. Any suggestion?
  4. Show me always the GameExText.png the only way is replace this file?
  5. Also here issues with most played that doesnt work.
  6. Same issue here, but before was working. I tryed again many times, now works i put in instant sheller the flag only for this user and i didn't flag to hide the mouse pointer. And now works is probably the first flag but i dont know why...
  7. 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: GameEx: Version 9.70: Starting Log 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: Operating System Platform: Win32NT 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: Operating System Name: Windows XP 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: Operating System Version: 5.1.2600 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: Checking for versions of .net Framework installed 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: .net Framework 1.0 Installed 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: .net Framework 1.1 Installed 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: .net Framework 2.0 Installed 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, 2047MB 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: 2,38Ghz - 2 Cores or CPU's 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: Running Randomize() 01:07:58.2 30/11/2008: Loading PlugIns 01:07:58.4 30/11/2008: Checking for applications to Launch On Startup 01:07:58.4 30/11/2008: Running Misc startup tasks 01:07:58.4 30/11/2008: Setting Menu types 01:07:58.4 30/11/2008: Opening Configuration File 01:07:58.4 30/11/2008: Getting Configuration Values 01:07:58.4 30/11/2008: Using Theme: YCBOX90 01:07:58.4 30/11/2008: Checking for alternate Image Directory for Theme: YCBOX90 01:07:58.5 30/11/2008: Launching HideOS.exe 01:07:58.5 30/11/2008: Initialising Video/MNG DLL's 01:07:58.5 30/11/2008: Arcade Mode is on 01:07:58.6 30/11/2008: GameEx will check for media insertion (may affect performance) 01:07:58.6 30/11/2008: Hiding Taskbar 01:07:58.6 30/11/2008: Is Media Center running? 01:07:58.6 30/11/2008: Checking/Creating LCD Registry values 01:07:58.6 30/11/2008: Check Media Center Exit/Start Mode 01:07:58.6 30/11/2008: Media Center Mode 2 01:07:58.7 30/11/2008: Video previews on. Warning: Only recommended on modern systems 01:07:58.8 30/11/2008: Snap Delay set to: 2 01:07:58.8 30/11/2008: Get other settings 01:07:59.1 30/11/2008: Set: Find emulator artwork on best match basis 01:07:59.3 30/11/2008: Start work for Form 01:07:59.3 30/11/2008: Getting Original Screen Size 01:07:59.3 30/11/2008: Opening Database Connection 01:07:59.4 30/11/2008: Initializing Component 01:07:59.4 30/11/2008: Retrieving resolution setting 01:07:59.5 30/11/2008: Initialising Windows Media Player Component 01:07:59.5 30/11/2008: MAME Path is: N:\emu\mame 01:07:59.6 30/11/2008: MAME EXE file is: mamep.exe 01:07:59.6 30/11/2008: ROM Path is: N:\emu\mame\roms 01:07:59.6 30/11/2008: Catver.ini is located at: C:\Program Files\GameEx\DATA\catver.ini 01:07:59.6 30/11/2008: History.dat is located at: C:\Program Files\GameEx\DATA\history.dat 01:07:59.6 30/11/2008: nplayers.ini is located at: C:\Program Files\GameEx\DATA\nplayers.ini 01:07:59.6 30/11/2008: MAMEinfo.dat is located at: C:\Program Files\GameEx\DATA\mameinfo.dat 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: Loading Controls.ini map file 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: Snap Path is: N:\emu\mame\snap 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: AVI Snap Path: Not Found 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: Flyer Path: Not Found 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: Cabinet Path: Not Found 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: Title Path: Not Found 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: PCB Path: Not Found 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: Artwork Preview Path: Not Found 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: Panel Path: Not Found 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: Manual Path: Not Found 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: Icon Path is: N:\emu\mame\icons 01:07:59.8 30/11/2008: Marquee Path: Not Found 01:07:59.9 30/11/2008: Using 3D Alpha Blended Animations. This could be slow 01:07:59.9 30/11/2008: Using General Font: Trebuchet MS 01:07:59.9 30/11/2008: Using Title Font: Trebuchet MS 01:07:59.9 30/11/2008: Resolution is not equal orelse greater than 632 x 264. Exiting 01:07:59.9 30/11/2008: Closing database connection 01:08:00.0 30/11/2008: Disposing Plugins 01:08:00.0 30/11/2008: GameEx is exiting with errors 01:08:00.0 30/11/2008: Deleting search cache 01:08:01.6 30/11/2008: ERRORS DETECTED: EXITING
  8. I all. I created a logo for amiga games. The logo has some black parts. So, because the Black color is the transparency i changed manually all the black parts to rgb 0,0,1 the i also tryed with 2,2,2 but i have this strange result. In the main menu image1.jpg In the submenu image2.jpg the same png looks better but not perfect Any idea? Enrico
  9. Hi. If i create a vertical resolution theme wit 480x640 resolution i got this error: 12:41:49.7 29/11/2008: Resolution is not equal orelse greater than 632 x 264. Exiting (also now that i registered game ex) If i create one at 640x480 and then i force a resoltion of 480x640 works fine. But i dont have the possibilty to set correctly objects in the theme editor: Thank in advance Enrico.
  10. Hi, is a stupid question... but... To control game ex with media center remote control i need Windows media center... or there is also a driver or a HAck for Windows XP Professional? Best Regards. Enrico.
  11. Yes is a good idea... but my cabinet has a resolution of 480x640 (not rotaded so should work also in unregistered mode... or the cause of my issues is that i didnt yet registerd GameEx?) p.s. i foud that if in Enabel/disable features i set Allow Windows Resize to NO game ex start alwais in full screen. If is window mode i cannot resize to less than horizontal 640... if i set in the theme a resolution lower than 640 tell me that some objects are outside. But there are no object outside!!
  12. REplyed by myself. Not all themes are supported in windowed mode. Seems that v2 only are supported. It Is correct?
  13. lamerjack

    Windowed Mode.

    Hi, my cab use a very low resolution. I want to design my own theme on my primary pc that has a resolution of 1440x900. I want to see on this pc the theme in low resolution using the windowed mode. But when i launch game ex is alwais fullscreen. Game ex7.08 Why? Best regards
  14. How did you interfaced this remote? This remote simulate the pression of keyboard? Mhhh... this is a good idea i can write a "simple" prg the read the winlirc messages and send wia WMSENDKEY to game ex!
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